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  1. Just a suggestion silver in 1 ounce lots = useful size if ever needed if buying gold, in smaller weights example =1/10 ounce ====may cost more per ounce but if needed in a future emergency..may be more useful. doesn't mean ignore 1 ounce lots or foreign currency which may carry a smaller premium than US gold so I have been told by shop owner years ago
  2. How big is the Content Suppression machine in Social media? Huge,
  3. Had one for years, passed it on to my son a year or two ago along with a portable and a lot of albums He has them looking like new,
  4. Foodborne pathogens ? a kind of generic cause. don't they know what pathogens? just askin
  5. I read just about everything by the writers listed below Hardy Boys series. Philip K Wylie what I could find in library Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Barroom series Robert Heinlein great reads Andre Norton good reads Corey Ford Read his work in field and stream , etc available in book form now Louis LaMour Good reads all of them
  6. wish I still had mine red, a fun car to drive
  7. used to stop at the hot dog chef on martine ave some days on the way home from work
  8. I think I have seen almost all of them even the ones from the thirties as well as a couple of early radio broadcasts i found some years ago Still like the Alastair Sim the best. The early ones are interesting though
  9. Just another example of the technology trap we live in. If the nation was without electricity for a month or perhaps even less due to a catastrophy, how much of the population could not survive?
  10. one of my favorites a blue rare steak w/ garlic mashed potato's
  11. Are the dirty Dims planning to Rig the 2022 Midterm Elections? Yes
  12. Daylight savings time was perhaps a necessary construct during WW2, but it has worn out it's welcome Kick it to the curb.
  13. In NJ if you leave anyone that is not immediate family, meaning son or daughter only or (mother/father) than the state holds half of all assets until a tax waiver is approved by the state, which takes about 15% of the amount of estate left to that particular party (individual). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the executor of a sibling's estate I am dealing with the state dragging it''s heels for over two and a half years and no end in sight after death, we are still waiting to settle things. Criminal. Beware of the state wherever you are. agree ....criminal behavior
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