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  1. Sorry for your loss
  2. 25 year old chick. 3 kids with two men; one works at a pizza shop. Leaves car running with kids in car to go inside pizza shop to talk to baby daddy. My opinion of Philly remains unchanged.
  3. Only thing that could have made the video better would be if the epic beard man stepped out from the crowd and made that dude leak.
  4. Spray. Keep a brush close by. Spray paint onto siding. Work it in with brush. Move to next section and repeat. Ridiculously easy and fast. the time it takes to clean the sprayer (which is easy to do) is minimal.
  5. Hope it goes well
  6. Apparently he never heard the warning about the brown acid.
  7. Excuse me. How many "non-cronies" have been denied opening a driving school?
  8. So how many "non-statists" have been denied applications to run a driving school?
  9. Last week I was on a field trip at the Boston Common. I took out my phone to take a few pictures of my students at one of the monuments. We walked about 5 minutes to another site and I realized I left my phone where I had been taking pictures. I ran back to look for it. When I got there, someone was waiting right where I left it, holding it in plain sight. She had picked it up and was waiting. She said she knew eventually the owner would show up looking for it.
  10. That, and he killed vampires.
  11. I’m calling dibs.
  12. Batchit crazy is usually a family trait
  13. Pizza snobs crack me up.
  14. Bang his mother
  15. That’s what cracks me up about these white supremecists and neo nazis. If they were in Germany in the 40’s, they’d have been put on a cattle car and sent to the gas chambers at Auschwitz