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  1. Happy to report all my services are working fine.
  2. Local gas stations - Offline.
  3. Joe is on it, he is coding a patch as we speak.
  4. Is the pep wave t mobile only, or are you bonding to something else?
  5. Endpoint protection causing issues? Sometimes the medicine is worse than the illness.
  6. If they want access to the ($$$) donations they are.
  7. Other than undoing everything the Pedophile has done?
  8. Trump needs to hire Kyle Rittenhouse as his new head of security.
  9. Joe's hands are tied, this is grandstanding to show that he is "Fighting for the man".
  10. Not at the RF levels that they use. If you are concerned about RF energy "Frying your brain", throw out your microwave oven.
  11. So much for taking responsibility, the Buck does not even slow down on her desk.
  12. We have both, smart meters went in a few years ago, now they are installing remotely controlled switches on certain feeders. (Duke energy, southern Indiana)
  13. They absolutely can. Can smart meters shut off your power? Based on the search results, smart meters can shut off your power remotely in certain circumstances. Here are the key findings: Energy suppliers can use smart meters to turn off your energy supply remotely, but only after: Contacting you to discuss options for repaying debt Visiting your home to assess your personal information Exceptions apply for vulnerable customers, such as elderly people living alone in winter, who cannot be forced to have prepayment meters or have their supply disconnected Smart meters can be used to change a credit meter to a prepayment meter remotely, but only under new rules that require energy suppliers to follow specific steps and not enforce this on certain vulnerable customers In cases of grid shortages, smart meters can be used to shut off power to manage supply and demand, as described in the article “Held to Ransom: Smart Meters Shut Off Power Whenever Renewable Energy Output Collapses” However, it’s important to note that: Smart meters do not control your energy usage; they only measure it Energy suppliers typically only shut off power as a last resort, after attempting to work with customers to resolve issues Some energy companies, like Southern California Edison, have stated that they will not shut off power remotely unless a customer is in trouble with the utility and has been notified in advance In summary, while smart meters can be used to shut off power in certain circumstances, energy suppliers typically only do so as a last resort and after following specific procedures to ensure fairness and protection for customers.
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