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  1. Can we still go in the next few days? Now till 10/1? Or are they closing it down now in prep to start dredging on 10/1? Thanks.
  2. I believe he wants to see it in person first. I have not officially accepted any offers yet.
  3. I work in Haverford Pa just outside Philly if you wanna see it first. It’s about 20-30 minutes from west Chester.
  4. I’m in Camden county but I’m at ibsp weekly. I can ship anywhere for free.
  5. Asking $225 for 8-10wt reel with spare spool. This was not my main reel and it gets little to no love. I had it matched on a 10 wt and it balanced great. Can ship anywhere in lower 48.
  6. I know it’s not the exact rod you’re looking for but I have the 7119 reach. I’d let it go for $150. This is probably the most versatile, best value two hand rod I’ve owned. Also, If you’re looking for a bigger rod, I also have a sage z-axis 8129 for $250.
  7. You guys do realize this thread was about catching bluegills and 12” bass? He’s not throwing 1/0 clousers or deer hair poppers or bushy streamers. Hes not double hauling and casting 70’ (not that he can’t). He’s casting 20’ with a tiny boogle bug catching sunnies. Let’s not overthink this. Lou, you made a great choice. (even tho I would’ve went with the glass rod)
  8. Sorry, can’t go that low. Thanks for the offer tho. Im actually going keep the sage. Consider this thread closed.
  9. I’m in south jersey near Philly. I can ship it
  10. Split me in the middle at $275 for free shipping and it’s yours.
  11. I have a sage 4210, lamson vanquish 10lt and Orvis mirage V for sale in forum. All great reels for a 10. I had the vanquish on my xi3 10 and the 4210 on my Salt 10. I have spare spool for all 3.
  12. Lamson vanquish 10lt, sage 4210, Orvis mirage V are for 10’s Still available: orvis mirage V. $300 lamson vanquish 10lt $350 sage 4210 $250 sage 4580 $250 sage 4680. $300 all reels come with with at least one spare spool
  13. Hmmm, I have a 4580, 4680 and 4210 but no 4280.
  14. Sorry $300 is about as low as I can go