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  1. Thats something I want to do with Natalie
  2. I mow the neighbors because she can't walk, but I just mow straight across my yard and her yard in the back because it's a straight shot property to property line.
  3. Just won a pair of Costa's. Not a complete **** day
  4. Penny wise
  5. ****ing spring on the mower deck cable broke 3/4's of the way thru 2 yards tonight Thing I've been roccoed
  6. Found this when I opened my truck door this morning
  7. Jesus I went back and changed my line up. ****ing took swayman out. This whole night sucks balls
  8. $250,000 for rangers seems alittle ridiculous
  9. Not often you see a chunk of mozzarella cheese in a basket of fries
  10. He will be a healthy scratch the next 4 games
  11. And weren't you told that you were not welcomed to sell it here the last time you posted it? Go read the rules located at the top of the forum that you should have read before you posted anything here.
  12. Did you read the rules at the top of the forum?
  13. Ovie is already out
  14. I'm thinking he is going to be a healthy scratch tomorrow