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  1. None of that or the what ifs matter. Cant sell plugs bought within 60 days of buying them.
  2. Were these just purchased at a show?
  3. Great freshwater plugs
  4. Ernie still has a rotary phone
  5. Nah, just no sheets
  6. Trade deadline
  7. Notice they didnt do all the extra garbage you tried. No #1 picks for the 17 round picks either. And the trade was done 2 days ago, just wasnt approved till this morning. Sorry eddy better luck next time
  8. I was surprised too. Know a few people that live out that way
  9. Feel like a million bucks. Cant shower till tomorrow morning
  10. Cyst alittle bit bigger then a pea. Sent out for testing. Stitched up for a week. Most painful part was the nurse ripping the patch off my thigh.
  11. The nfl is the only place where you can hit Mary but not smoke her
  12. So the browns got a new kicker