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  1. You don't have to throw a brick very far to break a pane glass store window, than do a grab and run?
  2. We should all have bumper stickers ...... I Can't Breathe! Get that fish back in the water as quickly as possible.
  3. My stash .....
  4. The norm with us catching stripers, bluefish, albies....... 8 wgt.. 9 feet. My clients do an eight hour boat trip. They can cast an eight weight all day without getting tired or heavy in the hand. No problems either fighting fish.
  5. The fish report blog was created as a communal gathering place to share and report weekly fishing activity. This sharing benefits those who greatly use this RI forum and our local waters. The premise is to gather all reports into one common portal unit, making it easy to access, view and add your stories. This is the third year with this approach. Last year there was great participation. This year should be no different. Post your success or skunks. Either way, black or white, zero to hero, let us all know. We are in this together. Fresh, factual information is the best Intel source we have today for a better successful fishing trip tomorrow. More of us are fishing now, since Phase 1 has been implemented and warmer weather. State Parks are open but continue to restrict our fishing with opening and closure times. Parking bands are still in effect at many of the popular fishing locations. It's now June, but the colder weather has kept fishing going on throughout the day. Now to find calm and favorable winds. Bass, bluefish, even a few weakfish (squeteague) have shown in the upper bay. I myself haven't caught a weakfish in over 15 years, so that's a surprise that some are around. Now that there are more reports, we'll be back on a weekly schedule.
  6. Pea Soup fog this morning curtailed any visibility of finding any open water bait or blitzes. Adding insult to injury.... the tide bottom out at 5:30am our launch time. Water temp 69 degrees, wind from the southwest 5 mph. Later it would pick up to 15 mph with some wind chop. No birds flying what so ever. We were able to land 25 schoolies to 24 inches prospecting rock piles and shorelines. Never marked any fin fish bait, but did find out in the rocky areas that the stripers were feeding on small clam worms, yes, not cidern worms. Fishing still hasn't moved in the warm summer mode. We still had random hook-ups near noon.
  7. Nice pattern.... Great photography.
  8. If your fishing Matunuck and the ocean sand beaches, I'd move up to Narragansett where there is much more boulders and structure close to shore.
  9. Another nice weather window and tide today, but there wasn't much moving water this morning like we had on Monday's trip. Found no intense striper surfaces blitzes today, like Monday. We did have consistance catching today that was spaced out fishing near shore and over stucture. One location was consistant on the high tide yelding two dozen stripers to 25 inches. Plenty of sea robins Move to the middle of the upper bay and found sporatic open water surface action over a few gulls and terns on rainbait. Looked to me link very small silversides. Don't buy into that anchovie hypothisis, not this time in the season. A few were caught on quick strips a few feet below the surface, all on random cast. It was a bad day. We never had an proling dry spells, but moved around a lot to find the best water.
  10. Monday, I had four sea robins come up from the bottom to hit the same fly all at once near the surface. They're schooling now. Acting like surface feeding trout.
  11. Found the "Mother Lode" this morning after about an hour of looking. Finally we get some fish, good morning tide, better ambient air temp and more important less wind. We had them boiling on the surface for hours. Only boat around so we got spoiled. No one else to put them down. Nice festive 24 inches schoolies.
  12. This spring has been difficult fishing most streams like the Wood. The Wood gets feed from 5 different streams in the head waters. So that's a lot of water flow accumulating along the way with all the rain we've had lately. Most streams are above their normal heights this time of year. In cases like that find the wider bends in the river where the currents might be a little slower and have deeper pools. Bead head and weighted nymph, and streamer might work with sinking lines. If you have the skill, casting up-stream with an indicator jigging the fly along the ripples at a constant depth works too. Most beginners cast across stream, mend, let the line get tight, and strip up the fly up-stream. That works sometimes but not the norm for an experienced fly angler. I haven't fished it in a few years, but there is also Deep Pond, a fly fishing only pond close to the Wood near the high banks section. I always enjoyed that pond, since most fish are returned. I've lost a ton of flies there too, with all the brush on the bottom.
  13. 1st generation fly box and the pioneer to hold and store flatwings? LOL!
  14. Also note.... do to the larger size box maybe used for lake trout or steelhead fliesl Just a thought !
  15. I never knew there was five time zones across the continental United States. Arizona has a mountain time that doesn't change to day light savings time.