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  1. I think the surfers will benefit most by this added neighborhood parking. They have petitioned their concerns loudly to the town before. I'm glad they are making gains. A lot of them were parking on the access road to Pt. Jude Light, a major traffic road. They would cross, leave their car doors open, made it difficult for two way traffic to pass, a real safety issue.
  2. There was one time I had to put the boat in gear, he snagged bottom. Did the circle thing around the snag, finally broke free, tons of sea weed around the leader.
  3. Tog-Zilla ! 10 lbs. on the Boga Scale, 24 inches long. Such a rare fish and caught with a fly.
  4. The fish blog was created as a communal gathering place to share, report weekly fishing activity. This will benefit those who greatly use this RI forum and ply our local waters. The premise is to gather all weekly reports into one common portal unit, thus making it easy to access, view and add your own reports. This is the fourth year for this approach. The years past have had great participation. Post your success or skunks. Either way, black or white, zero to hero, let us all know if the bite is good or is it not worth fishing at all. Fresh, factual information is one of the best Intel source we have today at our disposal. Welcome back to another fishing season and the start of the weekly RI Fish Reports. I've already launched and splashed the boat once and caught three small schoolies in an around the boat ramp. As usual for the past three or four years, the last half of spring has been cold and windy. We found plenty of jelly fish, but lack of bait fish in the shallows. We ventured out into the upper bay, saw or caught nothing. Perhaps it was just the day. It was calm and flat, but coming off a good high tide.
  5. It's located at the intersection where the "Back 40 Restaurant" is. If you never been there, than this doesn't help.
  6. I hope we will be able to park up against them and they not put a no parking sign up. If not, we lost a lot of valuable parking area.
  7. I approached RISSA with this situation of reduced closure, reduced parking to make them aware of it. Since they have committees and have more clout this is what I received from Steve Mederios. Anyway.... Your call said that you heard that DEM is going to close 75% of the parking lot at the Camp Cronin (east wall). I immediately sent a message to John Lake at DEM last night. He responded right away writing: Hi Steve thanks for reaching out. that information is actually misguided. all we did is remove out the plastic barriers that were there last year for some stones to give it a more natural look likely only 10 to 20 parking spaces we're removed still over a hundred places to park down there. We have a press release going out tomorrow on the matter let me know if you have any other questions have a great day! John When DEM met with our Legislative Committee last week to present to us the annual report on the RI Recreational Saltwater Fishing License/Funds, part of the report dealt with the newly refurbished Camp Cronin area, and how it drew much public attention and was filled all the time (due to covid) last year. They were forced to hire to temporary park rangers just to put there, and they are going to put two more there this summer as well.
  8. This locations is being discussed on another shore access board. They claim DEM is going to close most of the parking area that is highlighted in yellow. It was open completely last year. What a loss if it happens. What's the reason? It really makes no sense if we are a tourist state and want the revenue and new business coming to the state. It's also p... off our residences, big time.
  9. That was done almost every single day of the pandemic. LOL!
  10. Good day to clean and lube fly lines, replace where needed. Check and replace leaders for the striper season. Put a coat of furniture wax on rods.
  11. Nature has its own way of whining out the sick and weak. Let nature take its course.
  12. One old time favorite cinder worm pattern uses a little Yankee ingenious added in. Just tie a nice size, natural rubber band, cut it, tie it in like a San Juan worm pattern.
  13. So you used the two strawberry cream cheese bagels as bait? Now I get the story?
  14. I'm no turkey?