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  1. In all honesty he has picked up his game, and did well between the 2 sharpies yesterday
  2. I just went out to clean my gear between storms. I opened the back of my truck and My bag and towel must have found the clam juice from when he salted the clams for the tuna trip
  3. Yep. Doug was casting over and under all 3 of you
  4. That bread is always good. JMB's pickles were phenomenal. Whoever brought the cheese that was damn good to. That's actually my next project on the smoker once it gets alittle cooler out. Not sure who brought the steak sauce either but that was the best cocktail sauce I've ever had. Actually gonna order some today.
  5. There you are you little mugger Doug is the only guy I have ever met that would actually jump in your grave when you die. You turn around for 2 seconds to grab bait and and your spot is gone.
  6. 15 to 20 foot storm surge with 15 to 20 foot waves when it makes landfall. Not good for houses along the coast. Mayor stuffing face waited to long to hit the evac button imo and right now they only have the northbound lane open to get out instead of having both north and south open. All their **** was upgraded, let's see if it worked. I mean the main goal here is to save the city itself. As far I know nothing around the outside of town was ever rebuilt. RI
  7. I wqs just thinking we should do shirts next year since it's #10. Not sure if Karla can put that image on a shirt but I'll ask
  8. They are in good condition for being made in 72
  9. Or maybe I got better things to do
  10. They have red white and blue
  11. Kinda funny you only act like a dick and run amok when Tim isn't around
  12. Bellringer didn't answer. He was the one who told everyone to go there. Mike told me everyone was back there drinking and eating wings and didn't think anyone was coming over. Just for future reference though, that place has a full service bar, but they do not serve food in it even though it's right next to the tables you sit at to eat. Menu looked pretty good though
  13. I sat at the place everyone said they were going for an hour and nobody showed so I left to try and beat the storms
  14. Y was not missed today. And your corner of the boat sucks
  15. I've been out on the boat all day dumbass. Go ****ing troll some place else.
  16. Locked and loaded and ready to pull out at 3. Tossed my heavy jigging rod in incase we run into some charlies
  17. Just a heads up Tom, they are calling for fog tomorrow morning