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  1. not law, guideline maybe mandate maybe law no. when I was in school we were taught that laws were created via a proposal to the legislature and kicked back and forth by the house and senate. then if agreed on by both houses sent to presidents desk ( federal ) or governors desk ( state ) if that process has changed I don't recall hearing about it in the news........or is it a consequence of the damage to and erosion of the state of education today by activist politicians.......just askin
  2. have used some Goya products for years still do, as mentioned previous they seem to be a better quality product. Like the yellow rice as well and can often find a fair selection of dried peppers too.
  3. In my opinion The people ???? who came up with this are at best beyond redemption at worst in my opinion or at best are suffering from some sort of mental illness. appear to be unable to think for themselves
  4. Hi Spazzoni Enjoy the Gettysburg area and it is one of the areas I am looking at to move to have not been out there for a few years. currently in NJ and looking to leave. any information on the area , Mike
  5. Yes! however, sadly mine have already one up!
  6. sadly no, found out with renewal of licenses last year fishing license after 70 not needed, hunting license still had to pay for.
  7. "Just heard on the radio that PepsiCo is getting rid of Aunt Jemima pancake mix. So lets review...The "country" band Lady Antebellum has changed there name to Lady A, due to Antebellum having civil war connotation. Land-o-lakes no longer uses the Native American. Aunt Jemima is gone. Paw Patrol is racist. Gone with the Wind can no longer be aired. The logo created in 1890 was based on a former slave, Nancy Green, described on the as a "storyteller, cook, and missionary worker." So depicting a former slave who was a success and great cook is something that Blacks want to be removed from society? Floy is not a role model d George Floyd who was a scumbag with a rap sheet a mile long is their hero? " but this fella floyd is not a role model and should never be celebrated as such Well I think they are done. will not be buying any of their products if there is any alternative. if / when i find other products under their banner will likely pass on them.
  8. Election confidence - Does anyone trust democrats? NO! Not in any way shape form or at any time. And not for a very long time.
  9. I agree, can't watch most news what ya need to be able to sit through the so called evening news is a really good set of Buzz word bingo cards. thank goodness i can also record and skim it
  10. Does this mean interstate travel is banned? I go to a butcher shop and farmer market out in Penn now and again is that still called grocery shopping ? or will I run into a problem with various leo's?
  11. There's gravy, then there's brown gravy. correct, one grandma called gravy tomato gravy one grandma called it gravy as well beef, chicken, turkey, cream etc. all are good in their place
  12. Sorry to hear that... Tim Thank You. regarding the hospital license request, you know you have been visiting too long when they recognize you and don't ask you for the pass to enter sicu . The registration desk also recognize you and you get the pass as it saves money for the valet parking... hate new brunswick parking
  13. I was visiting my dad in the hospital last year before he passed, they asked for my drivers license - I asked why, she said it was policy. Tim Went through the same kind of nonsense last year where my brother passed away from from cancer at rwj no bargain parking in new brunswick either
  14. Have the Henry frontier in 22lr and a mares leg 38/357 accurate enough for me and fun to shoot. recoil is almost non existent thinking about one in 45/70.