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  1. esl
  2. Remember when he defended Phil Mushnick’s suggestion that they rename the Brooklyn Nets the Brooklyn N words? That was funny.
  3. Not here, but when I travel to LI. Someone peeled the last one off. They did a sloppy job, too.
  4. My wife went full butch with her 2020. I like it.
  5. Elon might be an alien as well.
  6. The real man who fell to earth.
  7. The rush to legalize prostitution By Post Editorial Board 03/19/2021 In his other horrific idea on policing this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio jumped aboard the sex-work-decriminalization bandwagon. Legal prostitution: Just the thing to add more decay to the the city’s neighborhoods. Sadly, he’s not alone. Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month signed off on a repeal of the law against “loitering for the purpose of prostitution,” which he said discriminated against transgender women and non-white sex workers. So now cops can’t do much about any streetwalkers. Meanwhile, state lawmakers are pushing various new bills to soften or end penalties for prostitution. And new Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz is seeking to dismiss nearly 700 cases involving prostitution-related offenses. We’re not opposed to thoughtful reform of these laws, but this bears all the hallmarks of the all-ideology, no-careful-consideration wave of criminal-justice “reform” that’s already reversing New York City’s historic quarter-century of progress. It seems progressives won’t stop ’til they have the 1970s back.
  8. The earth is nothing more than a roadside attraction on the gps for these advanced beings. Like endangered species in a sketchy sanctuary, they’re not allowed to interfere with the native flora and fauna. Sure, you have a few dicks and lookie loo’s that have to get closer, but for the most part we’re a sideshow on the way to Alpha Centauri.
  9. @Skiddd
  10. Nothing but love for you guys. Now double it.
  11. I’m trying.
  12. Exactly.
  13. I don’t understand.