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  1. Shakespeare Wonder Rod, 7 foot fiberglass 2 piece solid ferrule fly rod. Pflueger Metalist 1492 Fly Reel no backing Scientist Angler Supreme HCH Double taper floating fly line, Wet Cel HCH fly line. Bought around 1963.
  2. Skunk Cabbage sprouting. Pond being stocked for opening day of trout.
  3. Wow! Great looking shrimp. Luv it with all the great detail !
  4. They work in RI when the tide is up against the mussel beds and spartina grass. Schoolies start nosing around the weed near a flood tide.
  5. Thanks buddy! Senior moment, to excited to wait for the show.
  6. Ditto! Great work. Bring the reels to the RISSA Show the weekend of March 22, 23, 24. Dave has a booth.
  7. We miss his presents, but his spirit and lessons in life still burn bright inside us. It's hard to believe it's been one year. That a brief moment today, remember how he touched each and all of us, your favorite story, picture, conversation. Now tip a glass and have some fun, tie a fly, go fishing, any think to remember his passion, dedication, and love of all people.
  8. We're all in this together.
  9. OK! Most Influential.... we have that going on now in several categories here, what book? Who got us started? What's motivates us, etc.? All that adds to our reference and experience may help or make us believe we are going to be better, more successful fishermen. But let's cut through all this BS. We know at the end of the day a successful trip is how we catch. That's the litmus test. Do we have the persona, the mojo, the magic to make it happen? This is were we go to the dark side, lady luck, reaching out to the fish gods on every fishing trip. Forget the rods, boot, reels, license, that's stuff we always bring. I'm thinking the lucky things we take along to make sure magic happens. It may be a hat, favorite color jacket, pliers in the right pocket, special pin, .... what ever? Mine would be my lucky hat. It has no history behind it except that I served in the military and I'm proud to wear it. I've had some lucky days over the years wearing that so I seem to equate that with special luck. Is there a lucky practice you follow? Any special ritual you go through, any thing you wear, prayers, dancing gestures, fist pumps or fish pumps, music? I think it would be fun to know what your routine is?
  10. If you think for a minute there are economic factors that factor into striper fishing and the amount of stripers that come over the rail headed for the pale. If the economy is bad, people out of work, they still have to put cheap food on the table. No job, have more time, need to feed the family, let's go fishing. Striper bass fishing had always had the gas factor. The higher the cost for fuel, less boat fishermen, less pressure on the fishery. I blame the party boat industry for their lack of foresight in the old days. There concern, no body is going to charter just for one fish. The industry will be decimated. Well look today, the industry still flourishes catching one striper. They fish for other species with other types of gear. Probably more profitable. Burn less fuel a day. We had a lot of bad spawning years now both in sport fish and baitfish. The planet is changing. Don't expect a rebound like the 80's. The environment and the estuaries are not as healthy water quality wise and much warmer.
  11. Mike, There is very little or no information about the moratorium in Rhode Island during the period of 1985 -1990. I'm surprised at that too, but the Internet wasn't around than. We use to do a lot of heavy fishing back than with the East Bay Angler's Fishing Club for commercial, sport, and tournaments. There were 40 members and all were hard core about striper fishing. Conservation, we didn't know the meaning of that word. It would be a concurrent topic at each monthly meeting about the closure. That's how the information and the period is edged in my mind. Perhaps others can remember this time period and add their voices one way or the other. I know must of us know it rebounded in 1990. There had to be a reason?
  12. That very well could be in MA. I'm just referring to Block Island and RI waters.
  13. An Emergency Striped Bass Research Study suggested that excessive fishing pressure likely decimated the striped bass stock and precipitated the decline. A moratorium on commercial and recreational fishing for striped bass was imposed in 1984 and reopened in 1990 with small seasons and quota limits. The reason I remembered those dates Mike because I use them so often lecturing on conservation being a fly fisherman. One benchmark date that stood out was a movie A River Runs Through It. That hit the screens in 1991. This help propel the sport of saltwater fly fishing and made it so popular again.
  14. Solarez1.wmv
  15. I know it's spring when I can go to sleep without insulated sox on.