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  1. These are my other pair I use on the beach, boat and kayak
  2. Mine are eddy bouers. Think I picked them up at Sam's atleast 3 summers ago.
  3. Relax, CNN didnt report it
  4. Do they stock that?
  5. Wait till she gets out on the beach with her new rod and reel .
  6. She has a 7' too with a penn passion reel on it. She is gonna end up with a new reel for that ultra light because it's a piece of ****. Actually surprised she hasnt stripped the gears out yet.
  7. Finally got a good break from high water and rain and made it out Friday night to do some scouting and then hit that spot hard today. I let Natalie on her own today for the first time. Only hit a tree once. She caught 3 but let the small one go. Landed her first brook trout that was around 16 inches, rainbow was just over 15. Friday night she got a creek chub and a small rainbow.
  8. I have to see what mine are. Have had then 3 years and use them up here in the summer months. Have a par of crocs too that I use for the kayak and down at the beach.
  9. He has been out for almost 2 years no?
  10. Over 2,000
  11. Better hope it dont get stuck sideways. Hopefully its stuck in the bottom of the toilet
  12. Some of them are
  13. They gave free rides in the arch
  14. I know. We had a 2 page discussion with rocco on why we need to save them.