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  1. Took me long enough but finally a comprehensive book on straight razors from buying and using to setting up a shop and making them. All feedback so far very positive!
  2. 170 including shipping OBO.
  3. NYN knife laws are grissly overreaching. I dont think there should be “knife laws”. The cutting edge tool was what first made us human.
  4. Penn international 975 in very good condition. Ready to fish. 170.00 free shipping. Paypal.
  5. I assumed they weren’t done right since I saw nothing to recommend them as An appetizer except maybe as a tease, hoping the main course would be more palatable. Hardly the epicurian delight it is supposed to be.
  6. Sounds like you got the right idea.
  7. Have you tried cutting up bungee cords and sauteeing them in butter and garlic and using them as a substitute?
  8. Dairy was my problem. Down to 182 after all these years. 140# from my peak weight. I was hungry and tired and sick all the time. Solved the real problem and everything else started coming in line. I can’t even eat a slice of bread without it hurting me unless it’s dairy free. And must say, gluuten may nphave been aproblem, too. Stopped it and feeling better, too.
  9. Saw one mantled over a pigeon in my yard in Stratford once. Flew off with the pigeon after it saw me observing it. Really swift even in straight flight. my side of the mountain inspired many a falconer. Watching eagles take deer and wolves was a bit if a surprise, too. Some really great falconry footage on youtube.
  10. Can’t assume everyone knows that, either. What you din’t know can eventually kill you.
  11. Helped a lot but there’s only so much relief you can get. Wife thought it was going to kill me and I wasn’t sure how much more I couod take. The years when mynhealth caught up to me were the 20 years I had abstained. Always made me feel so much better but hey..... can’t be. No medicinal use, right? Probably better off without it, anyway. Didnt turn out to be the case.
  12. State laws. Some states nay require it.
  13. Falcons hunting rabbits isn’t really a thing but redtails, goshawks, red shouldered, owls, eagles and even some bold coopers hawks will go for them. Every critter that eats meat seems to think rabbits taste like chicken. Hawks are the best for general hunting (rabbits, squirrels, pheasant), in my opinion, but you really need big, strong falcons to put the fear of Cthulu in the pest birds. falcons are really remarkable birds and nothing else is as efficient in air to air combat. They can kill a goose in midair with the blow from their stoop. Dead when it hits the ground many times. Quickly finjshed off with the tooth in their bill, severing the spine at the base of tghe neck. Coopers with their long legs just grab them and eventually either stab them to death with repeated talon punctures or until they rip through their chest and eat their vital organs. If I were train one, I’d name it Zero Fukzgiven.
  14. Steel is actually my thing.
  15. The only thing that relieved most of the symptoms and still wasn’t enough for the nausea most of the time,