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  1. Bifocals, tried the progressives and simply could not adjust to them. Eye Dr told me at the time sme people can't wear them. Was also told not to get contacts due to work conditions
  2. condition of employment / job requirement
  3. led the New Jersey State Legislature to pass the Fair Housing Act of 1985.7The Fair Housing Act created the Council on Affordable Housing(COAH
  4. albacized You and your family have my prayers, And best wishes for a good out come. Went through a similar thing with older brother. Liver cancer is a bad one like many folks it was found by accident.
  5. Yup inclined to agree with you
  6. Just curious smokeless and or black powder and substitutes?
  7. along with Hamms there was Falstaff
  8. The are still 20,000 National Guardsmen in DC, what are the Dems so worried about? It looks like an occupied city. This many troops in DC hasn’t happened since the Civil War. When the so called leadership of the nation feels the need to turn the nations capitol into an armed camp, then the wrong people are probably in charge
  9. Protected class? Whats that? Who is the "examiner"? Is that like protected species? I am confused. sounds like more control the people through advertising, all part of the plan to fill in the blank _____________________
  10. So much for ground hog day predictions. Bored. tired of watching the snow thoughts and comments? Just curious how much variation there will be in the predictions regionally. . Never put any stock in them.
  11. foreman grill works as I recall. think there may still be one in the cabinets
  12. sounds like a divide and conquer plan
  13. at first glance the body style reminded me of these, Place I worked early seventies still used one
  14. Simple turkey soup very simple , tasty Turn the turkey left overs etc into a escarole style soup Freezes well make your stock, cool to remove fat. or use a store bought ( Trader Joe's has turkey stock this time of year ) Saute some escarole onions, a little garlic add to the broth after reheating it long with the diced / shredded turkey. S&P to taste, Add the noodles , or rice, or macaroni, or potato's as desired just prior to serving some grated Pecorino cheese on the side for those who might want it. could use endive or other greens if desired
  15. BARhopper For some reason I've had a lot of feeding problems with Aguilla 22 ammo I suspect there is some sort of quality control involved. not just aguilla I could not use them as they would not chamber in a Thompson G2 contender, found them too tight. Would only get 1/2 to 3/4 in and then would bind. Even in a ruger single six they seemed a very tight fit. Leery of trying to feed them through a lever action