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  1. Na, I just had fresh fluke
  3. Agreed
  4. Ya think?
  5. So we can just make several teams for football? I'm gonna go add 5 or 6
  6. Just made landfall south of Grans Isle
  7. I think I sold it back to you. I never had a chance to use it and if I remember correctly you regretted selling it so I sold it back to you
  8. All the rigs I tie for down at my dad's I use Kahle hooks
  9. I thought I sold it back to you along with the sock
  10. With the crusty socks
  11. Is that the one you sold me?
  12. Yep. Bouys picking up 30' waves
  13. 929, sustained winds between 150 and 155
  14. Pressure is down to 930
  15. It started dropping over 2mb an hour overnight
  16. Draft day gents. Make sure you have your Draft board ready by 5 pm
  17. She's making a run at 5
  18. Katrina bottomed out at 902 and was a cat 3 when it made landfall there. This is worse, much worse
  19. This thing is gonna wash out labor day weekend up here. Wind won't be an issue but places that don't need anymore rain are going to get more rain.
  20. When they upgraded everything as far as the pumps and stuff go was it rated for a cat 5 hurricane? I mean the main problem with Katrina was the pumps died wasn't it?
  21. There is no small doses of him
  22. I dont think thats correct or it's missing dates. At one point the greatest achievement was bestowed upon me
  23. You know you called me 6 times the other Sunday?
  24. Brother Brian was showing pictures of his in the parking lot