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  1. Have the tsunami elite 1102 M. The sweet spot is around 2 1/2 oz. I would not try 4 oz, 3 oz would be pushing it unless you just lob it. It is one fantastic rod. Look into the new tsunami saltx rods, they are supposed to handle the entire weight range with no problem.
  2. Just remember the word """BOAT""". Break out another thousand. Ask me how i know
  3. Just make them a game fish. Catch and release only. That's what i do and have done it for more than 60 + years. This will never happen
  4. Try using a vise grips, very easy much easier than a pliers.
  5. There is no right or wrong, only what you are comfortable with. I use a tsunami elite 1102 m 1=4 oz .with a Penn SSV 4500 or Shimano sustain 4000. The Penn is 14 oz and the Shimano is 12 oz.. I think that the whole thing with balance is blown out of context. Just use it and enjoy.
  6. Thanks for al the replies . Very useful, keep them coming
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have had stocking foots waders and they get to much sand in the boots. Thanks again
  8. Need to replace my waders. Do not want to spend big dollars on waders that will leak after a couple of years if your lucky. I am tired of spending 300 dollars on waders that do not last. i am thinking of getting the Hodgman mackzie waders like $60 but afraid that you will sweat to much. not breathable. I only want bootfoot waders because i only fish sand beaches..Anyone use cheap waders that they are satisfied with. Thanks Martyt
  9. Topic closed. Reel no longer for sale.
  10. If you can pickup reel i will take $450 cash. I have over $800 into this reel and between pp and shipping will cost close to $45 . I think that $450 cash is a great price for a reel that is almost new. I live in Medford LI NY
  11. Penn Torque 5 used maybe 5 times. Extra Spool with 50lb braid never used, other spool 30lb braid. After market knob plus 2 other knobs.Asking $550 shipped, $500 picked up long island NY.
  12. Does anyone know the value of a mint Winchester XTR 9422 M in 22 mag worth. The gun has maybe been fired 10 times. Thanks
  13. When I fish the beach I would drop the eel in the sand and put it on the hook . No gloves. When fishing on my boat I would use kitty litter. Just drop the eel in the kitty litter and put on hook. No gloves needed and you don't get sand all over your boat. Very easy to clean up.
  14. Thanks tony
  15. Thanks for the reply. The reason I asked is that I changed the body from a 716 to a 714 and there is a lot of play on the spool. Either the spool is smaller on the 716 giving the amount of play between the spool and the shaft. Maybe I have to replace the rotor and shaft from a 714 or just change the spool to a 714 from a 716. I hope this explains the problem I am having. Thanks again