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  1. depending on price i am interested to 1/2 and 1oz with hair
  2. depending onhow many you have i would be interested in some also. my only worry is on some older jigs the hair tends to pull out easily
  3. There must be a dozen decent rods out there that would fit your needs,,,,,,,from under $100 to $500…….avids are good but far from the best available…..that would go to century
  4. i know this is an old post but would you still happen to have cts?
  5. st croix premier 11’6” rated to 6oz but very under rated that is a 10oz hanging from it and it is barely bending….. older rod in fair condition
  6. too slow…..2nd in line
  7. I havei followed this thread since day one…….impressive work by everyone. do hve a question for the experts……is there any reason other then cost why the wraps could not be longer? my surf rods have a lot of blank from foregrip to 1st guide and i was wondering if it is feasible to have a wrap that long……
  8. Ok……offer stands
  9. slingshot is a much better rod…..
  10. i noticed that you were interested in a lami heaver on another post….i have an 11’6” one in spinner….if you wanted i could do trade
  11. Has box also
  12. south jersey so shipping 1piece rods is out
  13. Have a used 4000 if that helps $120 shipped pp
  14. not getting rid of my 11’ers have a 10’2” century fmj 2piece most of rest are 1 piece where are you?
  15. very good shape….. penn conflict 6000 long cast some rods