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  1. Complete upset
  2. I think he ends up in Philly or vegas
  3. She told me there was a snake in the flower bed
  4. Pretty sure that was in a MacGyver episode back in the 80's
  5. Ernie has been working on his since the Tim Thomas days
  6. LA has tackling down pretty good
  7. It was a roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. Was suppose to do it on the smoker but it was raining off and on all day. Kinda felt different not ordering out
  8. I designed the layout, built it, hardwared and installed it. I didnt touch the an parts of the paint part of it. She even had her brother come over to paint the ceiling
  9. Almost done. Grout tomorrow and it's finished except for running a new drain pipe for the sink so we can hook the garbage disposal up.
  10. Want my wife to go with to pick colors?
  11. I won't deny that
  12. Wtf are you talking about? Christ you are getting as bad as ernie
  13. “No way the Rangers knew they couldn’t do anything about him so they got their defencemen to assault him out, poverty franchise.”