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  1. Dulles area. We’d split the $30. So $235 shipped.
  2. I'm in VA so it would have to be shipped. $220+ split shipping if you're interested.
  3. Where you are located? I have a 12' Tiralejo in great condition I might consider selling. Model# TRC120H2. Has lifetime warranty.
  4. Thanks! I'll take it then.
  5. Where are you located? Any blemishes on the reel or foot? Respectfully offer $400. You keep the line.
  6. Nice fishes! They weren't caught from shore right? Went to PLO on 11/7 and caught absolutely nothing. Not even a nibble. Beautiful day though.
  7. If line capacity isn't an issue I would go with the smallest conventional reel for your target fish species. If it's a non-level wind reel a smaller reel is easier to lay line with. It's also easier to palm/handle during a cast. What's the reason for switching to conventional? Based on my experience, if you're only tossing 3-4oz weights bottom fishing you're better off with a spinning setup with 20# braid if distance casting is a factor in your decision. Especially on a 10-11' rod. If you want to gain distance the benefit to going conventional is if you toss 6oz+ on a regular basis. Better if you using 8oz+ bait and using a 12-13' rod. In my experience conventional work better with monofilament line. I personally use 17# mono and throw 6-8oz+ and occasionally 10oz as needed. If you're throwing bigger weight and baits it's easier to palm a conventional reel and get the added distance if you're a power caster. For me I feel a conventional reel is more compact and I have a better casting motion compared to a spinning reel. In theory there's less friction in a conventional setup where the spool is pushing line out at basically the same speed line is pulled out after the initial cast. Compare that to a spinning setup the line is always being pulled out. I will say that nowadays you can get some serious distance on a spinning setup with 20-30# braid but in the right hands a conventional can get slightly more distance even with a mono setup.
  8. Shimano CI4+ reels are pretty light. I have a few in various models and sizes. I'm waiting to see when the Shimano Vanford 5K hits the stores. It's only 7.8 oz. I'm looking to use it for light surf duties on a 8'-10' rod.
  9. Does anyone have an eta for the VFC5000XGF? Will it hit the stores before fishing shuts down for the year for most of us?
  10. Fished PLO today in the rain. Despite the forecast saying it would let up at ~8AM it rained until noon. Saw very few fish caught. Baitfish was almost nonexistent but the water was the clearest I’ve ever seen it in the bay. Got one hit and landed a blue. Otherwise very slow rain soaked day.
  11. You have a house on the water right? Do you fish from your backyard? Any action during the day or is it usually towards dusk/night time?
  12. Is the Telluride a frequent sight on the beach ORV areas? It’s a nice looking SUV but I didn’t think it was capable as a 4Runner.
  13. Fished SPSP today for a few hours. Tons of small bunker but nothing chasing them. They were only 20-30 yards from shore and on a few occasions came in a bit closer. Cast netted a few to live line but only managed one dink striper. Did get a keeper 10.5” croaker and jumbo Spot. No one else catching anything besides baitfish unfortunately. Might wait a few weeks and try again when the bite flies aren’t around.
  14. Twins! Caught on a spot rod too.