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  1. Fairly positive that isn’t true. Teachers can refuse to join the union now since the supreme court ruling a few years ago. Before this ruling, teachers could opt out, but would be forced to pay an agency fee, which essentially meant they still paid dues and were protected by the contract, but couldnt vote. Now teachers are free to leave the union and dont have to pay any agency fee, but are still protected by the same contract as dues-paying members.
  2. Like a few others have said, I doubt she is a “teacher.”
  3. Prayers sent
  4. Buy a worklight with a rechargeable battery. Husky makes one. Ive had nore luck shining light on the water than with submersible lights
  5. I used laticrete permacolor select grout about a few years ago when I refinished my basement. Doesn't have to be sealed. I found it easy to work with and it has held up great.
  6. I used safe n sound in my basement ceiling. My bedroom is above the part of the basement where the TV is. I can clearly hear the TV from my bedroom. Not sure how much worse it would be without the safe and sound down there, but I'm not impressed with it. Maybe 2 layers would have made a difference....
  7. Tom Petty Adam Yauch Joe Cocker Richard Wright Malcolm Young David Bowie (left after 2 songs) A Spinal Tap drummer
  8. Born in ‘72 so my memories of what was there back then are a little fuzzy. Got any pics?
  9. Great pizza. Monday night buy 2 get a free cheese pizza.
  10. When I was a lad there used to be kid sized amusement rides on the hill. A roller coaster, tilt a whirl, and I think flying helicopters.
  11. For the fatties...
  12. Here are some live shots from the pier. Mayors been too busy spending money on bike lanes that nobody uses. Priorities... Huckleberry says no fishing this year, but enjoy the bike lanes
  13. Shelters and Petsmart often have adult cats for adoption that were owned by people who moved and couldnt keep them/died.
  14. The worst was the first week when most of the day was spent in "class." Totally impossible to stay awake. And the drill sergeants just walking up and down the aisles eyeballing soldiers looking for the ones falling asleep. If they caught someone with their eyes shut, they brought him/her and the person on either side outside for some motivation. The person on either side for "letting their battle buddy down."
  15. If a soldier even walked near the "fatty-go-round" dessert display when I went through Fort Leonard Wood, the whole company got taken outside "for some motivation." That was a mistake someone only had to make once. Looking back now, a lot of laughs.