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  1. Normally, this one stays at home by the front door.
  2. They are not that hard, did them myself for years.
  3. As far as my employer is concerned... no But I am licensed, and its a free state. Always go with non lethal first...
  4. My employer was lucky last night, just a little Graffiti on the front of the building. ( I just got done pressure washing it) The bank next door, all the windows broken out, the CVS one block down, windows broken and looted. There are construction guys up and down the street boarding up buildings, and the state police will have the national guard to help tonight. I wonder what time I get to go home....
  5. Pepper spray and a pistol in the backpack tonight.
  6. The National Guard is being activated, and a curfew is being set in place in anticipation of a third night of riots. I get to work downtown tonight. (Yea me)
  7. Having done both, I try to shoot for 30-40% more for 1099 work. Having a day rate vs hourly helps.
  8. Only for a few minutes.
  9. Patrick, It's called "Leeway" You get it when you are friends of the site owner. Life is not fair, don't expect it to be.
  10. Yes Little, we have our own shooting to riot over. One of my guys got cough up in the mess last night. And, yes, seven people were shot by the peaceful protesters.
  11. Makes me want to keep a few extra mags in the glove box.
  12. No tight rear ends to stare at.
  13. Save your self a step and pour it directly in the nearest creek.