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  1. So sorry to hear about the shop. It was the best of its kind in CT for many years. I learned a lot there and made a few very good friends. I hope someone can resurrect it.
  2. Yes, after looking closer it is a VR 75
  3. There is a video of a bailed VS-175 on the VS Instagram today.
  4. Yes, I moved to Vero Beach a year ago. Sold my house in West Haven but still keep a seasonal camper in North Stonington, CT. where we stay in the summer. Where are you at? It's been a long time since I met you at the Met's game. Maybe catch a game in PSL if the season ever starts. Loving FL. especially the fishing.
  5. Yes, the doll eyes threw me off Dennis. Being that the lure is being offered for sale in FL, I was skeptical.
  6. I may make it depending on visiting guests coming in.
  7. Is the green plug a Mark Ducharme Scud Needlefish
  8. Being right next to two Stan Gibbs plugs may have thrown us both off. lol
  9. Any idea what the plugs in the box are?
  10. Yes a VS tech I questioned about the screw also mentioned applying heat. He also said it might be easier to spend the extra $40 for the entire assembly, rather than just the wire.
  11. I bent the bail wire on my VR175 and the Phillip's screw which holds the wire onto the opposite side of the roller will not loosen. I have soaked it in pb blaster overnight. The tiny screwdrivers needed are bending when force is applied. Any tips/tricks to get this screw out? I have done my best without stripping it.
  12. Stewie, first of all, WTF is in that mason jar? So sorry for the loss of Eddie, I became fast friends with him on a memorable canal bite with the Cali crew a few years back. We managed to cross paths a few times on East Beach in Westerly each fall and it was always a great reunion because it was never planned. My condolences to his close friends on here, a really tough loss.
  13. It was a fire hydrant to me, lol.
  14. Saw this poster for a music tour and it made me think of all the plug Ho’s on here, lol.
  15. Flukeoff, my post was from 2008 so I don’t think we have to worry about a spot burn, lol.