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  1. I'm right next to you in berks and I had 3 and 1/4. Sun has been out most of the day in Lititiz though
  2. Yesterday was actually the worst as far as wind went too. Probably as the low was passing by. Today there wasn't any
  3. Yep, been the same here. It rained hard Saturday and has been on and off mist to minutes of straight drizzle since but yet the radar is empty.
  4. She dissipated into a frontal boundary late Sunday night and is slowly being pulled away from the coast. We are on day 4, it's drizzled on and off the last 2 days but yet there hasn't been a drop of rain on the radar. This morning when I left for work everything was dry here at the house, 2 blocks down it looked like it rained all night. Really weird stuff.
  5. Only the Jets are. I mean how bad of a qb you gotta be if the Jets turn you down of you call them? Not sure if Wentz would have done much but I'd take Matt Ryan over Wilson any day.
  6. When we were down my parents last Natalie was casting hers out in the bay. She asked me what happens if she loses it, I told her she'd have to call you and order a dozen more
  7. @TimS if we could somehow make this his thread in the memorial forum that would be fantastic
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