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  1. Third week of June is sort of tough, but it’s on the cusp of summer fishing. In summer you can catch a bunch of (kingfish/whiting/roundhead/sea mullet) once the water hits summer temps. I have been entertaining kids for years with a top/bottom rig tied with size 2 octopus hook and a disk or bank sinker. Baited with fishbites bloodworm. Cast out as far as you can. Leave it. Wait. Reel in 5-10 cranks. Wait... repeat all the way to your feet. if nothing move up or down the beach and try again. Pic is from the area of Dagsworthy St. in Dewey beach, PA. probably 1st week of July. Given your timeframe, the best form of entertainment for kids is certainly crabbing.
  2. They're not flat, they're very steep. there is lots of unnatural replenishment there. Whiting ?:) like to group up in in sloughs. you can catch a july lunch easy by back-dragging down into a DE slough. whereas you may need the heavers to reach them on AI. Interesting about the springs on AI, I never knew that!
  3. I hope it’s not the latter! and that day fish was a beaut.
  4. Sorry to have missed this. Had a tough couple days with the fish. Would have been nice to find Earl and chat, he’s definitely missed.
  5. I'm with you there. Id be interested in how it works out. I'm trying to clean up my cast and also reconcile the tackle to suit it. I was surprised to see where the 3n1 is on that scale. I always assumed it was pretty thick stuff. After I clean a bearing it spins forever, and after one drop of 3n1 it barely moves. The whole reason i went to the 3n1 was because i wanted to slow the bearing as much as i could with what i had on hand, until i cleaned up my casting technique. i guess the chart just wrecked the placebo effect i was enjoying. I also took another look at spool tension. I go a lot tighter than i used to, and that has really helped me keep things under control. I pulled the shields on mine, and have not yet noticed any inconsistencies. Jury is still out though i guess. It does make it much easier and faster to clean and relube so i think that may offset the potential to run dry quicker. To your point, I'm 90% abu's so its easy access to the bearings.
  6. I like the abec 5/3n1 combo. Most of my rods are a slower action though.
  7. I looked into this in the past. I wanted something that could fill tires, run tools, and run on-board water. It's effective, but not worth it for me. The cost I don't see mentioned here is the regulator. You have to buy or fab a high pressure regulator, because a standard c02 reg is only good to 35lbs or so. No good for filling tires or running tools. So you've got the regulator, the refills, the tank certs, and the size of the 20lber... all that expense, time, and space and you have finite air. With an on board compressor, you've got unlimited air. It's slower, it's cheaper, it's tucked away. Where I mostly fish I can get from 15 to 36 in 40 seconds on the public pumps. When I'm there, there's no lines. If I had to buzz off wheels, rods, or had reasonable expectations that I'd need serious torque: I would go with a co2 system. 1800lbs is a lot of juice for the space it takes up.
  8. I bought a Ridged 4007, maybe 8 years ago. Used it for a couple years. Then it sat, outdoors, uncovered, for nearly 4 years unused. Tried to sell it a couple of times, no dice. Fast forward to 4 months ago. I found use for it. I tweaked and squared the table, replaced the blade and the pump. And it is ripping 24" tile dead square. Don't know what your project is, but a good quality score cutter and a rubbing stone can also be the way to go. And yeah, 4" grinder is the way to go on toilet flanges or shower valves or whatever scenario was presented up there. also my 4007 can plunge cut. Most shower rough in valve gaurds are square anyway. Great for floor vents, or inlays.
  9. Thanks for setting me straight. I dunno what I was thinking. Welcome to the forum, by the way.
  10. dude, you can't spot burn. not three times in a row! you're like a machine gun-spot burner. pew pew pew! And there's a difference between quotes and your classy french word. But I'm not the post police. He's busy, and mostly doesn't have to worry about things like that. I'll leave it there.
  11. I have one of the zero gravity jobbies, they're great. If i can fit it in the buggy, I like to bring it along. I'm more of a leaner though. Lean on this, lean on that, hell i can lean on anything. It saves space.
  12. Good stuff Andy! There's even a ferry from Lewes.
  13. they'll do that for some reason when your trans temp gets too high. like earl said.
  14. Lol.