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  1. Griffin Patriot Cam?
  2. Yes but for me the Garmin transducer still has to be flipped upside down. I launch solo from a lot of concrete boat ramps and fish a lot of rivers where I have to pull the drive up and paddle.
  3. The whole issue was the Garmin would hang way too low and couldn't be reversed. Loading the boat stern first wouldn't solve that problem. That Garmin transducer had to be mounted upside down. I personally had two choices - mod the bracket or buy an aftermarket bracket. It wasn't that big of a deal, and I wasn't over thinking it. I'm just pointing out why I chose the scupper mount.
  4. I have a short bed and use an extender. When I pull the boat off the bed, I pull it off all the way until the keel rests on the extender. I then set the back of the boat on the ground. If I didn't have the transducer where it is, I would hit the extender and I would have to work around that. It makes it easier for me. I'm not sure if that's way over thinking it.
  5. I can't believe I'm even responding to a thread that has people thinking the Earth is flat, but here I am. Edit Never mind I'm not responding. LOL
  6. Yes. In the video above, his will hit once the yak is slid off the keel. Here's a pic of my boat with the scupper mount. There is still close to two inches of room. The down with the the scupper mount is, it only uses three of the five screws that the Garmin mount used. It still feels sturdy enough that I don't worry about it. I also secured the transducer wire after it went through the Thru-Hull plug. This way even if the mount fails, it's not going to hang down. I have the PDL 120
  7. The Garmin transducer mount won't fit flipped without some modding of the bracket. Even after modding the bracket, I don't believe it will ride as high as the scupper mount bracket.
  8. I have this mount and it works great. It pulls the transducer up higher than the OEM mount.
  9. As stated in the posts above, line management is one of the biggest issues when fly fishing from a kayak. After trying a few different ways to manage line, this one has made my time on the water so much better. I have an Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 but I'm sure a similar setup can be achieved on most kayaks. These are the parts I used and what I paid. I'm sure money can be saved with a little creativity - especially if you make your own stripping basket. Mainstays 20.25 x 15.25 x 0.38 Inches Poly Cutting Board (Wally World) $13 Colorado XT Stripping Basket $55 2 Scotty Fishing 438 Gear-Head Track Adapters $16 ea 2 Scotty #368 Universal Sounder Mount $20 ea Navarre Kayak Fishing Kayak Handle Mount (Old Town kayaks only) $25 On the underside of the cutting board I attached one fish finder mount and stapled industrial velcro where the board would lay on the other fish finder mount. I also drilled a hole for a leash. I used a handle mount to hold the other fish finder mount. This mount has the velcro and is used to support the weight of the board. Since it only has velcro, the cutting board can be swung forward for paddling or if you need the space to land a fish. I stapled a couple strips of velcro to the top of the cutting board. I zip tied velcro to the underside of the stripping basket. I stow it behind the seat when launching/landing. Since people have different styles of fishing, this set up may not work for everyone. As I stated earlier, I had to try a few different ways before I found one that worked for me. I fish rivers in the California Delta so this may not work with the conditions some of you face in the salt.
  10. This... Then This.
  11. http://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/396307-Did-FBI-get-bamboozled-by-multiple-versions-of-Trump-dossier%3F