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  1. I keep my credit locked and had to unlock it a few months ago when I refinanced. Didn't have to pay to have it unlocked.
  2. According to the article, they are unsure of the height of the new pier, which could affect its fishability. They are considering making it 8 feet more narrow with it branching into a T at the end. This will be the third year with no pier in Salem. The other week the city council spent 2 hours debating the use of the term “manhole.” Because...priorities.
  3. I find it funny when any C&R guy lectures someone who keeps a fish. IMO worse to put a hook in an animal's mouth and put its life in peril merely for the sport of it.
  4. Now youse can’t leave
  5. Butterfly goalie style is so lame.
  6. .
  7. Love that movie. Wish they would have made more from the series
  8. Gary Oldman
  9. The fire dept shows up. Don't ask me how I know.
  10. Can’t even have one in my town.
  11. I wanted to put a Trump sign and a "No Place for Hate" sign in my front yard just to see reactions. Wife wouldn't let me.
  12. Needs a vein. But yes, definitely a pee pee necklace.
  13. That statue reminds me of a few Looney Tunes cartoons....that have been banned
  14. As a gag I threw $100 at doge when it was below a penny. Panicked this morning and sold it. That $100 was worth $6300. The whole crypto thing makes zero sense to me. Sounds like dutch tulips.
  15. Fairly positive that isn’t true. Teachers can refuse to join the union now since the supreme court ruling a few years ago. Before this ruling, teachers could opt out, but would be forced to pay an agency fee, which essentially meant they still paid dues and were protected by the contract, but couldnt vote. Now teachers are free to leave the union and dont have to pay any agency fee, but are still protected by the same contract as dues-paying members.
  16. Like a few others have said, I doubt she is a “teacher.”
  17. Prayers sent
  18. Buy a worklight with a rechargeable battery. Husky makes one. Ive had nore luck shining light on the water than with submersible lights
  19. I used laticrete permacolor select grout about a few years ago when I refinished my basement. Doesn't have to be sealed. I found it easy to work with and it has held up great.
  20. I used safe n sound in my basement ceiling. My bedroom is above the part of the basement where the TV is. I can clearly hear the TV from my bedroom. Not sure how much worse it would be without the safe and sound down there, but I'm not impressed with it. Maybe 2 layers would have made a difference....
  21. Tom Petty Adam Yauch Joe Cocker Richard Wright Malcolm Young David Bowie (left after 2 songs) A Spinal Tap drummer
  22. Born in ‘72 so my memories of what was there back then are a little fuzzy. Got any pics?
  23. Great pizza. Monday night buy 2 get a free cheese pizza.
  24. When I was a lad there used to be kid sized amusement rides on the hill. A roller coaster, tilt a whirl, and I think flying helicopters.
  25. For the fatties...