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  1. Tommy Keene may not have been the best songwriter or vocalist, but his guitar tone was impeccable. This song is corny, but the guitar makes up for it.
  2. Great posts guys. Even if you have poor eyesight or need to untangle, turn your back to the water. If it is a prolonged thing, walk up on the beach and face away. I even turn around from the water when using my red light. It only takes a second. Don't get me going about all of the illegal headlights on the cars and trucks out there these days!
  3. Yep, the only guy I saw catching a fish was a girl, lol. The guy with her had one of those white headlamps and would reel in shining it on the water to look at his lure, every GD cast.
  4. Ten percent and a pint of shad roe.
  5. I recently purchased this Redfin and was wondering if many transparent Redfins were made. I spoke to a few knowledgeable surfcasters and they cannot recall ever seeing any. A good friend who wrote an article for On the Water about transparent lures also told me he had never seen one. It is rough sided, so i presume it to be older, thanks.
  6. Y'all look like a bunch of coal miners walking down the beach. There is a reason they put red options on the headlamps, to keep from scaring the fish at your feet away. It also takes away the night vision of yourself and the person fishing near you. Simple common courtesy. Rant over.
  7. When the white things start flying in the air (cottonwood?) that usually the peak of the spring river run. I have always used forsythia as the beginning indicator, but the bass have been earlier than that out front the past couple of years.
  8. From my high school days, an REO Speedwagon song that does not suck. The Flying Turkey Trot. Gary Richrath was one of the most underrated players from those days, fast with great tone. I wouldn't be surprised if EVH took a few lessons from this solo.
  9. "She used to be an American airline. Through hotels/parallels. Of the far-out moon. Still being watched by the pipe smoke contingent. From creameries extremeries. And you won't leave soon. She drives like an exodus. Slow to the steeple. And her touch is sad. The cold room is clean. And it's distant from people. But the bugs are bad. She is alone never off to the races. She is pulled by lumbering dogs. Being chased by beasts. For the foodstuff of dreams. Clay rails melting. Like at earthman equator. Blobs of light. Ripped from spiraled ceilings. And now there's no place to climb. Not a place. Tear it alive. I am always inventor. And I cry so suddenly. And I laugh so loud. And the cry is small"
  10. Sorry , I only code fortran. I will break out the keypunch machine.
  11. Had tickets to see him this month too, argh!
  12. I had tickets to see Guided By Voices for the first time this month, obviously canceled. While catching up on the band I found a side project between Pollard and Tommy Keene, called The Keene Brothers. Some incredible stuff.
  13. "And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile It don't cost very much, but it lasts a long while Won't you please tell the man I didn't kill anyone No I'm just tryin' to have me some fun" RIP
  14. Peter Johnson was an innovative lure maker who owned and designed Roberts Rangers lures. He was one of the last makers who would actually sell his lures out of his truck on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard and elsewhere. His lures were durable and casted a mile. I had the pleasure of meeting him each spring on my annual trip to Chappy, and it was always a pleasure to talk Fishing and test out his lures, which many times he just gave to me. Here is a good article about he and his company, RIP. https://www.mvtimes.com/2017/01/18/roberts-lures-makes-global-splash/