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  1. Listen to your body and know what your physical limitations are. As I’ve aged it’s my mind is trying to overrule my body. Keep your body in shape to enjoy the later years. I’ve started carrying a cell phone if I’m fishing alone, although I rarely carry one when I’m not fishing. Think I’ll get an inflatable vest this year and even though I don’t like being wet at night put on a farmer John when wading and rock hopping. There can be many good surf fishing years left beyond your 60’s, just done a bit slower and wiser. Most of the guys I fish with are at least 20 years younger than I and I’ve learned a lot from them. I just go at my own pace. That furthest rock isn’t necessarily the best one, I’ve rationalized to myself. Enjoy the wisdom you’ve accumulated.
  2. Tony It’s more consistent in cold weather such as this month, but they slip intermittently in the warmer months. The reels are a few years old, should the ar bearings both be worn ? Can I buy the bearings from Penn ? I generally maintain my reels myself. Thanks for your help.
  3. Did the renting this year and the pick up time always seemed when the bones were tailing. Want some more independence. Saw a few inflatables on line that looked under 50#. They could go as luggage. There’s 3 of us on this trip and we pretty much split up most of the day. Rentals were $75 a day plus transport.
  4. I’m looking for an inflatable kayak to take to the Bahamas for chasing bonefish. I’m not trying to fish from the kayak but to use it to get to the flats and walk. It has to be packable and go as luggage. Anyone have experience in using inflatable kayaks? Flying with them? Thanks
  5. I have two of these reels for the last four years and since year two the anti reverse has been failing intermittently on both of them. I’ve tried cleaning the AR bearing, lightly lubing them and various combinations of both. I like the reels, just don’t know when the handle will turn backwards. Any words of wisdom out there. Thanks
  6. As far as my memory goes these are all plugs that I bought directly from Dan in the early 1970’s. He threw in two eelys with an order, the other was a green over silver but must have lost that one. I had never seen one until then. Fished them a few times but never had a lot of confidence in them.
  7. My entire collection of wood Musso plugs.
  8. Winter has me organizing my stuff. Ran across some Pichney’s that haven’t been wet in decades. Anything rare or odd here. I think they go back to the early 70’s before the Cape and Block called for a different set of tools.
  9. Steve, do you have any background info on that plug? Very odd and interesting, almost looks like something Tim Coleman would have asked him to make.
  10. If you’re flats fishing from a boat and occasionally going on foot the neoprene will be ok. Flats boots wear out on the sides before the soles give out, mainly from rubbing against marl and mangroves. For all around use rigid boots such as the Simms or similar designs.
  11. Great post, just reread it after I looked at the long range forecast for T&C. Heading down there late next week for a DIY. Looks like the weather isn’t even as good as your week, maybe two days with little cloud cover. I think your assessment of bonefishing on foot in adverse weather is right on. This will be my first trip there but I’ve had a lot of DIY trips in the Bahamas. I’m going with two buddies who went there last year. Weather is weather, make the best of it and adapt. Thanks for your tips.
  12. What island do you have in mind?
  13. Notice how where the eyes go into the plug there is a filled space. That’s epoxy.
  14. A lot of those BI fish that didn’t pull the screw eyes out just straightened out the hooks. As a few other guys stated it’s not just the issue of pulling out the screw eyes but giving the fish leverage to bend the hooks. Just look at the hook rash on some favored plugs. I wish I had the skill to put a swivel on the belly hook of a RedFin. By the way Jack French didn’t use screw eyes, he epoxied in brass sinker eyes. Screw eyes work but swivels work better IMO.