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  1. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share your story. It’s one you will never forget.
  2. PM your contact info. I will certainly keep in touch during the season. I’m sure we can hook up for a hunt.
  3. Is it possible? Absolutely however I have done a lot of sea duck hunting with guides and always wanted to do it on my own with the same idea. The concern I had was what do I do when I have to chase a crippled? Can I fight the current and try to get within range to finish it off? For me I don’t think it’s realistic. I’m sure some guys do it with no issues. Sea ducks are tough which is why it’s one of favorite things to do. Because of that I did a lot of scouting over the winter and found a lot of great places that are well protected for my 16’ tin. Some of these areas you could even use a yak They are that protected but eventually you will have to take chase. This will be my first year doing it on my own and am super excited. Just ordered a bunch of eider and scoter decoys that were on sale along with a bunch of other stuff. Another thing to consider if you haven’t already is hunting R.I. Sunday hunting is allowed!
  4. Ran east yesterday. Ended up with a 65” on the spin. Great day with a great crew! On the way back saw a GW along the shoreline. Pretty cool to see.
  5. Was east on Sunday. Radio was quiet. Heard 1 guy hooked up on a slob. Plenty of bait but overall I don’t think the fish are there in numbers. Could be me but it seems awfully late this year.
  6. Look no further then Riptide charters. Terry will take care of you.
  7. Yup....mostly attitude in RT. Lot of other better places to do business.
  8. Payment in the mail. PM sent.
  9. Replied to your pm.
  10. I will take it but never used Paypal and dont know how to use it Can I send you a money order?
  11. Zip code is 01527 which is Millbury,MA.
  12. I'm interested but $15 is a lot for shipping. I live in MA. Does it normally cost that much to ship that close to NJ?
  13. Just saw this post. Is it still available?
  14. I say that every year but there is always something.
  15. One way to cure the pain is to just get another.