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  1. Btw, the chop suey place (Salem Lowe) is closing for good next month.
  2. The 70's sure did suck.
  3. Sonnava bitch
  4. Anyone been out squidding on the north shore yet?
  5. Nest is torn down and I sprayed down the area with soap and water and then a disinfectant. If they return next year, I'll be tearing down the nest as its built. Screw the freeloaders
  6. Dutch tulips
  7. I was there Tuesday. I'm pretty sure they were playing a backing track on many of the high notes and he was lip synching those parts. Seemed like the engineers had the music a lot louder than his voice to hide it....and then when the high notes came on some of the songs all of a sudden the camera cut to a different band member and Paul's voice got louder than the music and stronger. I found the "duet" with Lennon on "I've Got a Feeling" to be incredible. I could have watched a whole concert of just that.
  8. I agree with Sparky.
  9. If you look at the picture I am standing in the doorway taking the picture
  10. I’m going to stand under a ladder while I take it down
  11. Im not a bird guy, but I believe this was a robin’s nest
  12. Bird built a nest over my door. Eggs hatched. Babies havent been in the nest for a few days and Havent seen any activity in the nest for a few days. Is it ok to remove the nest now?