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  1. 2 hours ago, Baccigalup said:

    Im pissed i didnt do it before  butnits time to hedge i thinkg. Whats the better bet for a hedge..

    Utah Goldbacks are like 5 bucks for a thousand of an ounce. Gold is about 1900 an ounce and silver is about 28 an ounce.  What are you guys buying

    Just a suggestion

    silver in 1 ounce lots  =  useful size if ever needed

    if buying gold, in smaller weights example =1/10  ounce ====may cost more per ounce but if needed in a future emergency..may be more useful. 


    doesn't mean ignore 1 ounce lots


    or foreign  currency which may carry a smaller premium than US gold


    so I have been told by shop owner years ago

  2. I read just about everything by the writers listed below

    Hardy Boys series.


    Philip K Wylie what I could find in library


    Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan   Barroom series


    Robert Heinlein  great reads


    Andre Norton good reads


    Corey Ford Read his work in field and stream , etc available in book form now


    Louis LaMour Good  reads all of them







  3. 6 hours ago, TogginBob said:

    I've probably seen all of the movies that spoke English.  I like the version with George C Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge the best.  The version with Alastair Sim is considered the best and a classic by most people.



    I  think I have seen almost all of them even the ones from the thirties as well as a couple of early radio broadcasts i found some years ago

    Still like the Alastair Sim the best.

    The early ones are interesting though

  4. 2 hours ago, NJFrank said:

    I remember in the 70's my father had a new hand held calculator, the knew this would be a step to the dumbing down, as tech advanced. Look where we are now.


    Also look at what the dictator to the north did to the truckers. And what was beig done during covid in Europe and Australia. A society thats dependent on tech in future, and who will control the tech. Digital passes, digital currency, implanted chips, facial recognition sofware, satelite tracking.


    What can go wrong.

    Just another example of the technology trap we live in.

    If the nation was without electricity for a month or perhaps even less due to a catastrophy,

    how much of the population could not survive?

  5. In NJ if you leave anyone that is not immediate family, meaning son or daughter only or (mother/father) than the state holds half of all assets until a tax waiver is approved by the state, which takes about 15% of the amount of estate left to that particular party (individual).




    As the executor of a sibling's estate

    I am dealing with the state dragging it''s heels for over two and a half years and no end in sight

      after death, we are still waiting to settle things. 


    Criminal. Beware of the state wherever you are.  agree ....criminal behavior

  6. 10 hours ago, Sudsy said:

    (A2618) Amend the state’s public nuisance laws to prohibit the gun industry from endangering the safety or health of the public through its sale, manufacturing, importing, or marketing of guns. 


    What exactly does that mean? 

    a big first step to banning the sales of fire arms and ammunition  in the state of new jersey

  7. On 12/10/2021 at 7:57 AM, dena said:

    Joe is about to get us into a two front war, with Russia over Ukraine, and China is ramping up aggression trying to take Taiwan back as a territory. 


    What are your feelings on this?

    What will Joe do, roll over, and let these two countries expand territory?

    Resist them militarily?


    What is the best course of action?

    He and this administration will just roll over like an old $^&&^%@. and let the aggressors waltz right in

    just my opinion though

  8. 2 hours ago, Heron25 said:

    Here we go.

    Although over 200,000 New Jerseyans already voted in the general election via mail and drop boxes earlier this year due to the ongoing pandemic, scores of voters are still showing up to the polls on Tuesday, with some reporting instances of poll machine technical troubles and delayed openings to some locations.

    The New machines we are stuck with in middlesex county Suck, I mean what a cluster %&*))%$  at the polls  Nobody seemed to know how they worked and the auto scan used to identify you off the sample ballot ? the system could have been preprogrammed to vote the way the controlling party wants. some of the people running the polls and machines were from out of town....not local residents  brace yourself for another possible scammed  manipulated murf term

  9. my  brother loved the Mc Rib  and he always knew when they would be back         probably one of his favorite mac foods.

    To me they were inedible  Not even close to what a rib taste. Tried them once...... threw most of it away

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