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  1. Wtf
  2. Ernie comes in here at 1 in rhe morning guns blazing
  3. Thats messed up. Is that all the same district?
  4. All depends on the district and what college degree you have. So the wife's district the base is $34,000 with your Batchelors. If you get hired at the beginning of the contract then you will get that pay increase each school year. I think there's is like 2.5% a year. So at the end of a 4 year contract you are sitting at $37,529.64 a year. But a Batchelors degree can never earn more then the base of a masters degree so at some point you are going to get capped out unless you go back and get your masters and can keep getting the pay increases. Thats why most put 5 or 6 years in and take a sabbatical, get paid and go back and get their Masters.
  5. Cheap is probably what got them in trouble
  6. This has to suck Party boat out fishing. Ocean City Paramedic 7 and Paramedic 2 are currently responding to the United States Coast Guard Station for multiple heat-related injuries to boaters offshore. At this time, one paramedic unit is responding appropriately 26 miles offshore aboard a United States Coast Guard vessel. Please remember to hydrate and drink plenty of water!
  7. Well obviously I haven't been around to see it
  8. I havent gotten any emails about the leagues other then hockey was open
  9. Are we doing hockey this year or just sticking to the daily?
  10. Your offshore jigs are measured in grams
  11. So make them for when we get back
  12. The same type that hits a pig with somebody else's car
  13. Thats becuase the arthritis in your wrist won't let you
  14. The hurricane was above the water. The fish didn't need to evacuate
  15. I did. It's a pita to carry that around so I went smaller for my beach excursions
  16. They are nice for beach trips
  17. I have a 17" blackstone
  18. Yea, I can't get my brisket and tri tips this soft and juicy. And honestly price wise they are pretty close here. Even last night I reheated the last 2 slices with some of rhe leftover onions and it was still like it just came off the smoker.
  19. Chuck roast and onions
  20. He is going to be at the dock selling rods for any last minute buyers
  21. Please don't remove the prices. It's explained in the rules.