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  1. Guess I'll hope for the best with the auto draft. I dont think I'm going to have cell signal till I get off the island Sunday.
  2. Are we doing the hockey draft Saturday?
  3. You have any wine coolers to stick in the cart?
  4. So we have a few years?
  5. Judging by the puddles on the ground I'd say before
  6. Snake heads are next on my list. Gotta get Natalie a pair of waders first though
  7. Probably the same as stripers to be honest. I mean I'm using the same bait I use in the spring for stripers
  8. What you got for big red drum?
  9. 3" 1/2oz pencil
  10. Pete, you need a challenge?
  11. It is practical for soaking bait or fishing off a boat. It has its own separate drag when it's engaged. When you hook a fish and turn the handle it automatically disengages the live liner and your spool drag picks back up. All my spinners when I use them on the beach are the old shimano 6500 bait runners. Off the boat we have the spinfishers with rhe live liner on them. Never had issues fumbling with drags on either while fighting a fish
  12. I have a 7 iron, a wedge and a putter. If that's good for either course I'm in
  13. That how I've always been
  14. Funny watching her try to pull the sling shot back. She didn't want help.
  15. Nice! I'm chasing bull reds next weekend
  16. These kids nowadays. A friend of Natalie's brother was arrested Monday for sending a dick pic to several classmates.
  17. Buffer did a game yesterday too
  18. He and the whole family are well. He spends most of his weekends in wildwood on his boat
  19. Yes, he still lives there
  20. The Wyndham is newer, sits out on 39 next to the car museum
  21. Court yard comes up $237 for me
  22. Do you need to stay right in Hershey?
  23. 7 hours is a long drive
  24. There is some nasty **** making it's rounds, they had 70 od's in the county here over the weekend