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  1. We’re gonna bump into each other, it’ll happen
  2. I do like the backdrop in the OP’s post . Remember it as well, alls good.
  3. Yup that’s me. Not the same because trying different ideas out. Hi George, Paul
  4. Thanks! Ebay hahaha I still find that hilarious I’ve got some buckets & totes of plugs I’ll see if there are any stragglers out there
  5. Ebay hahaha. Yah on the Cape. Currently my lathe is very quiet you did make me go dig around. Hopefully the pic shows... if so here are some variants
  6. Possibly one I made some time ago, curious where are you?
  7. No it did not Get away and yes he had a good time with it. “Mo” the cat (Bombay, neighbors) was intrigued by the vermin’s hissing at him