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  1. Weekend was going good until wife decided to take a header down the basement stairs from the first step. No I didn’t push her, her shoe heel caught on her dress. ER last night from 8pm -2am. Miraculously broke nothing but a nasty gash that required a bunch of stiches. She’s a trooper and rallied for a scaled down bbq we are having now.
  2. Sounds like a business opportunity. Take it to shark tank.
  3. Sorry man, that sucks.
  4. Ah, the days past when Red Bank on the Navesink had fireworks and powerboat races. Their use to be a water ski jump in the middle of the river unattended. Step up and try your luck.
  5. Awesome, congrats to the newlyweds!!
  6. Was on the water at 6am and off by 8:30am. Good way to start the day.
  7. Thanks guys, 2 more years to medicare. Woot woot
  8. Ha, I just picked my first cuke.
  9. Come on man, let’s do it. The last 3 mornings were perfect conditions.
  10. Out doing some scouting this morning. Decent bite going on the last few days. Saw Kenny and the Mimi cruise by heading north.