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  1. Reel sold
  2. Not to late it is yours’ pm sent
  3. Closed here
  4. ....$140 shipped pp
  5. I already have 6 long cast reels or i would keep it myself
  6. As i fish mostly open beaches i like super slick 8. very smooth and soft.......casts a mile. going to try some maxcuatro soon
  7. Believe it was never used has box and spare 6000 spool asking $150 shipped p/p or best offer
  8. Could be worse.........could have been a proctologist
  9. Real deal? like the 43” r.o.r. good looking too anyone use it yet?
  10. Wow....i thought i was only one who liked diplorable
  11. We all have our opinions of this bill and to state them as facts is wrong. my opinion is that this bill is a good start. others opine that it is not good. time will tell
  12. Scoobydoo you are right about this thread being a waste of time
  13. Well i was called ignorant here yet i see many posts that make me seem like a genius. i do not suffer fools well so i will leave tim s and his yes men to themselves.
  14. Pretty damning assessment of some good groups. I want access to fish before the comms take them all
  15. Please, before you keep making ignorant statements, read the posts prior to yours. I know reading doesn’t appear to be your thing, it really is required if you are going to comment on the stuff you didn’t Read so much for civility that you preach. Every one has an agenda including most of these posters including tim s, you can read whatever you want into this bill but i will continue to back the groups that are backing me as a rec angler