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  1. Sold and picked up! Thanks SOL.
  2. Sounds good. PM on the way.
  3. I’ve only used the rod a handful of times but like the other user posted, I think it’s rated properly. Great rod and easier to transport given its 2-piece.
  4. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately I can’t accept that offer. I recently shipped a rod to NY and it cost me $30 insured. Shipping this rod would be similar. The rod is like new and it’s priced fairly. Brand new it’s $240 plus shipping from the vendor.
  5. For sale is a Black Hole Suzuki Special S-1006. Great 2-piece rod for tossing lures. Very good condition. Comes with rod sleeve pictured. Pickup in Northern VA or will ship at buyer's expense. $190 + shipping.
  6. Send me a PM with your shipping address and we can figure it out from there.
  7. I also have the 10' version if you're interested. $190+shipping.
  8. I have one in good condition. $170+shipping.
  9. What part of the Chesapeake do you fish to see a bull shark?
  10. Sorry about that. I must have misread your WTB post. The 33-405 blanks are great for lighter applications. I have 2 built 33-405 rods that I love to use and ease of transport. GL on your search!
  11. I have one. Brand new. $300 shipped contiguous USA.
  12. I appreciate the positive feedback. Still have a few reels available for those interested.
  13. I have one in very good condition. Could pass as new. Comes with tool, clamp along with box and papers. I wasn’t planning on selling it but could be persuaded for $175 shipped.
  14. Thank you for your interest and offer. I’m going to let it ride for a bit.
  15. I accept your offer. Will PM you.