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  1. Cost over $800 to transfer two CT registrations to Florida Reg. Still worth it, no more CT personal property taxes on the vehicles. Also the DMV offices are actually a pleasure.
  2. I will look up the details in the FL forum and get back to you, not too far away for me.
  3. Just got my hands on a 14K will be testing it in the eastern Florida inlets for the rest of the winter.
  4. Not a real Zappa fan here, but know all the words to the Joes Garage album.
  5. He has some serious concentration to keep looking at her face during the entire "performance".
  6. I am hoping the 10k and 14k will be able to interchange spools. Tough enough to get the reels, imagine how hard it will be to get a spare spool.
  7. Thanks to Robert Fripp and his kooky gal.
  8. You must be 8-13 foot tall to have them slam into your chest, lol.
  9. Merry Christmas! Nice gesture. I'm in.
  10. I did make my own pork rind with success and found the process to be messy and time consuming, especially the dying. Cutting up some red absorbers and throwing them in a mason jar full of gulp was much easier than making my own pork rind. From experience and others I trust experiences, the absorber works just as well. Another alternative is to try using southern style snook jigs up north, the trailer is tied into the material of the jig.
  11. I have also heard some good things about the Saragosa. I have been using my VR-200 but when free spooling/drifting plugs in the inlet, too much can go wrong between flipping the manual bail and the hookset.
  12. Also, they make a red version of the absorber, no dying needed. It's not uncle Josh red but close enough.
  13. I use them, I also store them in gulp juice.
  14. I went through similar issues with the first run of the Van Staal VR. First problem, reel main shaft scored, repaired in timely manner. Second issue under warranty, reel stripped while fighting a fish, turned out to be bad threads on the body cover causing reel to torque out of alignment. Demanded new reel, which was the second iteration, to VS credit they replaced it and it has been bulletproof. I guess I was also a reel beta tester. I hope RK has the backing and logistics to carry this thing forward. His engineering skills have been game changing, his business skills.........
  15. Carl, I recently found out after sending my VSX200 in for service that there are metal shims within the handle screw hole that Make a VS reel stop at the "spool out" position. The only reason I know this is that two round discs fell out of my handle shaft when I removed it to be shipped. As to the original post, IDK whether other brand reels have a specific handle/spool position, it does not seem to be an issue with bailed reels for me.