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  1. The difference in Massachusetts is that the homeowners there own the beach to the mean LOW tide line. you can still access, just have to wade. Access rights vary from state to state.
  2. It’s called chamois, we used to use it to dry wet fire trucks. It was actually deer skin. Worked great until we found it was rubbing the gold leaf off of the trucks. The fake chamois like the chamwow of tv fame have also been used as a substitute for pork rind as well.
  3. Pork fatback bought from Shop Rite in Orange. Take fatback pieces and put them in a sealed mason jar for two weeks packed in kosher sea salt. After this curing, remove fat back from jar, rinse and then scrape off fatty tissue from the interior side of the skin, then replace in mason jar packed with sea salt for another two weeks. The fat back will then be bright white, for white strips, just rinse, dry and cut into preferred shapes with heavy scissors, a razor knife did not work for me, material too tough. To dye the strips red, store them overnight in a solution of half red RIT dye and half warm water, then rinse thoroughly OUTDOORS! Pat dry, then cut to preferred size. Store the strips in a salt brine solution, I purchased small plastic jars at A.C. Moore for plug bag transport.
  4. I spent a number of man hours over the winter trying to make my own pork rind jig trailers. It was a trail and error process which finally came to fruition when was able to use the finished product for the first time on Chappy last week and picked up three bass on the bucktail with my trailer. Not being a plug maker, Now I know how it feels to catch a bass with something you made with your own hands. The end product was not pretty due to the need to use heavy scissors to cut the shapes, I need some kind of punch to be able to make more consistent shapes. Also the red dye I used turned a bit pinkish purple once it was in the salt for a few casts. The nice thing was materials for about 40 trailers only cost about $15, and about 10 hours of my time.
  5. They look like screw eyes under and on tail.
  6. Other side
  7. The bottom plug.
  8. There is a jersey barrier across the ramp
  9. State Orders Boat Ramp In Derby Closed DERBY — State officials indefinitely closed a boat ramp to the Housatonic River, Mayor Richard Dziekan’s office announced Friday. “It looks like this, at least at this point, is permanent,” said Andrew Baklik, Dziekan’s chief of staff (in a subsequent email, Baklik clarified his statement to say it will remain closed for the foreseeable future). Baklik said the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), along with the state Department of Transportation (DOT) inspected the boat ramp near O’Sullivan’s Island Thursday. “They deemed it to be unsafe for public use,” Baklik said. The boat ramp is not ADA compliant and “it’s not listed anywhere by the DOT or DEEP as a public-access ramp,” Baklik said. The boat ramp in question is essentially under the Route 8 bridge connecting Derby to Shelton. The boat ramp is owned by the state. The city recently started issuing permits to use the boat ramp. Recent $100 permits — for boat ramp trailers — to non-Derby residents will be refunded, Baklik said. The city can’t take it over and make repairs. “We really don’t have any jurisdiction down there,” Baklik said. “The ramp had become popular because essentially it’s the only unmonitored free access to the Long Island Sound,” Baklik said. “But that ramp has always been dicey at best.” Baklik said the city will have to talk to the state about emergency services being able to use the ramp. This is the notice Town Clerk Marc Garofalo sent out: “The Mayor’s Office has been notified, via telephone, by the State of Connecticut DOT and DEEP that, after a joint inspection yesterday, they have ordered the Boat Ramp under the Commodore Hull Bridge on Route 8 closed until further notice. A formal notification will be forth coming. All Public Safety entities should take notice in case of a need to launch into the Housatonic River. All users should be aware that cement barriers and fencing have been installed by the State of Connecticut in order to prevent use of the boat ramp. When formal notification is received, it will be made available.
  10. Sounds good Pat, I will be out your way next week sometime. Thread closed.
  11. Brand new, never worn polarized Costa Del Mar Trevally GT with blue mirror 400 glass lenses. Includes case, cleaning cloth and sticker. $75 shipped paypal preferred. These glasses were purchased directly from Cost Del Mar and will include original receipt. There is also a lifetime warranty.
  12. Offer $25 shipped for the amber popper.
  13. One more, Doctor Feelgood live, the solo at 6:32 is crazy.