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  1. I will take the 1321M pending inspection for asking. Check pm's for meet up.
  2. Not too far from the RI CT border in Stonington Borough CT is a brewery called Beer'd. Excellent IPA's. Another in Salem CT is Fox Farm, a little north of New London, usually ranked high on beeradvocate. Cottrell in Pawcatuck literally on the RI CT state line is pretty commercial. Outer Lights in Groton has started to improve it's beers and has been getting better reviews.
  3. If you want to just try it out instead of purchasing the entire season, you can buy a 3 day permit at the Wakefield CRMC office for around $50. Not available at burlingame.
  4. Great numbers, size wise spotty. Classic whitewater surf fishing for a week straight due to Florence ground swell.
  5. My first two GRS plugs, Ifished with Gary for a few days on Block, a great trip!
  6. Had the pleasure of meeting Mark the creator of these rustic beauties the other day on a Block beach. Thanks to John at TM for hooking me up with the needle.
  7. 20 seals at North rip on BI the other day. Friend spotted a dorsal at cove nearby, not a coincidence. Wading to a spot with a buddy the other night. He starts throwing rocks ahead of us to scare away sharks. The fear is real.
  8. On my annual trip to Block Island it just happened to be my birthday. A couple of my housemates presented me with a cake and this SCUD Needlefish NIP. made by Mark Ducharme of RI. Also had the pleasure of meeting Mark on the beach while fishing.
  9. How I got into the game. Great sharing forum. I suffered in that Scupper Pro for 14 years due to that forum lol, Outback for five years now, never looked back. Always wanted to do a Rancho Leonaro trip with that gang, alas....
  10. Strong bonito showing so far, I would think that would bode well for the albie season. First week of Sept. in RI usually get them.
  11. Posted this on an old SOL music thread, might as well repost here. I had posted on here a while back about a Foghat Blues Tribute benefit concert for the NYC public library blues collection, I was there to see Foghat in their heyday, instead I saw a show which I did not appreciate at age 18, too many great bluesmen to count. I can't believe I found a video of the show.
  12. 3:30 to 4:00 epic
  13. Downtown Mystic is worth a couple of hours, also check out Stonington Borough, Dogwatch thereis a good seafood place. Downtown Westerly RI has really become a great place to shop and eat as well , had great Mexican at Amigo's the other night. Many breweries and wineries in the area with Beer'd and Grey Sail being the best for beer. Spend $14 and hit Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly, park at the eastern end of the lot and there are many kid attractions. I keep a camper in North Stonington just because the area is so great, it will become my permanent summer home soon.
  14. Most likely been posted here before, but too good to not post. Larkin Poe
  15. The other reason you should have your name and number somewhere in your kayak is that it will eliminate unfounded rescue searches when someone finds your unoccupied kayak drifting along on it's merry way. In my 32 years of ocean rescue, I can't tell you how many times we wasted time and resources searching for someone who may or may not have fallen out of a drifting boat or yak. Many were caused by kayaks drifting from shore during high moon phase tides. Also if you happen to lose your boat and there is not a name and number attached. Immediately notify the local USCG Station that your boat is adrift with a description. Glad you were able to retrieve your yak without incident and that you were not injured, and thanks for bringing up this subject.