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  1. When I was in high school, I cut the grass of a local liquor store. I was told to grab a cold one every time I was there. On the house. At 18 years old, they sold me three kegs for my going away party when I enlisted in the Navy.
  2. Volunteer to be the designated driver for the Bachelorette party.
  3. My employer went with a $16 minimum just this month. If you were at $14, you got a $2 an hour raise. All us normal folks got 3%, just like every year. We had one guy, who got several dollars, go to management and demand more. He wanted the $2 and the 3% raise. He had all the reasons written down and justified. They fired him.....
  4. Your lack of shopping skills saddens me. Belmo, that solar panel Red keeps talking about is a maintainer, not a charger, and it does not have any type of regulation. Pass.....
  5. Well..... It's only 157 days till Christmas.
  6. Just an FYI It was about $400 to run a couple of lights using solar. But, I built in more reserve power than what I needed for the lights.
  7. And that is the most important part. Depending on the speed you are getting now, it needs to be able to "Bond a certain number of channels" I am doing the same thing with spectrum.
  8. Basic solar.... 100 watt panel = $100 PVM Charge controller = $40 Two deep cycle marine batteries = $200 Battery Cables / Fuses = $40 Good copper wire = $50 12 volt fuse block = $20
  9. When the original flick came out, I was serving on a Destroyer in San Diego. They gave us a half day off to go see it.
  10. Old cat lives in the climate controlled garage, at 19 years old he is my drinking buddy. New cat is always into something, and always killing something.
  11. I filed my paperwork to "retire" from a job I no longer have this week. I turn 55 in December, so it should take effect Jan 1. It wont be much ($450/mo.) but I set it up to pass to my wife when I am gone. The amount just happens to match my mortgage payment. It is a defined benefits plan with the state of Kentucky, and the plan is not funded well. I figure I better get in while the getting is good because I do not see them raising benefits any time soon. In fact, the plan will likely go away for new hires. $35K invested, $55K total with interest and employer contribution. If I get the $450 /mo. for 20 years, it will total $108K, ten years to break even I plan to keep working my present job forever.
  12. The Grass looks fine....
  13. Last week was seven straight days, 80 hours. This week has to be better.
  14. Winch truck being delivered for a 1000' foot tower build. Steel starts arriving Monday 30 trucks of it. One of the two transmitters is about 35% installed.