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  1. Got one cast out of Tremore with my Last Mackerel rig before Ilost it.
  2. Yes was there Thursday but nothing happening. Was advised to try Boatstrand.
  3. Being a full 1/16 Cherokee, I found it very offensive to have such pathetic losers named after my Native American heritage.
  4. Yes, there is a steep path on the headland across some treacherous rocks. Not all the cliff is accessible though.
  5. The shots are $10,000 to $15,000. Your doctor will insist you get them if you were around an animal and there is any chance you might be able to pay for them. Ireland has socialized medicine and it is a Rabies-free country. Probably a coincidence.
  6. Skunked but scenery was sweet. I went for mackerel and two other lads were going for pollock. Near high tide. Nothing for anyone. Guy on the rocks on the other side was catching some mackerel but nothing on our side of the headland.
  7. “The Good, Bad and the Ugly”.,.... ever hear of it? How about the Hateful 8? He scored both those movies. Defined the sound of Westerns.
  8. Thank you!
  9. Bison.
  10. Yeah, LOL.
  11. Ending surprise you?
  12. Yeah. The reviews are strange. Amazon updates take a long time. Thanks, though. Looking every so often to see what you thought.
  13. Medicinal purposes only.
  14. They share the same range as the common or northern water snake. I’ve tracked the reported sightings on Facebook.