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  1. Recently, In downtown Louisville, the city had to clear out a vacant 20 story building. The homeless had broken in and taken up residency, only after they started stripping the copper from the building and disrupting internet feeds to adjoining properties, did the city act.
  2. It could be the cellular performance, LTN is more of a dynamic burst situation, not linear. Monitor it over time.
  3. I would have to listen to him for that to happen, so no.
  4. Biden did not call for it, he just did it. It took the Supreme Court to right his wrongs. Student loan forgiveness anyone? Brian, you don't know me and we have never met, but you should probably just stop posting. You are making things worse for yourself every time you do.
  5. Is that two cellular and a WAN?
  6. And people question why I don't trust the stock market.
  7. Good, they are silly. Maybe for a long trip on gravel roads only.
  8. Real Estate. Precious metals Tools Certain Firearms Total elimination of debt. Many things can be used as a hedge against inflation.
  9. One of our tower crews left it here. Doing Glycol flushes today on a few cabinets.
  10. Depends on the application. 24/7 - 365 operation. Power savings are a big deal.
  11. On call weekend, being salary sucks.
  12. The best thing that could happen to you would be a week long internet outage. Go outside and play.
  13. Expensive and a pain to set up, but they do save energy.
  14. 25% increase in labor costs, combined with another 25% in product cost (inflation) equals closed restaurants.
  15. Same here, I blame the storyteller.
  16. It was a political witch hunt that will be overturned. Fact.....
  17. Another increase would be more appropriate, but they are scared to do it.
  18. He got lucky with the Google.
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