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  1. Anyone recall when the croakers and blues showed up in the bay last year? I haven’t fished much these last few years but would have expected the croakers to show up in numbers by now and blues not far behind. It’s been a hot and dry year so far. Bay salinity and temps should be ideal for blues? Anyone venturing out in this heatwave? With most public locations closed at sunset the ideal fishing times are probably limited.
  2. I fish a wide range of rods but I do like the 3 piece Daiwa for their compact breakdown size. My opinion is the 33-405B is a great 5-6oz rod that can stretch to 8oz if you're not power casting it. I intend to use it for bay fishing where you don't need 8oz+ to hold. I also have the 35-405B and it's rated 4-12oz. Now that's a stout rod that likes 8oz and can handle 10oz in strong currents. 10oz hanging off a 13' rod isn't easy to cast so I only use it when I'm fishing the ocean with rough surf. The best bait chucking rod I've casted is still the CTS S8 SE1363 5-8oz. It's 50/50 split so a bit longer than the 3 piece Daiwa but cast 5-6oz like a dream. These aren't parabolic rods so fighting a fish on a 13' rod is a workout for sure.
  3. Finally got around to building and fishing my 1st rod build. Hooked on a 30# ray during the first outing. Blank is a 13' Daiwa Ballistic 33-405B wrapped with KWAG guides. The red blank literally glows on a sunny day. Something to admire on a slow day of fishing.
  4. I've used braid on a conventional as well and this was my exact experience. It can be done but I now prefer mono. The part where braid digs into itself simply robs distance on a conventional setup when you're heaving lead. It also increases the likelihood of your line birdnesting during a cast. With a conventional reel, you want your spool to be in free-spool during the cast. The weight+bait should be pulling on your line with the least amount of effort to maximize your casting distance. With mono, it tends to spring off the spool better without digging into itself so I prefer it over braid. Remember, on a conventional rod, the line for the most part doesn't spiral off your spool like a spinning setup. It just gets threaded through so you don't lose distance from mono slapping the choke guides as much. On a spinning setup, thin limp braid probably has a greater impact on casting distance. I also don't want to manually lay braided line on a conventional reel. Thin wet braided line and using your fingers to lay the line is asking for cuts. I've also always used a mono shock leader for fishing lead+bait. Regardless if it's braid to mono or mono to mono. Even 5oz+bait generates a lot of energy during a power cast. 10oz can be hazardous without the proper shock leader. If you're power casting using 20-30 braid without a shock leader or only using 20-30 shocker leader with your setup and not breaking off, you're either extremely lucky so far or just not casting to your full potential.
  5. Sorry. Retract my offer. Need the next size up.
  6. Ouch! Buying direct isn't saving a lot of money. I priced out a rod blank and it too came out to $400 USD. Same built rod from RH is $550.
  7. Sorry to hear of your bad situation. It's sad that another month has past since 6/28 when RH said you rod would be shipped.
  8. It would have been funny to see the reaction of the person stepping out of the elevators and witnessing you fighting that catch in the lobby.
  9. Generally speaking, all rotomolded coolers are very heavy for their respective sizes. The empty weight for a ~40 quart cooler is 25# and that's rather small for a fishing cooler. You'll probably need a 60+ quart cooler and those are generally pushing 30# empty. Unless you're a big brute, carrying a half filled 40 quart is a chore. A 60 quart cooler is a 2-person job. That said, the Yeti brand is like the BMW of coolers so it comes with a premium. Performance wise other brands are comparable or even better but Yeti is still the most recognizable premium brand. I got a Yeti because I like the design and the accessories you can buy. The same goes for any fishing gear, you can get an off-the-shelf setup or go custom rod/reel setup. There's a perceived value so some will pay more. If you can't justify the cost of a premium cooler such as a Yeti, you can always get a Grizzly, Ocra, RTIC or Walmart brand Ozark Trail rotomolded cooler. The competition for these type coolers seem to be high so there are lots of choices so that's good for consumers. For a weekend warrior or occasional 2-3 trip, any of these brands mentioned would exceed your needs. If you need the best for a long haul trip, Cabela and Pelican coolers are highly rated. For me personally, the decision boiled down to what fit my needs, perceived value and wallet.
  10. How do you plan to get your bait out while shark fishing? Casting or using a yak? Using a long rod while shark fishing would wreck your body. With a longer rod you can cast further however you lose a lot of leverage fighting a big fish such as a 4'+ shark. If you're using a kayak, get a shorter 8'-6" popping rod. It will have more backbone than your normal surf rod and give you better leverage while fighting the fish. If using a surf rod, I would stick with a 10' with good backbone. If you're serious about shark fishing from shore, you need large bait that needs to be kayaked out instead of casting. And then drone fishing is another option.
  11. I really hope my CTS rod never breaks. Awesome rod but at a premium price. Best of luck!
  12. Those 10' rods on the video looks pretty stout. Hardly a bend on them with a decent size fish going against the current. What kind of warranty do they come with?
  13. What type of fish are you targeting? Even 14# mono can land big fish so 20# is limiting your distance. Perhaps switching to braided line is a good idea and using a shock leader if you fish rocky areas. 20-30# braid should cast a mile on a 10-11' rod with 3oz.
  14. ^I don't know what's more disturbing. You posting that pic or the fact that you had that pic to post. Haha!
  15. Sorry but that's hard to believe. All Stradic reels have been in the $179.99 to $239.99 range and price creeps up due to inflation but there's no way they can sell a reel named Stradic with that sort of price increase. They were able to do that with their flagship Stella but this is far from that target consumer group. The Stradic will always be for consumers in the $150-250 range. If they over engineer it and price it higher, they better name it something else.