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  1. depending on price i am interested to 1/2 and 1oz with hair
  2. depending onhow many you have i would be interested in some also. my only worry is on some older jigs the hair tends to pull out easily
  3. There must be a dozen decent rods out there that would fit your needs,,,,,,,from under $100 to $500…….avids are good but far from the best available…..that would go to century
  4. i know this is an old post but would you still happen to have cts?
  5. st croix premier 11’6” rated to 6oz but very under rated that is a 10oz hanging from it and it is barely bending….. older rod in fair condition
  6. too slow…..2nd in line
  7. I havei followed this thread since day one…….impressive work by everyone. do hve a question for the experts……is there any reason other then cost why the wraps could not be longer? my surf rods have a lot of blank from foregrip to 1st guide and i was wondering if it is feasible to have a wrap that long……
  8. Ok……offer stands
  9. slingshot is a much better rod…..
  10. i noticed that you were interested in a lami heaver on another post….i have an 11’6” one in spinner….if you wanted i could do trade
  11. Has box also
  12. south jersey so shipping 1piece rods is out
  13. Have a used 4000 if that helps $120 shipped pp
  14. not getting rid of my 11’ers have a 10’2” century fmj 2piece most of rest are 1 piece where are you?
  15. very good shape….. penn conflict 6000 long cast some rods
  16. Not much of a plug guy….. got a certate hd3500 h
  17. interested in trade or partial trade?
  18. Thank you for understanding….. good luck with sale
  19. Can you meet today or monday? if not i have a chance to trade for one local now.
  20. 9’6” ?……is it cut down from 10’? pix of guides? 1 or 2 piece? Trades an option?
  21. No problem…..just thought i would ask
  22. Rods have improved in my lifetime to the point where there few really bad rods out there….even relatively in-expensive rods are decent. that said there is still a case to be made for expensive rods…..weight is one reason to spend more money….lightness is costly..while some older favorites are still good today most of them are heavy when compared to todays rods. hardware is another reason…..guides and reel seats are much better now then years ago….guides are harder yet lighter…they are also confiqured for braid…...reel seats are more comfortable in your hand. blanks are complex mixtures that are much more user specific then before……they are built for any type of style of fishing you reels and lines improve so do rods. i have many ollder rods that are still used and i like them….but….i find myself reaching for my newer rods the majority of times lately…… a modern quality rods is a joy to use
  23. Ok…….. by the way….are you interested in any trade or partial trade?
  24. when? Today?
  25. 50 miles