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  1. Congrats!! When my 3 turned 21, those were worried sleepless night for me and my wife.
  2. Protesting
  3. I got a sleigh ride yesterday.
  4. Evening Bob, hope you are resting comfortably.
  5. Strange times, congrats to your daughter.
  6. Yup, he’s like wtf.
  7. I’ve always liked a dropping tide but what what’s important is that bait and fish are around.
  8. Nice job Hardo and welcome. Love the hours you are fishing. Was with a buddy last week in some back waters and we had some decent fish but right now some quality fish are working their way north out front. Stay with those hours and you will probably be rewarded out front, will take some work but the potential for a real nice fish is there.
  9. Damn, thoughts and prayers with you buddy. Thanks boB for keeping us updated.
  10. Wayne can’t be bothered with peanut deals like this.
  11. Congrats DG and eff Red.
  12. Evening Bob. Been moving my daughter into her new house for the last 2 days. Moving is way up on the list of things I hate doing.