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  1. I will get pics in a few hrs. Not sure how to post em here with my phone so if you can on me a # to text em to that would be great
  2. I'm in mass not Manitoba
  3. I have one for sale $275 meet up located in Ayer Manitoba sure exactly where you are located. Don't have pics right now. Built by Ryan white not a fancy wrap just black thread just not a factory build
  4. Not sure of strength, Vmc7266bn 5/0 I have hundreds of them
  5. How many 5/0 u need?
  6. Have 4 nib 6501 pro rockets and 1 very lightly used no box loaded with 50lb pp. $200b/o ea on the nib $165 on the used Price includes fees and shipping PayPal prefered
  7. 95% lean and all that crap in a "burger" and then cooked medium? I got some cardboard I can draw some grill marks on for you it will taste the same
  8. Where are you located that there are no local shops?
  9. I think you need 2 cars, and older 4x4 and a civic. 26mpg? Get real, my moms rav gets 26 mpg on average,
  10. I'm the opposite of most guys. I feel a truck and cap is the way to go. Yes the idea of getting front to back changes with the truck, I like the larger cargo area, with no carpet. Eel bucket spils, no problem, used a little propain burner in the truck for like 10 mins to heat it up before sleeping in really cold nights, I like that I can keep most of the crap out of the passenger area for when not using the truck for fishing
  11. As for the spacer lifts, yes it makes the body higher but not a lot. The reason they get the spacer lifts is to accommodate larger tires. Doing this to a new daily driver Suby is gonna kill the ride on the road
  12. Mods will change warrantee not void it, that being that if the cause has to do with the mod then that part of the warrantee is void. You got a car, yes you can drive it on the beach, no it is not a SUV or truck. If you want a cooler rack in front don't get a car. If you want good gas mileage don't get a truck/SUV.
  13. Not sure where your going to mount a front receiver to in there it's almost all plastic. And you will bottom out the front suspension with any weight at all, it's a car, not a SUV, it's not made for cooler racks,
  14. Best advise I can give is find a different profession now,before you have thousands invested and get no where
  15. What's left and a price? Cash in hand could be there today