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  1. Last price drop before it goes somewhere else. $170 + shipping for the rod.
  2. I have waited long enough for a reply. This item is back up for sale. I am dropping the price down to $180 +rod shipping for anyone but Lipripper72.
  3. I am going to give lipripper72 until 8pm tonight to respond or this is back open for sale.
  4. lipripper72...I have sent you a couple Private Messages. Please get back to me.
  5. Anyone interested in a quality baitcast setup? Only price drop or I will just keep $200 plus shipping
  6. I am not going to discuss just the reel unless someone expresses interest i the rod. FYI...this is one sweet setup. I honestly was so surprised by Fenwick....the rod is one of the nicest I have fished.
  7. I would like to keep them together if possible. if we can find a buyer for the rod I will split.
  8. Harford County Maryland
  9. Shimano Curado 201 (left handed) with a 6'10" Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth rod. MH action and 3/8-1 oz lure weight. Super light with Titanium guides. Currently has 30lb Sufix 321. Rod and reel are in excellent to like-new condition. I just never fished it much.I have the box, papers, and oil for the reel. Asking $215+shipping
  10. I will take them...Send me your info and i will paypal you in the morning Can you hold off on shipping the for a week as i am leaving for vacation on Saturday?
  11. Thanks!!
  12. Very interestsd...can you post a couple more pics
  13. MG...will you take $120 for that pair shipped?
  14. interested in the other pair if you are willing to ship to MD