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  1. Closing this thread.
  2. Sold to Kinda Salty.
  3. PM Sent. Sold to Kinda Salty pending payment.
  4. Cosmetically the reel is not so great. But it works great. Was recently rebuilt, has upgraded HT-100 carbon drag washers, and the waterproof drag knob. Has 40 lb powerpro on it. Solid reel. $75 shipped, buyer covers PayPal fees.
  5. Selling my old bag. It's been put through the paces but it still does the job. It's missing one tube, so I put four small tubes in it's place and I came to like it. $75 shipped takes it. Buyer covers PayPal fees.
  6. I was just down at White Water in Hampton Bays for the Spring Castoff party. I had to get there early but the sales are awesome. I'm hoping to come back later because it looks like it's going to be a really good time.
  7. That works, sold to scottyrich pending payment.
  8. Sounds good, let me know
  9. Sure, would just have to add a little to cover shipping and PayPal Fees. Would probably be around $370-$375
  10. Dropping the price to $350. That's the lowest I can let this rod go for
  11. I'm selling my CTS Vapor Trail 11- 2 piece 3 to 6 oz. because I really need to pay some bills. It's a matte finish blank, built by Dante's buddy with Fuji K-frame alconite guides, modified concept layout, Blue/Silver wraps, X-flock grips, Fuji reel seat (24 - 25" from the butt to the center). I'm on Long Island and I'm asking $400 cash picked up. Its in great shape, just has some wear on the frame (not the ring) of the collector guide.I'm trying to avoid shipping but we can work something out of necessary. This is a great rod, the rating is way off from the factory, I think it's really more of a 1 to 5 oz rod. [img=