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  1. Old enough to know better, young enough to not care.
  2. If you couldn’t perceive what the gentleman below have aired, I have bad news for you. ‘This place sucks, so eff you, I’m not staying anyway because this place sucks.’ Take the whining to the Outpost.
  3. I just push the ‘eco mode’ button. Problem solved. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more life changing hacks.
  4. Reminded me of Bosco.
  5. Sight unseen, you’d need a trustworthy, top notch home inspection. Also a structural engineer’s report. It’s done every day, just not by us common folk.
  6. Looking for this?
  7. This talk of swamp coolers has me worried about Legionnaires’ soup.
  8. Speaking of which, @jmlandru would probably have some insight on this topic. *
  9. I’m leaning towards the Golfball Theory.
  10. A first for me. I wasn’t even on empty.
  11. Here ya go buddy: