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  1. AWESOME THREAD! I haven't been on the site in a while. I logged in to see what I've been missing and this pops up! I love hot sauce. I know that some people go for all the "burn your ass" business super hot Ghost Pepper/Reaper/Scorpion stuff but for me, it's all about a good balance of pepper flavor and heat.I've been blending pepper sauces for a few years now and folks seem to like them. 10th Ave Burrito Co. in Belmar buys everything I make and puts it on their tables. There are 3 pepper sauces there now (I just dropped off 6 cases 2 weeks ago. The mild green sauce is a blend of fire roasted poblano and green jalapeno chiles. It's tame and good for kids and the fire- roasted flavor is up front. The "Grateful Dead Red" is a blend of red habaneros, red jalapenos and cayennes. Pretty spicy, but not too hot.It's very thick being mostly a pepper mash with a touch of salt and just enough vinegar to let it out through the dripper insert. The "Much Too Hot" sauce is straight up roasted chocolate habanero chiles. This stuff is for real habanero fans. The peppers are 570.000 scoville units. I like it very much, but I start slowly with it. Too much too fast and it can completely take over your meal. Seriously...start with 1 drop! If you're lucky, you may run into a bottle of the Lemon Hot Champagne sauce. It was a very limited run from Lemon Hot chiles I grew in 2017. It goes great with seafood and rice dishes and it's getting very hard to find! If you go, you may have to ask your server for a bottle of "Digger's Choice". They put it out on the tables sparingly as it is often stolen. LOL!
  2. No worries. This is The Tavern after all LOL!
  3. I thought it was weak too. I've seen her live a few times before and I might have thought differently if I was there but it didn't come through on the livestream.
  4. They killed it! IMO
  5. Everyone is entiltled to their opinion. I hated the Grateful Dead and had no respect for the deadheads I knew back in college. As I got older ( damn near 60 now), I have come to appreciate the music for what it is and not for the hype that came with it. It's hard to even imagine another band that has stood the test of time and has remained so poular that even their thousands of cover bands perform to sold out houses whenever they play. My only issue is that you put it forth as a declarative statement as if it is fact and not as merely your opinion.
  6. Wassup Mike? I hope that you're having a great summer.
  7. ^^^^^^^IMHO, Intolerant people suck balls.^^^^^^^^
  8. I've been with tuned in since Thursday. More great music that I can shake a stick at! 4 sets of Dead & Co!!! Wooo Hooo! Damn, I wish that wifey and I were there! Tonight will be awesome!
  9. We bailed on cable over a year ago. Broadband only. NEVER going back.
  10. Hi Chris.

    Thanks for your generous winning bid on the Gary2 Hybrid swimmer.

    I put it in the mail this morning.

    Gary was a very good friend of mine. We started building plugs about the same time and we learned a lot building together in my basement shop. I have photographs and memories of plug building with Gary that will last me a lifetime, but most of all, I will remember the many, many tides that we shared fishing clams and bunker chunks at night in Raritan Bay.

    We had so many laughs, and caught so many big bass..

    I miss him very much.


    I'm glad that the money from that plug will go to help a needy family at Christmas.

    God bless you and your family.


    Patrick aka Digger

  11. Not exactly vintage but, I have a full Walleye collectors decanter of Jim Beam from 1987. Never opened and I have the original cardboard box from Jim Beam. I have no idea what it might be worth. Hell, I may just drink it one of these days...
  12. That was fun! Sudsy, We have seats for the first playoff game Friday night.
  13. Impressive as all hell! Good work
  14. One of the A frames is for pickling cukes and one is planted with morning glories (for bees, and because I like them ) Both of the frames are covered with wire fencing so the vines can climb all over them. I planted slicing cukes next to a few tomato cages so they will grow up on them. Good to hear that Rich is coming up. Please keep me posted. Sorry about the sideways pics