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  1. Albycor, Thanks for your offer, I accept. How would like to pay. I can accept PayPal. You can pm your shipping address and I’ll pm you my email.
  2. It’s gonna cost at least $18 to ship them to CA. Best I can do is $125 plus shipping. They’re in excellent condition, installed they’ll look like new. Retail value is $300.
  3. I could do $125.
  4. Lee’s RH 525SS rod holders for gunnel or rocket launching. Selling 2 pairs for $70 per pair plus shipping. You can buy 1 pair or 2. New they are around $70 each. They are off a Jones Brothers 20’ LT. Specs. 30 degree angle, 2” outside diameter, 1 9/16” inside diameter. Excellent condition, rubber inserts good and pliable. All stainless welded construction. Paypal accepted.
  5. It must take some people a long time to figure that the brighter your light the longer your overall night vision will suffer. Must be addictive, the more you have your light on the more you become dependent on it. A higher dose light is followed by an even higher one. Now it’s even spread to small boats running around with a bar of lights on the bow. Along with the high ball bearing count and unrealistic drag pressure craze in reels the new selling point in headlamps is lumens.
  6. Are those both plastic molded Super Strikes?
  7. This plug was given to me by Fred Sturges in the late 90’s. He said it was made by Les Morse in the 1940’s. Fred was a boat builder who spent his life on or near the sea. His father was a member of the Pasque Island Club. Fred passed on in 2009 at the age of 97. I can still picture him off the mouth of the Connecticut River piloting his Sisu, bare bone boat with just an engine box and a stern tiller. This plug was used around the Elizabeth Islands, primarily casting from a boat. It’s kind of unique the way it’s rigged with a single belly hook that’s designed to swing freely when hooked up.
  8. VS lefty’s, that is handle is on the right side were only made in 150 and 250 sizes.
  9. I remember the sticker.
  10. Roy, I don’t even remember the package. If it came packaged I probably just threw it away and hung the plug on the wall. Thanks for the info.
  11. Thanks for the info.
  12. Another wall plug. When the Griecci’s (spelling?) owned Gibbs they sent one of these to their dealers. It’s a 2 1/4 oz Polaris in what I think is varnished pine. It’s new with about two decades of dust. Any value to these, they must have a hundred or more. Thanks.
  13. I’ve had a Big Game 3 for a while but don’t use more than a 10 wt. A spool from a Large Arbor 8 will fit the BG 3. With modern backings you can accommodate lighter lines without having to put half mile of backing.
  14. A buddy and I trailer up to Stellwagen for a shot at bluefin not giants but there were a fair number of 50-100# fish around. Shimano had just came out with their Trevala rods and Butterfly jigs. I rigged up something like a 50-80# rod that seemed like a fluke rod. Within 15 minutes I hooked up with a jig. Rod seemed overwhelmed but I babied it for about what seemed like an hour. I was sure the rod was gonna snap. Finally get the fish alongside and my buddy gaffs about a 75# bluefin. Next he’s having trouble bringing the fish over the gunnel. I put down my rod and grab the gaff. In one movement I slide the fish over the gunnel and land it right on top of my rod. Snap. The rod I babied for an hour succumbed to my clumsiness.
  15. What a collection. We’re all his plugs made to accommodate eel skins. They all seem to have a groove in the neck, even the popper. Again the amount of knowledge in this forum never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the schooling.