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  1. First day of spring price drop to $165 shipped PayPal. The perfect reel for early spring backbay bass!
  2. Nice work. Whose molds are you using? I was really into it for a few years. Made most of the molds myself from RTV silicone. All hand poured in open top molds.
  3. You can also remove the bail trip lever which is easier to get at.
  4. Thanks for the offer Thumb-Burner but I've got plenty of rods/reels - hence the sale ;-)
  5. The gear ratio is 6.2:1. Inches per crank isn't listed on the box but the new model Stradic is 41" for the same 6.2 ratio so assuming it's the same.
  6. You’re correct - it’s nothing. There’s no seepage - just a discoloration around the seams which I’ve seen on other FJ’s also. One of the downsides of a white reel body I suppose.
  7. Stradic 5000 FJ in mint condition (small chip on the reel foot). Reel has been meticulously maintained. Comes with 20# fireline. $175 shipped PayPal
  8. I'm going to list my 5000 FJ in the general BST so if you're interested please respond in that thread. Good luck with the search!
  9. Will you do $25 shipped paypal for the 6 remaining jerk shads? Thanks for the consideration!
  10. I don't think you can generalize about stainless pliers because they are not all created equal. As mentioned, my Donnmar Checkpoints (in a few sizes) have served me very well with minimal maintenance. The pair I use in the surf don't even get a spraydown during the season & despite being constantly dunked they have never failed me. You get what you pay for ;-).
  11. Just spool it up & go fishing.
  12. As soon as something is used - even if it’s just once - it’s going to depreciate in value. Be it reels, plugs, cars, etc. I just did a quick search on here & eBay on the VR50: 1) there aren’t many used ones being sold & 2) the few used ones I found sold for north of $400. That isn’t exactly the bottom dropping out - it’s what I’d expect for a lightly used VR50. A “bottom drop” price to me would be around $300 so if you see one at that price please let me know so I can buy another ;-) I’ve only got about a half season’s use on mine but so far so good. I own a lot of reels from a lot of manufacturers & have owned many more over the past 40 or so years. I’ve literally seen the good, the bad & the ugly. My assessment of the VR50 at this time is that it’s a high quality reel. If that should change I’ll be sure to post an update here. Whether it’s worth the price tag is up to every individual to decide.
  13. Are we talking fishing reels or commodities here? The VR50 currently retails for $489.00 which is exactly what it retailed for when it first became available. So how exactly has the "bottom dropped out of the market"?
  14. Yes I own one & other VS’s. It’s small but that’s the whole point of the reel.
  15. LOL. Ok.