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  1. We always set a plate for you just in case.
  2. Lol, you’re a Yankee at heart. I thought after that nightmare trip back home last time, you would never come back. Things must suck down there.
  3. Specializes in mailbox’s
  4. Fished the morning, bunch of cocktail blues and 1 albie
  5. Well, I’ll still make sure Ringer doesn’t show
  6. I thought that’s what you took your bath in.
  7. Yeah it was. The north winds last night and today brought in fall.
  8. I swear I couldn’t hear for a week after that concert
  9. The Ramones, 1980 Convention Hall Asbury
  10. I’ll be out both mornings, incredible amount of bait flowing along the beaches.
  11. I have that, just haven’t seen anyone to confirm it.
  12. Well?