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  1. reborn found this to be very interesting For only the second time in U.S. Air Force history, the service has brought a B-52H Stratofortress bomber out of storage Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona and delivered it to an operational unit. The aircraft, with the serial number 60-0034 and nicknamed Wise Guy, touched down at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana earlier today, where it will join the 307th Bomb Wing, the only bomb wing in the Air Force Reserve. Wise Guy's return comes almost three years to the day after another one of the bombers crashed and burned at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and brings the size of the Air Force's operational B-52H fleet back to a total of 76 aircraft, the maximum allowable number under the terms of an arms control treaty with Russia. U.S. Air Force Colonel Robert Burgess, the commander of the 307th Bomb Wing's 307th Operations Group, flew Wise Guy, with the help of two additional members of the unit, from Arizona to Lousiana on May 14, 2019. The plane arrived still wearing the "MT" tail code of aircraft assigned to Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, which it was wearing when the 5th Bomb Wing first sent it to the Bone Yard in 2008. The bomber is also in desperate need of a new coat of paint and in the fall the plane is scheduled to go to the depot at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma for a full overhaul. "We are excited about the wing’s role in bringing this jet back into service," Burgess told reporters after arriving at Barksdale. "Its return is a testament to the skill of our Airmen in restoring the bomber for regular use in the Air Force." The Air Force only revealed that it was in the process of "regenerating" Wise Guy in April 2019, but it is unclear if that's when the process actually began. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), which oversees the bone yard, has only ever done this once before and the last time it took 70 days. That B-52H, serial number 61-0007 and carrying the nickname Ghost Rider, returned to the active duty 2nd Bomb Wing, also situated at Barksdale, in February 2015. That plane had replaced another B-52H that ended up being totaled after an electrical fire broke out during routine maintenance the year before. Under the terms of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, with Russia, the United States is limited to a fixed number of deployed nuclear weapon systems as defined under the terms of that deal. You can read more about those details here, but the mix of systems the U.S. military has elected to field in order to preserve its Nuclear Triad includes 76 B-52H bombers. The United States cannot, by treaty, have any more of these aircraft operational without sacrificing something else. The arms control deal does, however, allow for a number of non-deployed systems to remain in storage, primarily, as is the case with Wise Guy, to replace losses. As of April 15, 2019, the Air Force still had a dozen other B-52Hs in what is known as Type 1000 storage, which is the readiest state for an inactive aircraft. But even planes in Type 1000 storage need significant work to get them flying again. In Ghost Rider's case, personnel at the bone yard had previously ripped out its GPS receiver and other navigation equipment for use on other operational B-52s, so these systems had to get replaced. Ghost Rider also needed a substantial overhaul to bring the bomber up to the latest baseline configuration, as it had missed various upgrades while in storage. Wise Guy will need the same treatment, having been out of service for more than a decade. When the 5th Bomb Wing sent Wise Guy to the Bone Yard in 2008, it seems that the personnel from the unit may have a nagging feeling in the back of their minds that the bomber might not be done with its service just yet. Someone left a note on a panel inside the plane that reads as follows: "AMARG, this 60-034, a Cold Warrior that stood sentinel over America from the darkest days of the Cold War to the global fight against terror. Take good care of her... Until we need her again." It may be of interest to note that the "60" in Wise Guy's serial number is the fiscal year in which the Air Force bought her. The very last of the B-52Hs rolled off Boeing's production line in 1962, putting the plane in the latter half of the BUFF's production run. The service expects to continue flying these bombers through at least 2050—and probably beyond—and has plans to make even more significant upgrades to them in the coming years, including the addition of new engines and radars. It appears that Wise Guy has indeed refused to fade away and the bomber now looks set to return to service and stay there for decades to come. mods. if link is not allowed please remove https://www.thedrive.***/the-war-zone/28015/a-b-52h-nicknamed-wise-guy-becomes-the-second-to-ever-come-back-from-the-bone-yard
  2. Just remembered this Tomorrow is the annual NOAA open house day at Sandy hook, Open House 2019 Sunday, May 19, 11AM - 3PM Live fish and sea creatures, interactive and educational games, a 32,000-gallon research aquarium, hands-on demonstrations and displays will be part of the annual Open House Sunday, May 19, at the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory at Sandy Hook, NJ. Admission and parking are free. The public is invited to visit the Laboratory 11AM to 3PM and learn about the latest research projects, meet the scientists and view exhibits and displays about their activities. Research vessels used by staff will also be on display, along with life raft tours and survival suit demonstrations.
  3. I think it is in the puffer family. a striped burr fish? caught a couple a few years back at the hook
  4. wing walkers
  5. some piano players
  6. "When did they turn so blatantly leftist? Never remember them being so bad. " as far back as I can remember, but at a lower level. it does seems like they have gotten worse , more extreme in more recent years.can't listen to it much anymore.
  7. Claus Craft Corporation Santa's Sleigh * Price: Inquire * Registration No: SCLAUS * Serial No: KRINGLE003 * Total Time: 40,872 Hours (24 Hours per Year for 1,703 Years - First Sighting 300AD) * One Owner * Flown Only One Day per Year * Top Speed: Fast! Able to Circumnavigate Globe in 24 Hours with Frequent Stops * Reindeer Power: 8 + Rudolph * Fuel Capacity: 108 Lbs of Lichens * Warranty Through Dec. 25th Avionics: Claus Nav II Package * Single Rudolph Nose Marker Beacon * Dual Santa KX155A Nav/Coms with Two Way Radio to Mrs. Claus * KLN94 GPS Enroute/Rooftop Approach Certified * KT76C Transponder with North Pole Mode * KAP140 Autopilot w/Chimney Pre-Select & Vert. Speed Select * Avionics Master Switch * 4 Position Intercom w/Christmas Music Input * MD41-231 GPS/Nav with Naughty and Nice Indicator * WX-500 Winter Stormscope * KI-209 Nav #2 Scrooge Indicator Airframe Options and Features: * Titanium Body * 2 Bladed Runners for Roof Top Landings * Rein Flight Controls * 9 Leather Reindeer Harnesses * Reindeer Waste Receptacle * Reindeer Tail Trim System * Epoxy Corrosion Proofing for Toy Bag * Tow Bar for Collected Cookies and Milk * Forward Sleigh Cup Holders * Heated Seat Warmer * Digital Clock with Child Slumber Indicator * Aileron and Elevator Reindeer Lock * Rooftop Approach Plate Holder * Toy Cargo Net Interior: * Plush Green Velvet Interior with Tufted Seat Inserts Exterior: * Exterior Red Base Color with Gold Trim and Accents Claus Craft Corporation 1 Kringle Drive North Pole, HoHoHo All Specifications Subject to Verification Upon Inspection Availability Subject to Prior Lease, Sale, or Withdrawal From Market Without Notice
  8. A few more TV shows that come to mind. ABC's Wide World of Sports Wanted: Dead or Alive TV Series The Flying Fisherman voyage to the bottom of the sea The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Dragnet Hazel The Life of Riley Whirlybirds The Honeymooners (TV Series 1955–1956) The Jackie Gleason Show Route 66 On the Road with Charles Kuralt Rin Tin Tin and not forgotten a lot of monster movies The Blob, The Crawling Eye, Forbidden Planet, Rodan, lots of others
  9. done, at 7:00 dist 9 here in the once great now late state now a political fiefdom called new jersey