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  1. While politicians are definitely the major problem at least they can be voted out.......the common civil servant can not be. the people in government that you deal with in person on a regular basis are immune to to being held responsible to’s a job to them nothing more and if they piss you off so be it
  2. sold pm sent
  3. could do $300 meet up
  4. Lami is not good at rating their rods......will throw a little less and maybe 10oz. but it sure does have a nice action with fish on. throws easy too......if it doesn’t go soon I’m going to keep it and put a 400 lexa on it
  5. Reasonable offer
  6. No problem at all pm sent reel sold
  7. will consider trade for 12’ or 13’ surf machine elite ......+ cash for right rod
  8. abu 7000 c3 ct mag (17lb suffix titanium).....excellent condition.......$120 pick up/meet up........add $10 to ship..... mtl50 has right of first refusalp
  9. Rare super surf 12’ conventional ....60/40 split....excellent condition $360 pick up/meet up.....
  10. Closed......selling separately
  11. i’ll give it till tommorrow morning.......then i will seperate....
  12. Still interested......can do next week
  13. Thanks for offer but i’m looking to go spinner
  14. Casting rod or spinning?
  15. Im coming from vineland.....where would be a good place to meet up?