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  1. Early March caught a ton of small Yellow Perch with very few keepers,only about 1 per 20 or so fish caught, missed the Big spawning females. In the last couple of weeks been catching Small Blue Cats (20 to 30 Inches) and Bull heads (threw them back) in the Patuxent. Going to go out for some more Blue or hopefully maybe some Channel cats tomorrow. Waiting for the Croaker and maybe a shot at catching a Trophy Rockfish when the season opens later this month. Anyone heard of any Croaker anywhere yet? Like the Southern part of the Bay around Virginia? If the weather stays nice we should be seeing them here in Southern MD around the Time Trophy Rockfish season opens.
  2. Yeah..after the Big Stripers are gone so are alot of the people that post in here. Last couple of Rock I caught at PAX River around the beginning of May and one was 30" and the other was about 38" fishing from the goose creek area. About 2 weeks ago A friend of mine invited me out on his boat in the Upper Potomac and we caught about 6 Big Blue cats and a 22 inch Rockfish. I thought the Blue Cats were gonna pull me in the water or rip my arms out of their socekts..LOL...that trip wore me out..
  3. Fished over at PAX last Friday Evening and Saturday Morning. Friday I got a 30" and Saturday I caught a nice 38" These seem to be the biggest Rockfish I have ever caught from shore..the 38" weighed in at about 18 Lbs.
  4. From the way it looks,he is fishing on the Bay Side,probably over where I go. I went Friday and it was a bust..wind was blowing too hard for me to get a decent cast. Was there the weekend before and hooked up on a little 15 Incher and a few good bites and that was it. A Guy from where I work was catching some 38+ inchers there a couple of days before opening but he said since then he's only been getting little ones also.
  5. Probably will be headed back over to PAX this weekend,I didnt fish around the Holiday weekend because of places being over crowded and last weekend I had house/yard stuff to do. I just checked the weather and its not looking to promising..maybe I need to get some rain gear... Couple of things about this time of year that irritate me are those damn little spot and crabs nipping away at your bait and also the Cow Nose Rays will be in for their mating season....
  6. Went last Thursday evening at PAX NAS and was catching some undersized Stripers and by a wierd streak of luck I pulled in a keeper....literally....I had snagged a fishing line and was pulling in by hand...and sure enough there was a trophy sized Rock on the end of it (28")flopping around. There was no one fishing around me within 200 yards or more,so I kept it. Was kind of dissapointed I caught someone elses fish. Then it was starting to get dark and a guy pulled up and was setting up his gear and asked if the croaker were hitting yet...and I was like "croaker?? nah.. i am trying to catch Rockfish" and sure enough after that all I was catching were croaker. I kept 5 of them and threw them in the cooler also,probably could have caught many more but I was tired and didnt feel like messing with a lantern and all so I went home and threw some fish on the grill...
  7. Caught these guys yesterday..Rockfish between 18 and 22 inches...I think they are there all year long...didnt get a Trophy but it was fun catching them.. [ATTACHMENT=9169][ATTACHMENT=9170]04_26_13_02.JPG (368k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]
  9. I fish at PAX NAS in Maryland,and they will show up anytime between now and about the first or second week of May.
  10. Have the Croaker showed up in the Va. Beach/Norfolk area yet? I live in southern MD and usually the croaker are here about a week after they show up in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area.
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