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  1. There are plenty of keepers in my area in the bays for about 2 weeks when the season opens . In that short period of time the charter fleets manage to wipe out most of the keepers . A dozen boats in the fleet, 30 -40 passengers a day , 2 to 3 trips a day in a small area, the fluke don’t stand a chance . If my math is correct and the whole fleet limits out , that’s over 4,000 fluke that can be kept on a single day . That’s insane !!!!
  2. Nope , I don’t mess with lightning !
  3. I’m very new to the tube and worm game and maybe I’m misunderstanding you but if you are just drifting the tube Isn’t it just motionless in the water . Meaning if your kayak is drifting at the same speed as the current , the tube wouldn’t spin. Does that make sense ?
  4. Check the weather , especially the wind
  5. Fire island inlet , wind with current , barely keeping a speed of 1 mph at a good pace . The worst is when you hook a fish , by the time you land it and take a pic your a 20 minute pedal away form that spot .
  6. The cradles already fit snug around the hull. As of now it only looks to be cosmetic. I'm going to try a strip of adhesive foam in that area and see how long that lasts.
  7. My outback is rubbing on the Thule hullevator . The rack has just enough side to side play in it to cause the rubbing even with the straps super tight. It doesn't look like it's doing any damage as of now , just the aluminun coating rubbed off the rack onto the hull but eventually might start rubbing into the hull. I've seen some guys put the outback on the hullevator upside down. This would solve my issue. Problem is , I tried it and between having a bad shoulder and only being 5'9 , I couldn't find a way to grip the outback from the bottom to put it on flat side down . Was thinking about putting a strap on the bottom handle and using that to lift from the bottom , cus I could then reach the top inside handle . How do you guys do it? Do any of you have the same rubbing issue ?
  8. Thank you !
  9. Are there any shops on Long Island that have a decent clam rake or a selection of them. I bought one last year without knowing much about them and it turned out to be a big piece of crap. After doing some research I sort of know what I'm looking for but I would still rather see it in person rather than ordering it online
  10. Thanks r111, didn't see this post till now, i went with a Minn Kota C2 30 lb . I'll post pics of the setup soon.
  11. Anyone ever see the Watersnake 18 lb or 24lb trolling motor in stores on Long Island? Or any other saltwater trolling motor under 30 lbs of thrust? I would order online but this weekend is the only free time I will have that will not be used for fishing considering the weather and I wanted to try to pick one up tomorrow morning.
  12. I'm going to try to make it out Saturday morning on my maiden voyage in the outback. I've had an outback before but it's been about five years since I've had it. Fishing western Long Island sound