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  1. Make America Manufacture Again
  2. I worked with a pug from Southie that went out of his way to be the biggest dick to anyone and everyone that entertained him. Probably the funniest guy I ever knew.
  3. It’s that picture.
  4. They know him. He’s their dad, their son, their brother or nephew. If Obama had a son, it could have been Floyd.
  5. I’ll need a list.
  6. That brings a thought to mind. We are severely underrepresented by anti semites. Let’s get on that, Tim.
  7. Chutzpah!
  8. Keeping him honest. I rarely see you without the hat. It’s a good look.
  9. ‘not in the face!’ wasn’t good enough?
  10. What does the word ‘spoon’ represent in your avitard? Asking for a friend.
  11. One thing is certain, you best be in top physical condition to survive 8 minutes of pressure applied to the carotid artery. Maybe Superman.
  12. He stayed. Sat right out front. That had to sit in the store owner’s craw.
  13. The armory called, they want their guns back.