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  1. Looks like a 70's funeral home
  2. Be a waste of lead
  3. Are you gonna run it over?
  4. So I gotta ask since you only have 19 post. Did you bother to read the rules before you posted? If not, please go read them. 4. The following list explains what we consider "reselling" and "commercial use": *Other than plug flipping, we are now specifically exempting fishing tackle from the "reselling" section of Rule #4 - discussion thread about this here - If you purchased or acquired the item for free or at a reduced price through your business or a business you represent - that is commercial. If you built, assembled, finished, painted or manufactured the item with the intention to sell it - you cannot sell, barter or trade those items here. CUSTOM RODS - there is no time that anyone can offer a new, unused custom rod that they built for sale here - period. BUSINESSES - if you make something to sell...anything...including the parts used in the building of that item, are not to be sold, bartered or traded - as noted, we do not allow any commercial (business) use of the BST Forums. selling/trading new plugs purchased in the past 60 days is not allowed.
  5. And this is closed. 8. Bumps and "ttt" posts are limited to once per day with a total of three bumps per thread. Further explanation 8. If there's a first or second bump within the first 24 hours a thread has been posted, it may be locked. If there's a fourth bump in any thread, it will be locked and/or deleted. When other people post things like "Bump for great deal" it will be counted towards that threads total number of bumps. You are not welcome to repost the items from a thread locked for bump abuse.
  6. Quiet a spiffy reel for a bottom dweller who snags alot
  7. Are you sure he wants a bike? What if he wants a scooter? All the amish kids around here ride scooters
  8. Well the wait is over. 35 northern snake heads made their way up the fish ladder at the congowingo and they were only able to net 14 of them before the other 21 made it into the congowingo pool. Fish ladder operations were stopped at Congowingo, Holtwood and Safe Harbor after it happened.
  9. Found it.
  10. There is a member here from York that use to fish the susquehanna frequently, one morning he stopped on his way to work, only had 1 rod with him and no gear and all he could find was a 3 inch black grub tail on 1/4 oz jig in the back of his jeep. I believe it was the third or 4th cast he had a 40 inch musky hit. There is a picture here some place in a thread of it
  11. For guys who are actively fishing for musky its the fish of 10,000 cast. For us every day bass fisherman it can be a pretty frequent occurrence. I have yet to land one, but I have lost 8 custom wood plugs in the process.
  12. you do know that GRS plugs were reselling for $150 to $200 before waffles showed up in the last year right? I mean i can go search threads from the past 3 years if you want as proof All waffles did was take that weasel that is worth $200 and and give 10 guys a chance to own it. So if that plug was $70 at the show, how much of that extra $130 value went into Gary's pocket?
  13. Probably more of a question for the builders. There is only a handful of us that ever speak up about this though. I dont know that there is a clear answer either. Other then the guys buying stuff to waffle shouldn't be given the opportunity to buy it here. But that has always been my opinion even back to when guys were buying stuff here and flipping it on ebay. As far as FB and the waffles go I know atleast one of the BST groups went to a 6 month rule. To be honest though I dont know that you see alot of flipping there because people actually know your real name and they will eat you alive and you get balcklisted. Plus most of the builders are members there. Most of the waffles are being done by the flippers because they can limit who they allow in their group and who they know will play and nobody can really stop them.
  14. Yea thats the other side of it for Tim, this is his business and if he starts losing traffic in the bst then he needs to look at that too. So yea there are 2 sides to this here with no winner. You could almost spend 40 hours a week policing this but at what cost?
  15. the grs prices were up before waffles even existed. As did others. Some builders raised their prices to compensate the flipping but now instead of them selling out in 15 minutes it may be 2 hours or not at all. Some went back to basic colors instead of the fancy paint jobs because they want the stuff fished.