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  1. I can only assume that they are saving money Somehow (Perhaps a kickback from the card issuer) by doing the debit cards As apposed to checks
  2. My dad got a the debit card. He wants to put the money in his checking account. He was told there is a fee for each deposit and that you can only deposit so much per transaction so he would pay multiple fees. I think he said it would cost him $64 to deposit the full amount.
  3. They probably negate each other.
  4. Not advocating drunk driving, just stating a fact.
  5. Texting and driving is more dangerous than drunk driving.
  6. Awful.
  7. They are also called gaiters. Looks like a sleeve. Wear it around your neck and pull it up to your eyes
  8. A little bit of a ride but it may be my only option. Thanks.
  9. No. I'm going on a 6-pack. Bunny is too crowded for me right now.
  10. Going on deep sea trip sunday. Ordered a UV face shield a week ago online and it hasn't even shipped yet. Anybody know of a place north of Boston where I could pick one up in-store? Thanks
  11. This sucks. I had a haddock charter booked for the 24th.
  12. Coulda fed his former crew with it.
  13. I now look directly into the webcam and smile while self-pleasuring
  14. Eric can you loan me some of that windfall? I need to send a few grand in bitcoin to someone who apparently was able to activate the camera on my computer and has video of me self-pleasuring and this person is going to send this video to everyone in my contacts.
  15. You cant be surprised....they have to make it fit their narrative. When trevon martin was shot the news edited zimmerman’s 911 call and then referred to him as a white hispanic.