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  1. 5.5 miles, wow, you go Forrest.
  2. Got a 133 after my 3 mile walk this morning. Had a bowl of chili an hour ago and just took a 155 reading, not bad. I wanted to see what the chili would do to my sugar reading, pleasantly surprised, it had meat and beans in it.
  3. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I’ll stand by mine.
  4. That’s a pretty ****ed up thing to say.
  5. I picked some things out for you from the Tail Race Tavern menu.
  6. What could possibly go wrong in there?
  7. Pretty much this. Being that my dad died when I was young, it was my mom who was my hero. I was fortunate to have her living in my town her last 10 years so it made it easy for me to help out and get my kids over to see her a lot. It can be a rough time of your life seeing them get old but just being around him as much as possible Is the best thing for you and him.
  8. That was great BB, thanks for sharing. That unmistakable voice gave away which one your uncle is. Glad he made it back to be a part of your life.
  9. I walk right by these in our office today. Normally I would have woofed down 3 or 4. I’m anticipating being a little bad on Saturday.
  10. They are buried in last summers Rooners fluke thread. Apparently Mike has a problem with people in authority.
  11. I’m in the middle of my second implant. I have gotten a discount dental card, I think by Aetna that cost me $100 for the year. It probably saved me $500 to $1000 on the first one a few years ago. This implant probably saved $300 and haven’t got to the crown part yet. Also check out Care Credit, instead paying a lump sum you can do a payment plan interest free as long as it’s paid off on time.
  12. Now you did it.