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  1. Who is that handsome dude? Thanks Steve.... Please NO ME TOO movement unless it's about huge fish.
  2. It was nice to see so many people here from this site at the Fly Fishing Show. It totally stokes you out, puts faces and thoughts together, completes the puzzle. Now no ones a stranger. Thanks for all your support. I'm hoping a memorable year for all. Just maybe some of the knowledge here will pay off for someone. Thanks everyone for sharing.
  3. True Statement: He couldn't be more correct about the size of flies. Prevailing bait is the key, especially with sand eels around.
  4. Cowen and I would go head to head back than writing articles. We'd often talk on the phone and knew exactly what work each of us were researching in publications. We'd use our conversations to bolter our content material. Many a late night we'd discuss an article, how to improve it, did we leave anything out. Lot's of original and good stuff got produced that way, Brian. Henry and I are such good friends. We knew in the end, it was still just fishing. One of my favorite articles was Sparse or Not, about using to much dominate colors, not talking about the amount of material. It had a whole different meeting. I personally got a nice note from the editor that Dr. David Ross, at Wood Hole Institute, Falmouth MA wrote him about the scientific value and the quality of the information in that piece. I was so impressed he read it and responded. He wrote the book, The Fisherman's Ocean. Shortly after, at least in my case, the ideas, and enthusiasm to write just stopped. In one word, "DIVORCE."
  5. If you weren't so far away, I'd suggest you attend my presentation "Targeting Big Stripers From The Shore" this Saturday at the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show. Perhaps in the future they'll feature it at the Edison show, which is a little closer to you. Good luck! Steve Culton Proof is in the pudding. After seeing a few of Steve's presentations over the years, I put some of his suggestions into practice with my clients. This is just a small sample that I could find. Everyone of these stripers were caught on a solo fly, size 1/0 hook. None were caught in any other way. No baiting and switching. No riling the waters with plugs, no live bait chumming. As others have noted, getting much harder with the stock of trophy size females disappearing each year. A big advantage in a boat.
  6. I've been using the UV light to tack weld the mono lanyards to the 3D eye assembly for years for my Squid-Cycle Fly as a first step. It's much easier keeping them in the right position without them rolling when you use the 5 min. epoxy only. There can be a slight problem using only 5 min. epoxy doing this assemble. You need to let it cure for a few minutes. The mixture of epoxy seems to eat into the adhesive backs on the 3D eyes if you use it too early. The eyes will roll in all different direction before it ever hardens. To solve this problem, I tack weld it first using the light, than cover the complete eye with the five minute that's the bond that holds it. The UV light stuff is really not an adhesive mixture but a bonding agent. It will en-capsule just fine, but a strong bond will not.
  7. The Blood Knot doesn't cinch well with different diameter tippets or if there is a mixture of fluorocarbon and mono.
  8. Fish Hair, maybe is what you want. One of the first synthetic substitute for bucktail manufactured more than 25 years ago. It's stiff and will hold its shape. I few of us remember here still remember it here.
  9. That's absolutely correct statement. The Cotton Candy was the first color of choice. Creamy Pink was another variation, close in color, a good second choice. When the Squid-Sicle pattern first evolved I worked with Hareline's dying department to find even more suitable colors. They did a great job of answering my concerns. The zonker strip Squid fly wasn't the only model of it's kind. At one time I had the same fly with small saddle hackles too. Over time I didn't like the time it took to tie it. Plus I thought the rabbit strip was the more effective pattern. I did try the double zonker strip effect as Suave had done too, but eventually I stayed with the single strip with less twisting.
  10. The Fly Fishing Show, Marlborough, MA January 18, 19, 20 FYI - Here's my schedule of presentation at the Show. Would love to see you there. Of course we will be at Tiers Row with the rest of New England finest thread winders too. Stop by and say hello! Destination Theater Drone Technology / Fish Blitzes Capt. Ray Stachelek, Friday @ 11:00am Room C Destination Theater Drone Technology / Fish Blitzes Capt. Ray Stachelek, Saturday @ 10:00am Room B Destination Theater Drone Technology / Fish Blitzes Capt. Ray Stachelek, Sunday @ 10:00am Room D
  11. Wow! You have a better search mode.... than a computer. You rival Google!
  12. Nice to see you winding thread again.
  13. So many are not with us anymore. Not only have some past like 4 X 4, but others are still around and don't log in anymore. Are you going to be hanging around RJ during the New Jersey Show. I will not be there this year.
  14. It's my favorite too, to join two different diameters mono or fluorocarbon together. I was trying to make a point if Doctor's really use it or not or just some fishermen long time ago invented it and gave it that name?