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  1. Do they outrun the rust now?
  2. Yep, small. We have one at work.
  3. Remember what I said bout the guy selling the shovels to the miners?
  4. EZ pour spout
  5. Shut up. And, don't respond to anything I post. Idiot.....
  6. So I go to a Dunkin Doughnuts this morning while I waited to have a couple of tires installed on mama's car. They let me walk in, order, and sit down at a table to eat before they informed me that the dining room was closed, and I had to go. I was the only one in the store. They refused to refund me, and told me I could eat outside, in the rain. Corporate got a nice email from me.
  7. Tim needs to start banning those who are just here to cause trouble.
  8. It does if you are the guy selling generators.
  9. She seems smart, and is easy on the eyes, but... This whole process is complicated. I will stick with hording ammo and beans. Seriously, some of the ammo I have has tripled in value in the last couple of years.
  10. Whoever wrote that was ignorant when it comes to military hardware.
  11. It's called defending yourself. Good shot.
  12. Good shot. It is commendable to retaliate when you are attacked.
  13. Coinbase is publicly traded.
  14. You know who made the real money during the gold rush? The guy who was selling shovels, that's who. Be that guy....
  15. In Kentucky, after announcing yesterday that the state would immediately follow CDC guidelines, today the Governor rolled that back till next month. Go figure....