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  1. 3 hours ago, hot tuna said:

    oh boy...somebody's been drinking the fish gum kool -aid... .

    :laugh: no Kool aid here, just results.


    This was  about 2 hours worth of work before dark tonight.  All on fish gum fleasickle out back in about 6' of water 20 yards off the bank.  Croakers were running between 14 and 15 inches with some smaller ones mixed in.



  2. 7 hours ago, Toad in Nj said:


    Assateague on both sides is always packed.  The OSV on the Maryland side was already full with 144 cars at 730 this morning.  Yesterday we were the last vehicle to get on on the VA side which only allows 17 vehicles right now. Then it goes to 1 on 1 off on both sides. Some people wait 8 hours to get on on the Maryland side

  3. 1 min ago, makomakoman said:

    nice picture... yah got some nice seas...

    Thats about 2 hours before the wind picked up.  Tide was coming in, wind 20 to 25 from the SE with gust to 30.


    It got weird though.  Incoming tide about halfway up the waves pretty much stopped.  You could see the white caps and swells but there were pretty much no waves hitting the beach.  Never seen that with a SE wind.  

  4. 7 hours ago, BrooklynSurfCaster said:

    Looking to sell my Van Staal 150X in Silver, it has a extended*vsb* foot and arm/handle. It has a couple scuffs on the rotor just due to fishing but mechanically is 10/10.

    It's a machine and is very comfortable to fish with. I'm looking to upgrade to a vsx200 to beef up my gear. 


    Taking offers, Not sure what it is worth but i'm assuming around $600-$650?? 





    We dont allow make offer post. You need to have a price.   It's explained in the rules pinned at the top of the forum.  

  5. 2 hours ago, rockyoutdoors said:

    I do not use a hose and blow out the guts and water down the meat. I use a kitchen brush, then I use the kitchen faucet sprayer to lightly rinse the cavity. If you choose to eat guts good for you. I pick my left over crabs and freeze the meat. A cleaned crab is better to pick and freeze. To each their own.

    Never eaten a soft shell have you?

  6. On 6/8/2021 at 3:59 PM, Stryper Snyper said:

    Guess one was spotted down in York county few days ago.  I know of two up by Harrisburg years ago.  One in Italian Lake and one a couple crazy guys grabbed as it was crossing North 1st street.   Not sure which but I think one ended up in the zoo in Hershey.

    That was like 2 weeks ago.  The owner was out of town and rhe person watching supposedly left the gate to its pen unlocked and it got out and into the river.  It was retrieved a few hours later.  8 years old and about 4 feet long.