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  1. Ok cool - shoot me your PayPal info.
  2. This story started earlier in the day but by evening a different trip recorded online shows the police plane in a similar pattern on Friday, April 30: So now we need to find out why the police plane is circling the skies over the coliseum where the Maricopa County audit is being performed? For what purpose is the plane listening in on calls related to phones in and near that coliseum? Maybe it’s explainable and maybe not. "The PC-12 aircraft has full motion video capability and can vacuum up cell phone transmissions and follow the connection to the other end of the call to find out intelligence on the other party involved." Not to mention the ability to turn on a dime ;-).
  3. Will you take $60 shipped?
  4. As the guys above have suggested, a conventional setup is probably the preferred rig for plugs at 4 oz & up. But for spinning, something like a lami 1321M & vs250 will get the job done too.
  5. What do you consider to be large?
  6. I’ll take this thx.
  7. Have you tried contacting VS for this?
  8. ok thx - not looking to go that high.
  9. Offer $75 shipped for the pair.
  10. Not looking to be the BST police but per the rules, all correspondence must take place in this thread (no PM’s). Once someone agrees to take the item for a given price, you can then go to PM’s for shipping & payment details. The rule is designed to keep the transaction transparent so all can see what’s going on. Good luck with your sale!
  11. Not fixated on you at all - just don’t want the facts to get twisted. I’ve been at the striper game for a very long time & have a deep interest in the well being of the stock. Part of caring is understanding what’s happened in the past & trying to improve the future. IMO this fishery has been mismanaged for a long time. Last year I saw the first glimmer of real hope with the slot limit & protection of big breeding females. In my neck of the woods, these big fish were hammered year after year by recreational fishermen. This is just my little corner of the striper coast. The amount of recreational pressure on these fish from Maine to North Carolina is immense - they get very little reprieve. So from my perspective, the ASMFC’s data with regard to rec & comm harvest is extremely plausible. It’s simply a numbers game - the amount of commercial operators is minuscule compared to the number of recreationals coast wide. But in the end, a dead fish is a dead fish no matter who kills it - we ALL must do our part to insure a healthy fishery.
  12. What you’re essentially saying is that the “commercial guys” are paying off the scientists to create false data. Keep in mind that these reports are developed by ASMFC scientists & are then peer reviewed by more scientists. How likely is it that all of these folks are in the “back pocket” of the “commercial guys”?
  13. Do you have proof of this or is this just your opinion?
  14. The ASMFC. Who’s crunching your stats?