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  1. Bump this thread needs to stay on the first page
  2. Prayers to you and your family God bless Erik
  3. Thanks but I was told Orvis had a color coding system for their Sinking lines was just wondering if someone remembered
  4. Guys I recently came across some Orvis Sinking line that is at least 10 years old and it is a brown caramel color Would anyone know what grain this line would be ? I’m thinking 300 but would like to know for sure thanks in advance
  5. To answer the first question How many plugs do I carry the answer is too many ! Lol And the second question what are the tubes I have a friend who is a heavy equipment operator these are soil sample tubes very tough and pretty light I kept it all together by bending up a base out of thin gauge aluminum I have access to a metal brake
  6. I really like the SURFCASTER ultimate bag I’ve got two of them What I don’t like is how heavy those Lexan inserts are So when I ordered my second bag I got it without the insert less than $100 but it was a while ago and made up a couple of custom inserts that fit my needs
  7. Yeah they are obsolete until that’s the only thing the fish will take on a particular night lol
  8. Yes Happy Birthday Love your reports and Thank you for your service !
  9. Where is Bert great guy did Great work ! We need to know where he’s working
  10. Great Read Dennis it’s great that you mentioned Ricky because when I think Mercury I think Rick ! I was privileged enough to be given one by the man himself Thanks ! PS 5” Mackerel Pattern
  11. Thanks so much
  12. Hey Dennis would you remember off hand what issue of SCJ that Redfin article was in Thanks
  13. Somebody has got to get this guy for a personal appearance at Surf Day He's Priceless !
  14. Oh and yes I did Sand the original Finnish off first they were pretty banged up