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  1. For fish up to 100 lb range and with that rod, you most likely do not need the diawa 8k or shimano 20k size reel, though for these less cost reels, you may be better with a larger reels. In a perfect setup, id pair it with a 5000 catalin/saltiga. id still look at the okuma metalod in that price range though. The stainless drive train is a pretty good deal for a reel under 200$
  2. what lb range bluefin? you may want to check out the okuma metaloid spinning reels. They come with stainless main and pinion gears. 200$ price tag. I like the daiwa catalina lineup of reels.
  3. Shimano did on their lifetime stuff now a year. When you hear people returning rods for guides that they broke, no wonder its a year now. Penn has a good warranty dept.
  4. yo zuri crystal minnow magnum shimano waxwing white rubber shad yo zuri surface cruiser super strike little neck popper gulp/rubber sand eel/ wooden metal lip
  5. Did you call the daiwa service department? I havent had a bail go on any daiwa I own, i dont own a saltist but have daiwas in quality classes above and below a saltist. Could be a quality issue on a run of reels or something else going on. Id just send it back to daiwa and hope they just replace it. The prices for parts from daiwa are really reasonable, you have to call.
  6. The terez waxwing (200$) rods are nice , as are the teramars. the 7'6" teramars (130$) are popular. I picked up a TFO surf rod this fall. I am really impressed with the rod. Im going to be checking out the TFO inshore rods (180$), Im hoping to see them at a saltwater expo sometime this offseason. gllomis pro blue or pro green (275$) or greenwater rods (250$), they will be up at the top of the price range. Make sure you actually hold the rod before you buy it. Id probably go for something in the 7'6" - 8' range with a fast tip and med- med hvy power
  7. Yea , but you need to shell out the money for a stella to get that service. my experience with dealing with shimano and the maintenance of the sustain line was not great, 2 months
  8. i would not consider this as a reason to get it over a different reel. The catalina's are a really good deal when you get them from overseas. Just send it to daiwa, the majority of the reels internals are shared with the saltiga, they will fix it and can do the maintenance on it. You shouldn't have to worry about it too much, the reels are pretty much bullet proof, and the only maintenance it may need is mag fluid, which will not be a problem to have done at daiwa usa. Yo can also just send it back to daiwa japan yourself. If you buy from digitaka, send it back to them. it would probably be quicker to send a daiwa to japan and get maintenance, then to send a shimano back for maintenance domestically, especially for bearings.
  9. costa is having sales on their glasses all this week. some glasses discounted 60%
  10. if you're fishing from a pier, stick with the gotcha plug. usually the blues and spanish move thru in schools at the end of the pier. generally piers are not the greatest location for lures because of the height and structure. on the open beach, find the pockets and cuts. fish those spots at dawn and dusk. mirro lures, jig heads with gulp and gulp teaser will get you most anything that is around.
  11. Always on the front side of the bridge too. They never really seemed that spooked about much. I could ride my kayak right over top of them and have the lure 15 feet back get slammed every time. Specifically in the fall, they are so zoned in on fish or crabs getting flush by. Its like my dog when you have a treat in your hand and someone steps in front of him, he just pokes his head around slobbering on the floor.
  12. its just the action of the rod. the trevala lineup is more parabolic,meaning it bends thru out the rod, it keeps bending and there is still power. Ive never maxed out a 6'6" mh trevala, so i coulndt tell you what it can handle, but 20 lb blues shouldnt be a problem. I usually catch them in 120" of water vertical jigging. I actually have used an 8" shimano tirlejo and lexa 100 on the same fish. that setup is alot lighter than the 6'6" mh trevala, so these rods can handle the stress. A teramar and certain terez rods will have fast, extra fast, to slower parabolic actions. So the teramars and waxwing terez will turn off higher up on the rod and give you what seems like more lifting power, the overall weight a particular rod can handle will depend on that individuals rods strength. check out some youtube videos of Japanese style parabolic jigging rods, like the black hole rods.
  13. Ive gotten blues 20 lbs maybe a little bigger on this rod with no problem. Ive had stripers up to 30 lbs on this rod with no problem. It does bend a lot, but the rod is suppose to., and there was plenty of power to lift fish. I think it just makes the fight alot more fun. I have fished the heavier models, and they eventually become way too stiff for anything inshore. If your not into the rod being so parabolic, look at the teramars or terez lineup. I like the waxwing terez rods, the 7.0 heavy rod is a great all around rod. Im not sure if it is made anymore in that size/ strength. It has no problem with anything inshore, doesnt feel too heavy. When you have something large on, it does bend. Should be able to do tuna to the 60 lb range and a little larger if you play it out.
  14. I would believe this would be really simple to make. Some kind of ferric powder in a light carrier, mineral oil? I know mineral oil is used in many industries as a carrier fluid, metal working industries. figuring out the the weight of the oil and amount of powder probably would take much. It should be very cheap.