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  1. No. Just asked him to clarify if it's a record that doesn't really count
  2. Old news
  3. Spearfishing record? World record is 28#'s and some change caught off Maryland
  4. Been trying to get natalie down for a launch at Wallops Island but every time I make plans to go they reschedule it
  5. Battery last all day too
  6. S7 is what I had that took a **** a few weeks ago. They got me an S10 and I can't believe how much faster it is
  7. All those zimas are catching up with you
  8. Inground pool? House have any springs under it? They block one of the springs off?
  9. Most of the ugly stiks have been like that the last 3 or 4 years
  10. They find the conference room amongst the rubble?
  11. Huddler disagrees
  12. Ask dinghy. He wrote a book on it
  13. With an elephant trunk
  14. Yep an not sure. Today was the first time I got in and hand vacuumed it, up to this point I've been running the robot. I've had to add a **** ton of water this summer too and thought it was evaporating that fast but now I'm not so sure if it was that or this cut. Actually found it while putting the solar cover back on. Felt a soft spongy spot and went down and felt it with my hand and seen it was sliced. Put 2 patches on so we will see what happens
  15. You know I never gave a thought to using the flex seal tape