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  1. Fluke are great. Bass have begun to show again. Weakies have been better this year than last year, so far. Life is good again. eelball
  2. FLUKE. Got one striper last night. He was a solid 9" (No, it's not a typo) eelball
  3. Barrell, Let's fish. eelball
  4. Went out 4 days ago got 15, 6 keepers. 2 days ago 30, 8 keepers. Total of 7 1/2 hrs on the water. The water has warmed and cleaned up. As a result the fluke bite has steadily improved. I was a bit out of practice and missed a lot of fish. The fish don't seem to be as large as last year. My biggest so far was 22". I lost a couple that felt kinda big, but never saw them. I still don't carry a net, and rely on grabing them by hand. I lose a fair share of fish, but I have no one to blame but myself. Herring strips are the bait of choice. I am out fishing the boats around me that are going with squid and minnies. Let you know how I make out this week. eelball
  5. Squidlips, I had heard that drum aren't much at fighting. It's a fib. I did battle for a LONG time. 30lb. test and a meat stick. The beast still had it's way with me for most of the battle. When it came boat side and I saw it I turned to my buddy and said "I'm nervous" I had never felt nervous before while fishing. We caught 5. My arms felt like 2 strings hanging from my shirt when we got done. It's some dirty fishing though, and once was enough to wet my appitite. If you ever get a chance go for it.
  6. Got my first Drum 2 nights ago out of Cape may. 70lbs.Dang those fish are strong. Got 5 weakies last night. 2 biggest went 6 and 8.18. Nice. eelball
  7. C&R, I know his name. It was caught in my area. Ten minute drive from my house. He caught it from his backyard. I won't post his name, because I don't know him personally. If it were me that caught it, I'd have kept it. It's my choice. eelball As far as it being a freshwaer record. Why not? You need a freshwater license to fish that part of the river, and if the state is making you buy a freshwater license to fish there, then the sure as hell better recognize a fish from those waters as freshwater. Just my humble opinion.
  8. Glaze, I was out there when it hit. I saw 2 water spouts. 1 was more like a tornado. scared the poo out of me. The funny part is that I never stopped fishing.
  9. anyone wana get some flatties in S.J. this weekend?
  10. Is it ick? I've been catching fish with ick for years.
  11. 37" stiper, 27" fluke, and lots of #'s
  12. Just wondering how everybody's been doing so far this spring? The Fluke don't appear to be as good as last year, so far. I still haven't got my first weakie yet. BUT, I got 64 Stripers since March 1 so far, and have not stepped foot in a motor powered boat yet. It's been beddy, beddy, goo to me. eelball [This message has been edited by eelball (edited 05-12-2002).]
  13. Dasboot, Do you know how I can obtain one of those?
  14. wife just asked me to teach her to yak. Be afraid...Be VERY afraid.