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  1. Good luck sdf
  2. Bunny is a good boat for pollack. Mostly because of all the “chum” flying over the rail. Had a lot of great pollack trips with them. They do go out in big water though. Always cracks me up when we’re getting ready to leave and the capt tells the weather report and if it’s sketchy he’ll warn the passengers. Theres always one tool who snickers and says “I never get seasick” and 2 hours later he’s on his ass and got his head buried in a 2 gallon bucket thats between his legs
  3. I misspoke and will edit my comment. I never tried putting oil over latex and assumed you could. I do remember that whenever we painted doors/trim that had oil paint on them that we had to sand and degloss and prime before putting on latex. Only time we used oil was with bare wood and the owner insisted. Thanks for the info.
  4. If your ceiling is calcimine, Calfornia makes a product to specifically paint over it. It's called ox-o-flo cal-coater. I've used it many times. And it is oil-based. Having painted many ceilings with oil paint, I have to say that you may want to ask yourself if it would be easier, less time consuming, and more pragmatic to tear down the ceiling and start from fresh. Painting a ceiling with oil-based paint is not easy and can be very messy, not to mention the fumes. Think about the prep work to get the ceiling ready, getting a proper respirator, covering everything completely, ruining a set of clothes (you're going to be covered in oil paint), washing oil paint off your head/face/hands, waiting for the stuff to dry and then do a second coat....and you're not even sure if this will solve the problem. If it were my ceiling, I'd tear it down and start from scratch and know it's being done the right way. And like others said, check your fan. And if you do tear down the ceiling, its the perfect opportunity to put in a new fan. Some come with timers now that it will run for 10 minutes after you shower. Also a good idea to leave the window cracked (or the bathroom door cracked) while showering to improve air flow toward the fan.
  5. Good stuff. Enjoy it.
  6. Painters over 50 are drunks. Painters under 50 are addicts.
  7. Has anyone called dibs?
  8. I only point it out at work, but that's what I get paid to do. But I also correct my Mrs. all the time because it drives her nuts. My pet peeve is "myself" and "I." I can't stand when people use them incorrectly. Drives me nuts.
  9. I love it when people make grammatical errors while pointing out someone else’s grammatical errors.
  10. how can you tell which plane is the Italian plane at the airport? it has hair under the wings
  11. Not just overrated; they outright suck. More expensive than a sit-down restaurant and they give you paper plates.
  12. Take it from a local: Don’t waste your time with Salem. All the attractions are garbage. You won’t find a place to park and you’ll wait well over an hour for a table for dinner. But if your wife wants to come here, you’re screwed. Turner’s Seafood Restaurant is good. Sea Level is fair and its right on the water at Pickering Wharf with decent views. You’ll need a reservation if you plan on getting a table anywhere and even then you’ll still wait for a table. My wife and I went out for dinner last weekend. We won’t go out again until November after the craziness. +1 for The Village in Essex.
  13. Zealots from any religion are the worst.
  14. Exactly. Lazy fatbodies put the Madonna in a shell. Belongs on a bath tub. If you’re real hardcore, the yard is all asphalt painted green.
  15. My senior year of high school a boy became a football cheerleader. Bunch of us laughed about it. Until we went to the first game and saw him hold one of the cheerleaders above his head with his hand as her ass pedestal. It was then that we realized he was a genius.