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  1. I can’t believe you don’t have one, you have an arsenal of grills and smokers.
  2. I think that was a one and done. Bless Peaches shiny heart for lugging that grill. It’s a pain in the ass. Sparky was my right hand man.
  3. And no pickles, fricking deer destroyed my cuke plants. I got 4 jars, should have been 20+.
  4. Oh boy, how did he figure that out.
  5. I got a text last night supposedly from Amazon saying my account had been frozen due to suspicious activity. Text wanted me to respond to them probably asking for info. I called Amazon and they said your account is not frozen,said don’t open anything in that text and delete it. Amazon person said we are getting a pickup in that kind of stuff.
  6. Good to hear Ditch!!
  7. Keep it clean, we’re not talking farm animals at this point.
  8. Hey, fat women have feelings too. No need to call them whales.
  9. “Wasn’t my idea.”
  10. I hear ya Mike, these trips are a blast. Good people and fun times.
  11. On a positive note, out on the the yak this morning for 2 hours and despite the big drop in the water temp from the south wind, the fruke were hungry. Two for the table.
  12. I can’t seeing you having another day like that, regardless, Spaz will let you fall into his arms.
  13. Please, I hear that from my wife enough.
  14. I will try and squeeze in some time over the course of the festivities. Keep me updated on Saturday afternoon.
  15. Lol, please make it noted, I would like to be first on the wait list for next year.
  16. Unfortunately I’m going to have to bail on the trip, first one I will miss. Conflict came up with that date that I can’t wiggle out of. If no one takes my spot, contribute my fare to the bar tab. Thanks Tom for running the circus. Catch ‘em up boys.
  17. Hope you get your pain figured out, has to suck big time.
  18. It’s honking out of the south now. Just got back from taking a quick dip, probably a 15 degree difference from the beach to my house.
  19. Call Dr. Stymie, I hear he does nice work.