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  1. Wonder what was going through the mind of the maker when he was making that. Dimensions and wiring make it seem like a lure, but don’t see anywhere to hang a hook. Great piece of history.
  2. The 349 had two levers. One disengaged the pinion gear that put the reel in free spool. The other disengaged the dog which made the reel direct drive, the handle would turn with the spool backwards or forward.
  3. Deals on Lunds are rare right now. I bought a Lund Alaskan last month and I had to scour dealers from Maine to Minnesota. I found that Lund’s 2020 production has been sold out and 2021 production won’t be shipped until the Fall. I wound up calling Lund’s customer service and they were able to tell me which dealers had Alaskans in stock and on order for this season. I found a dealer in Ohio an another in Minnesota that had the boat I wanted on order for Spring delivery. The Minnesota boat had June delivery and Ohio was April. I ordered from the Ohio dealer and expect the boat to be delivered in 2 weeks. Choice on engines was a Merc or Honda from this dealer, ordered the Honda. Just got informed the engine delivery has been delayed until July. I opted to take the boat without an engine and find one in the Northeast if I’m lucky. Right now it’s a sellers market on boats. We have a good Lund dealer in CT, Thayers in Norwich. However they had one 16’ Alaskan and it wasn’t rigged the way I wanted, ordering a boat from them wouldn’t be delivered until Fall. Dealers seem just as frustrated as consumers, they have plenty of demand but can’t get boats or motors from manufacturers. I gave up trying to find a used boat rigged for saltwater use. Almost all Alaskans were rigged with Evinrude or Mercs and freshwater trolling motors, with painted trailers. They were asking top dollar and most were in the Midwest. Good luck with your search. PM me you need more info..
  4. I sold five 707s in the last year. None were in new condition, two had a box. They sold between around $125 and $240 depending on condition. I think you’re in the $300 plus range.
  5. Take a look at Bass Pro. I picked up a Garmin 93sv, which has a freshwater map chip, last week for $599. May be cheaper to add a coastal chip.
  6. Check out some of the websites that cater to waterfowl hunters. I’ve seen some aluminum ramps that mount on the transom of boats. Canine life jackets have grab handles for lifting Fido back in the boat. Getting a 110# dog back in the boat needs some practice sessions. Unless you and the dog are comfortable with the technique of getting back in the boat don’t take him out. I went on a buddy’s boat to watch him train his 60# lab to use the transom ramp. It took a few training sessions to have the dog use the ramp. The first time I took my 55# GSP on my 20’ boat to go crabbing. I was unprepared when he jumped in to retrieve a trap buoy I threw over. Fortunately I was able to pull him over the gunwale by grabbing his collar and belly. Be safe
  7. Hooked up
  8. I’ll pm you my email.
  9. MagDarter my email is



  10. Need to get this clarified. Is the next offer from MagDarter the winner or is it member 76486. In my mind once I offered it at $50 to Batman then that price was open to everyone if it was passed on by Batman. My opinion is MagDarter gets it for $50.
  11. I counteroffered $50 to Batman, I was waiting for him to respond which he did. Batman I’ll pm you my email.
  12. Batman, sorry I can’t go that low. Can meet you at $50 shipped.
  13. Doing well, thanks. Hope all is well with you and the family, when I see your posts it brings back some memories. As you can see by these posts I'm downsizing, buying a boat isn't as much fun as it used to be. Stay well
  14. Sorry I don't have the bottle, it's a pretty neat plug.
  15. Show Special Super Strike Calimari darter. New in package. $60 shipped.