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  1. Just wondering when the are going to release new versions of the existing 8k, 10k, 14k, 18k and 20k sizes.
  2. If he was thinking damage control he would not have talked to the police for an hour without a lawyer. It was a fast and loose low budget set. Being one of the producers makes him even more culpable.
  3. If you do end up there I would recommend joining the CT Surfcasters Association. A great group who are extremely knowledgeable. I have made some lifelong friends from the club. I lived in West Haven all my life and moved to FL in 2020. I would not recommend buying anything there, the city has deep-seated financial problems that will only be taken care of by increased taxes. It would help to know where your workplaces will be, that is key to where you want to live because of the traffic.
  4. Anyone have any clue when they are going to release the new larger model Saltigas?
  5. T.D. announced pre orders today for March delivery.
  6. Do you use the Orvis felt or rubber sole boots? thanks.
  7. Jimmy, The straps will eventually break, this sheet metal screw solution works okay, unless you need to change the soles often. While taking this picture I realized that the previous version of the spiked sole pictured actually held the spikes longer. It looks like there is less of a way for saltwater to infiltrate. The spike on the newer soles are better IMO.
  8. This is the reply and resolution from Korker customer service, no mention of the rubber strap issue. Even though Korkers has issues with the boots and soles, the customer service is top notch! One of the things I think we need to remember is that this company started as a freshwater logging spike company. One other aside is that they need to remove any metal from the lace systems on the boots. "Hi David, If you are using them in saltwater, that is the culprit. It is very corrosive and eats away at the metals causing rust in the threads since they never truly dry out in those small gaps. Then when you turn your foot while putting downward pressure on the spikes, they turn the insert and they fall out. Saltwater also eats away at the rubber so the thinnest part, usually the straps deteriorate over time. It is best practice to wash your boots and soles every time you wear them. In particular, you can remove the spikes every once and a while to clean the threads and insert that is molded into the rubber sole. Time and effort are about the only solution. For now though, we will cover these under warranty. I have put a pair on order so you should have them in about a week or a little longer. Good luck and safe fishing."
  9. The metal is so thin. Maybe using zinc washers might help? They would disappear though eventually.
  10. Yes, I have warranted two different pairs. I believe the warranty is for one year. Although they have taken care of older products for me. https://korkers.com/pages/warranty-claim
  11. Received the replacement soles from Korkers. I am soaking everything in Screw Glue to try and seal up the threads. Probably will wear off, but might as well try. Thanks for the Por15 suggestion, but the stuff costs almost as much as new soles.
  12. I have owned four pairs of triple threat carbide spike soles for my Korkers boots. For the amount of rock hopping and jetty fishing I do in the northeast and Florida, I find that they work very well for my purposes. There are two major flaws in the design of these soles. The first is the threaded insert which accepts the spikes, I have found that the inserts have rusted out causing the entire spike assembly to fall out. The spikes and washers have held up very well until the insert corrodes. The second major issue is the rear strap which tends to dry rot and break after a season or so. Korkers customer service replied to me that constant rinsing is the only thing that will help with these issues. I replied that they should use better materials. Has anyone ever treated the spike inserts with any kind of lubricant or other substance that may protect from corrosion? The only thing I use is red loctite on the threads to keep the spikes secure. After the rubber straps break I have screwed the soles into the boot with sheet metal screws to extend the life. Thanks in advance for any replies. BTW I have also used wearbars and gripstuds in the past.
  13. It’s my stuff, the owner of the storage complex asked me what I was doing and said there was an abandoned unit he would let me go through that had “big old lures like that”,
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