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  1. Yep, Clear your cookies.
  2. Yep...
  3. Pre civil war money does not count.
  4. Agreed, and sorry for thinking it was a lease. Either way, it is a way to generate energy that is not going away, there are benefits.
  5. Solar has it's place, and generally it's in the Southwest, and in off grid applications. Generally speaking you are not going to save a butt load of cash, put you do help with peak demand and baseline generation. The panels are not the expensive part, they seem to last. The inverters, charge controllers, batteries, cable, and installation can be where the cost is. Leases, like the one described above do cut into the savings, but they reduce the upfront capitol of the system.
  6. Flipper.
  7. Bonanza was in production when color TV's first made their debut. The wardrobe colors of the main characters were chosen to show off the capabilities of the RCA TV's being introduced. They wanted to use colors that were easily reproduced.
  8. Hello Larry.
  9. Battle of the Network stars.
  10. Robo mow.
  11. Same here, especially the 35KV dc
  12. No help? That is nuts.
  13. Just call someone a couple times a year to bushog it.
  14. Karma......
  15. So, she "turned" him?