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  1. Seen a 45# and some change pulled out below pequea yesterday too
  2. My fluke game just went elite
  3. Jesus. And I thought it was bad here. Good luck.
  4. I've watched 2 minutes of hockey in the last 6 weeks.
  5. Taking the kids up to cabelas today to see the Easter Bunny. Wonder how much of a **** show that's gonna be
  6. They can put her next to the Frank Rizzo statue
  7. Why not just remove the ****ing thing
  8. Beyond retarded. There was another song they listed too I believe.
  9. Flyers announced this morning they are covering her statue out front of the wells Fargo center
  10. Doesnt matter, they still got swept
  11. Kate smith was racist?
  12. We have had no Kia fires here in the last 10 years. Must be the humidity down there
  13. Thanks guys. So I got the reel together today. Works pretty good except for the minor spool rub and a stuck clicker button that I need to free up and them touch in the epoxy around it since I chipped it while messing around with it. Will investigate later.
  14. I always said the next state record flathead would come out of the river. Currently pending new state record, caught from the congowingo pond on the Pa side.