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  1. Thanks just tell me what brand and Model to buy Thanks again
  2. It’s for a friend I will try and get a picture for you Thanks
  3. I was wondering if anyone would know a source for a handle for a Fin Nor Ahab 16 ? Or if anyone would know if another handle would fit ? Thanks in Advance
  4. Hi Fabian, hope your catching some fish. Re those two plugs, send a message to member Bob Jones he'll give you a good idea. Cheers Rick

  5. I get ya Thanks
  6. That’s what I was suspecting Thank You for your input
  7. Thanks doing this for a friend I would estimate 6”
  8. Thanks any idea what the value of this would be ?
  9. Thanks that’s what I was thinking but not an expert
  10. This one appears to have been re finished but it’s wood Musso ?
  11. I know this is a Conrad but Gibbs ?
  12. Sorry disregard wrong forum