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  1. Maine near moosehead lake. Beautiful place.
  2. It makes me so mad..the surf fishing here (long island) for bass in the 90s and up till 2010 or so was freeeking awesome...probably early 90s you could keep 1 fish @ 36" then went to 1 @ 28" then ooo look at all the bass!!!lets let them keep 2 fish each now(on the boats)...wile we all see it happening before our eyes. So sad and unbelievable..we would all still be catching 30 to 50 pounders from the surf every year.
  3. Lol after spending years surfcasting in Montauk, its a great place to kayak fish IMO. There are TONS of places to get away from everyone...
  4. Wow I watched the YouTube video . What a POS.
  5. Thanks, 25" 7 pounds and 20" long island
  6. I have the uniden mhs75. I have only had it a few months but so far the battery seems to last very long. If i put it on 1w you can talk to your group without a problem for probably 12 hours or more. It has all the weather stations, scan and other features. The only bad thing is the charger is only for a cigarette lighter. I charge it in the truck but you can buy an adapter for the wall.
  7. I have the lowrance hook 2 tripleshot. Its been a nice unit so far. I just wish I had went with the 7 inch instead of the 5.
  8. Good luck with the new boat. I've had mine since march it has been great. This was yesterday i caught bass,blues, and about 30 fluke.what an awesome day on the water.
  9. Does this count largmouth needed a bit larger mouth..
  10. Shinnecock inlet too.
  11. I have the lowrance hook 5 tripleshot. It is a nice unit and works well, but after having it for a few months I wish I had went with the 7 inch. Also on a hobie outback.
  12. I have one it has been really good so far.
  13. Lol..man i would have busted thousands of shovels digging though the bull$$$$ I have read on here over the years.
  14. So what are you selling? I guess the people who care what boat a guy has are the ones that think Jonn is better then them? Lol... I'm sure he will love the new yak. Its night and day from paddling. He will probably catch even more fish now