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  1. I’ll take it for $75 shipped per our deal in the other thread. Thx!
  2. OK $75 is fair - thanks! I just sold a reel in the BST & am waiting for the funds to hit paypal. As soon as that happens I'll send you payment - cool? PM me your payment info please & thanks again kiko.
  3. Excellent thanks. Sending payment info.
  4. Thanks kiko. A nice bag but honestly a bit more than I wanted to spend. Is $80 your bottom line? How old is the bag?
  5. If you’ll go 10 bucks higher to help cover shipping you’ve got a deal - $185 shipped. Still an excellent buy considering there’s about $30 worth of brand new braid on the reel.
  6. Hi cmstriper. Yes now I remember - you sold me the 150 but not the Arra. How you been?
  7. I just bought one with 180 lumens max (6 lumens on low). I hope I don’t decapitate myself walking over “crazy stuff” ;-)
  8. You’ll be happy with the 1201L - it’s an extremely versatile stick. Good luck!
  9. Which rod?
  10. Thanks kiko - assuming it has a belt loop on the back? Also can you give me the height dimension?
  11. Looking for a tall 1-tube belt bag (MAK Angler or similar). Thanks!
  12. If you’re used to a fast rod, a slower rod may feel “sloppy” as you describe. It could also be the factory build with the oversized guides that contribute to this feel. But slower action rods such as this do have their advantages. They load deeper on the cast & have a great feel when fighting a fish. I see my Arras as more refined versions of my GSB’s - they have a smoother feel if that’s the right word.
  13. That's not really how it works but as long as you're good with yourself ... There is Nah - you didn't.
  14. I’ll tell you what I tell my kids: Talk is cheap - prove it. You see, the problem with being a habitual, proven liar is that no one believes anything you say anymore - even the stuff that may be truthful. Maybe it’s attention you’re after - who knows. This thread certainly supports that theory.