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  1. Have a great day tomorrow guys. At all costs, don’t let Ringer win the pool.
  2. Sorry Ted, hate to hear this. I hope you get some relief soon.
  3. Damn, hope you are out of there quickly Ted.
  4. Love this stuff. Here’s my table, dept 56 dickens set up with a Lionel trolly running a loop. When the kids were young, I had a 8x20 layout in the basement for the Lionel’s. I usually run a LGB loop around the Christmas tree, need to get those out of the attic.
  5. You have been beat up pretty good this year, I hope we both have a better 2024 regarding this stuff.
  6. Still amazes me how high that water stayed. Tim attacks the clam beds like the golf course. Effing 11 dozen in 45minutes, I think I had 4 or 5 dozen in the same time. Nothing like free protein.
  7. Happy Birthday to your Daughter John. Obviously got her good looks from mom. Good stuff.
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