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  1. Don't forget about "tittie twisters", can I even say that here? A great gag that I pull out every few years is putting a rubber band on the kitchen sink spray hose (victim turns on sink faucet and immediately gets sprayed). So as not to hijack this thread, I am starting one on practical jokes.
  2. Cash and diamonds (for two legged land tuna).
  3. Those are closure signs to the right, the guy partially went through the water to go around, but I drove back there when the tide was lower, and noticed tire tracks inside the signs (don't know if it was him). I feel bad for not having reported the speeder; my normal haunt is AI and I keep the ranger station # programmed in my phone. If I had not witnessed it first hand, I would have a hard time believing it, with all the controversy over closures, etc.
  4. google "gas temperature map" and play around with the site a little. It's an awesome tool for these lean times.
  5. Was in OBX all weekend, heard of trout by a tackle shop owner trying to sell trout rigs, but never actually got into any, and didn't see any. I did hear of a few up that way by a fellow fisherman, but nothing to write home about.
  6. Fri-Sun Nov 7-9 Nags Head Pier Fri and Sat - skates & smooth dogs, 1 small black drum Frisco Pier - lots of small black drum, quite a few puffers, some skate/rays suds between ramps 2 & 4 - 1 puppy drum (17 3/4") below ramp 4 to the bridge - baby blue blitzes (largest I caught was 9") couple skates Most folks we met were very nice and friendly. A few gave attitude I guess when they saw MD and VA plates on our vehicles. 1 fool came through the spot in the pic, at every bit of 30 MPH! I didn't know you could own a stretch of beach, but I guess he does. (NC plates, yak on roof)
  7. What's in the surf this week? Piers hot or not? Any soundside action the past week or so? Staying soundside in Jockey's Ridge, willing to travel a little. No boat. Beach worthy 4WD yes. Already know about town permit of $25 for beach, already printed NPS night permit.
  8. I think that is a Plover Plucker.
  9. I know it needs to settle, I know the holes change, I was looking for one little sliver of what was going on.
  10. I know it's blowin' a gale, but any reports from before the wind?
  11. A bit late now, but my county has an Election Board. I thought all counties/parishes/independent cities did?
  12. Can I have my 2:38 back please?
  13. One

  14. "Universal healthcare" is no where near free, it is taking France broke from what I've read recently. What the people are being led to believe, is no where near the truth. At the risk of being moved to to PG - all politicians lie. If you think premiums are high now, wait until you're footing the tax bill for everyone else on top of you and your family's premiums.
  15. $2.11 BP right off I-95 in Aberdeen MD.
  16. DTV here in MD. Beyond a installation screw-up 4 years ago, no other problems. Even made a move, and they held true to "...just call us, and only take the boxes and remotes..." they did the rest. Crystal clear pic, unlike Comcast cable around here. My town is in the process of fiber optic trenching, which will bring Fios. I would like to get Fios if the price is competitive, but I currently have Verizon internet, and their customer service sucks big b.... d..... d....! Verizon used to have great customer service for telephone, but that was when they employed Americans to answer the repair lines. I imagine the next few years will see greater competition for several reasons, like: the switch to all digital, poor economy, wider fiber optic coverage, etc. Maybe we'll actually go buy a flat screen in the next couple of years to enjoy the picture even more. Oh yeah, the Ravens are usually on CBS, and Orioles are on MASN, both of which are covered in my zip code on DTV. My wife is an Atlanta Braves fan and they just got dumped from TBS, so she went without seeing much Braves action this year (probably a good year to miss though). So I may have to subscribe to the MLB package next season.
  17. Chrissy
  18. crabs
  19. Wow, I guess I should check this little cyber-meeting out. Addict named Bobby 03/11/05.
  20. Captain Tony passed on Saturday, he was quite a charachter.
  21. I can not believe that 2131 was not Cal Ripken related.
  22. Beano
  23. $2.15 Aberdeen, MD this am. 7-11 at Beards Hill Rd & W. Bel Air Ave. For those coming through on I-95, this is less than 1 mile from exit 85.
  24. Levee