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  1. Is curious as to whether or not there is any data on fish that were tagged by rod and reel and then caught later on . Tagging a fish caught on rod and reel takes longer than just releasing it quickly . That would convince me on the mortality release rate numbers . I don’t think a properly handled fish , 20-30 seconds out of the water after a quick fight is going to kill it. I mean, there have been situations where a dozen guys are catching fish after fish and releasing them deep in the back bay, sometimes for 2,3 and 4 days in a row, that’s hundreds of fish released in an area without a lot of title flow or current, wouldn’t you think we would see at least a handful of carcasses or fish floating around in those few days ??? What about fish with claw marks from Osprey That have probably been dropped a couple hundred feet and the scars have healed and the fish is healthy as a horse. Now , for those that drag a fish through the sand, let it roll around 12 times , take 2 minutes to unhook it, then 2 minutes for a crappy photo next to their foot and then proceed to kick it back in the water, that’s more than likely going to kill it.
  2. Both are great!
  3. I love z -mans action and color options , what I don’t like is the fact that I can’t store them with other soft plastics and I love my sluggo’s way to much. Now if z-man comes out with a sluggo or hogy type bait thenI will switch all my soft plastics to z man.
  4. must be a popular disguise amongst the criminals.
  5. Hahha , that’s him !
  6. Please consider adopting . You might even be able to find a breed specific rescue group in the area
  7. I have never seen a Nassau county PD in that lot . State troopers and state park police yes . Had a really bad experience with a Staten park police there over the summer but that’s a long story. I also had a Parky pull me over on Ocean parkway one night, I probably had 5 rods on the roof and a giant cooler on the back. Walks up to me and goes where are you going ? (It was about 2 Am. ). So I look up at my rods and say “skiing” . He wasn’t amused , just asked if my license was valid, I said of course , and he sent me on my way .
  8. Had my truck towed by that same day trooper from a local bridge. It was way back down the path in the bushes and he drove in to find it. I got there before the tow truck and begged the trooper to cancel it. He said nope, and on top of that your getting a summons !! That’s when I flipped and the younger ballsier me laid into that fat Bastard like I had nothing to lose . Called him every name in the book , told him It was cheaper for me to spend all night on a barstool getting sloshed than enjoying the great outdoors !! Hope he’s ruining young people’s lives and driving them away from the great outdoors and possibly towards drugs and alcohol and lives of crime ....... he just stares at me for a few seconds while sitting in his truck, says “ I can’t cancel the tow truck once called , state contract, but I’ll spare you the ticket son ! “. I was somewhat relieved , mostly for the fact that I actually got threw to him, I hope .
  9. You can’t catch fish from your couch
  10. Blamber sounds like Black over Amber , probably a hand poured color
  11. Every color has worked for me At some point or another, white, Alewife, and Arkansas shiner during the day. Same at night but I add Black to the list. And pink mostly for weakfish. I’m trying to narrow it down To just white pink and black Because I took carry too much with me as it is. I figure if Arkansas shiner an Alewife are working, the all white should also work if that’s all I have on me.
  12. Like some others have stated, there is no correct size. During slack in that area you might go as light as 3/8 ounce, Or during a moon tide at the peak of current, up to 4 ounces, depending on how deep it is. Basically, you determine the size you need by feell. You want to be hovering just over the bottom , occasionally ticking it, with a slow to moderate retrieve. Your retrieval speed will also depend highly on current speed or lack there of . There are times when no retrieve at all is the best retrieve, letting the current do all the work for you and keeping you in the zone. It’s really all about the feel. Keep at it. You’ll understand what we mean once you start catching fish on them !!
  13. Ditto on those three must have items! And get the largest size of wheeleez tires , much much easier to roll than the smaller ones .
  14. Don’t try to fix what is not broken . If the TA clips are working without any issues , stick with them .
  15. I use swivels more often than not because #1 : I carry pre tied leaders with a spro swivel and appropriately sized Tactical Anglers fast clip , this makes re-tying super fast, improved palomar knot from braid to swivel and I’m back in the water in seconds . And #2: sometimes I use teasers so the swivel is always there to attach it to