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  1. Still 30 games to play & only 2 points out of a wildcard - keep the faith! I like Beau too but the numbers just aren’t there: The team needed a shot in the arm & Horvat is hot with 31 goals already so let’s see what happens.
  2. This might help
  3. Wow that’s very generous of you. Sure I’ll take them off your hands & of course I’ll pay the shipping. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for posting but I’m looking for the older versions. Appreciate it though!
  5. Sounds good - thx! Sending PM
  6. Great - how much you want for it conch?
  7. The older the better ;-). What’s the weight?
  8. Excellent - appreciate it
  9. Can’t see the weight eel - what are they?
  10. Yup. And maybe a coaching change.
  11. Agreed. If they don’t right the ship soon, it’s gonna be over.
  12. Yes - old Atom striper swiper.
  13. Anyone got any of these tucked away somewhere? I'm looking for the older ones (not the newer models) - any condition will be considered. Thanks!
  14. $35 now. The season is right around the corner - still time to tie up some nice bucktails.
  15. What's with these guys that post WTB threads & then don't respond to people who take the time to offer what they're looking for? I don't get it.