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  2. Belicheat left his team to play the humiliating last play. That's what the Pats get, it called Kharma.
  3. Bella
  4. Thank You and God Bless!
  5. .
  6. I think the red one would be great!
  7. Ike Turner
  8. start menu control panel add/delete programs
  9. Because he is a
  10. peter
  11. Is this more your speed?
  12. I'll second that. 3 months back of house, then 3 months front of house for tips only. Many a great life lessons were also learned by me working on a head boat. Lots of people.
  13. Great pics, looks like a beautiful day out there!
  14. Don't tell, I promised my wife I wouldn't fish in February!
  15. Very nice touch.
  16. For the Giants, because of Patriot ego, and cheating. Usually for the underdog anyway.
  17. He's actually quite an upstanding citizen.
  18. Steelers Yankees
  19. NOT a Giants fan. A Baltimore RAVENS fan, actually. Just don't like cheaters, and abandoners. I'd be equally disgusted if this were a Ravens coach. Remember how clouded this forum was over the past few days, by Pats fans touting 19-0, etc? How does foot taste?
  20. Awesome show, very glad there was no "wardrobe malfunction"! Defenitely better than alot of those collaborations they try to do to please everyone. Commercials did suck this year, seemed like FOX promoted their own stuff more than anything.
  21. blue
  22. There will always be a veil around this season because of the cheating. It's just like the whole Barry Bonds thing; yes, it takes an enormous amount of skill to hit that many home runs even if he's on steroids. Yes, it takes an enormous amount of skill to go undefeated in the NFL, even if you have the other teams play cards on tape. There will always be a shadow, there will always be controversy. Yes, there will be sore winners and sore losers. Let's not lose our effin minds over this; it is a game.