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  1. Epoxy jigs are a great idea with the clear water. Thanks for that suggestion.
  2. Looking for advice on Fishing Jamaica near Montego Bay. I am going at the end of June with the family and a couple other families with kids. Is it worth bringing a travel plugging rod? I know I will have the ability to fish around the resort early and probably as the sunsets. Looks like they have some break walls. Looks fishy as heck where it is located. If you were going to bring plugs what would you bring? GSB
  3. I will take this one
  4. Looking for help setting the mag brake, and Mechanical break on Akios 656 ctm. Set up... Mojo 6 to 16oz 11foot Akios 656 ctm 15 lb mono...30lb shock 5 oz weight. Can someone help me on explaining what brake does what? To start out getting a feel, what should I set these breaks at? Any help appreciated.
  5. I ended up finding someone who was interested in them. Thanks for getting back to my post.
  6. Any interest in a TM Scaled 5 Inch Diving Danny NIP? Don't see these very often.
  7. Gotcha, when visiting my brother I did a little surf fishing looking for Corbina(sp) only caught juvenile Leopard Sharks in the Cove between PV and Redondo beach. Mostly boat fished for California Halibut, Sand Bass and some Calicos. Good luck on Sale.
  8. What were you using this for in the South Bay? Not much of a surf fishing area. Just curious.
  9. I have this Rod and I love it for the extra distance I can get with it. I have been using it to toss plugs in the 2 to 3 oz range and metals with teasers. It is very lite for its size and it balances well in my opinion with the VS 200 I have on it. Been wondering how much further distance I could get with with a long cast reel with this Rod. GSB
  10. I still have rods marked at 24 inches.
  11. Buy some 3oz Ava's or Metals of some kind and use that as delivery for teasers this Fall. When the fish are on small baits like spearing and sand eels there is nothing better to throw at them. GSB
  12. Just saw this thread this evening. I bought the same Rod earlier this year. Obviously way before I knew they where coming out with a new version, bummed a little. That said I have mine coupled with a VS 200, not the reel you would want for ultimate distance, but I have to say I can get 2 or 3 oz jigs out really far. I was fishing in Hatteras last month and was tossing jigs out to Spanish that typically would be out of range with any other Rod I own. I thought for sure with a reel more suited to distance I could have reached the middle of the school. I am thinking about getting a reel for distance when I know I will not be swimming or getting splashed.
  13. The reason for asking is my Father is placing an RV at a local Campground for the season. I wanted to known what to expect with traffic to the beach, restaurants, you know insider local stuff. I also obviously fish but find myself more often than not down in Cape May Co. I do know the Seaside to IBSP area a bit. Anything you don't want blasted can be sent via PM. Thanks. GSB
  14. I was looking for any info about the Bayville, NJ area on the other side of the Barneget Bay. Looking for any info about Bay fishing access. How is traffic in season to Seaside, etc. Thanks. GSB
  15. Sorry I did not compare the Avid to the Legend. GSB