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  1. Only happened once? Could of just been a fluke . Of it happened again and again then I would be concerned . I’ve been using 832 since it came out years ago and refuse to switch to any of the new braids out there because why fix what isn’t broken ?
  2. I’ve tried loading them upside down on the Hulllavayor, it’s really not as easy as a couple of you have stated. Unless you have super long arms, it’s a little awkward . I literally have to bear hug the kayak and palm the sides of it . There is nothing to hold onto If you are lifting with the hull facing you
  3. I love the rack , One of the most solid racks out there. The only issue was the square bar it comes with is a little wider than a Thule square bar and I couldn’t fit the hullavator. right on it. So I actually through bolted a Thule square bar onto the Adarak bar for a solid connection . Three stainless steel 1/4- 20 nuts and bolts and some stainless fender washers as spacers and it’s rocksolid. As far as the hullavator hitting the truck , It never hits, that previous picture is deceiving, there’s still quite a bit of clearance after the kayak is loaded. And if I wanted I could still move the hullavator a couple of inches outward and get more clearance if needed. Here are some picks , hullavator down without load and then with me pressing down as if loaded .
  4. I’m 5’9” and do not need a step stool but it is a fully extended arms reach when im on flat ground and not on the curb . Ideally I would like the cradles set a few inches wider than they are now but then I would need a step stool.
  5. I went out today and made sure the rudder was completely deployed like you guys said, and it seemed just fine. Hopefully that was the issue and it won’t do it again
  6. Here ya go! Was on this afternoon .
  7. Awesome thank you
  8. Thank you I’m going to try it. It didn’t happened the first half hour or so that I was out then all of a sudden it loosened up so I thought maybe something could be adjusted .
  9. Here’s a pic of the day I picked it up, you can see the bottom of the hull doesn’t touch the hullavator but it still fits plenty good in the cradles . If I have time after work today I will throw it on top and take more pics for you .
  10. I have a 19 outback and the newer model hullavator and it fits just fine. Not as perfect as the 2017 outback I had , but all the arm pads hug the hull snug and tight . I will try to take pics next time I’m out .
  11. Took out my brand new 2019 outback today and I noticed that the rudder controls would move to the left on their own just seconds after positioning them to track straight . Is anyone familiar with the new system yet? Is something loose that I need to adjust?
  12. No longer Available
  13. Few more pics
  14. 2017 Hobie Outback . Includes sailing rudder , mirage 180 with turbo fins, vantage seat , Hobie paddle, 2 aluminum gear tracks , Hobie scupper cart and square hatch. I’ll post more pics Of Mirage Drive, seat etc. tomorrow. Great condition, The only reason I’m selling it is to upgrade to the 2019 . Massapequa Park , Long Island . Asking $2,150