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  1. A captain charter friend of mine, put on 38 miles in the upper bay and mid-bay today (Thursday) not a bump, never mind a hook-up. I fished yesterday as reported earlier, so that's two days, nothing. He did mention though he might have seen a few pogies swirling, and a few striper boils. No one knows what's going on?
  2. This fish report blog was created as a communal gathering place to share and report weekly fishing activity that could benefit those you use the RI forum. The purpose is to blend together all reports in a portal so they are easy to access into one file for ease of viewing. This is the second year trying this approach. I think last year had great participation. Now it's up to you. Grab that fishing pole, put down that beer, and start your engines.
  3. Splashed the boat for the first time this season. We found a small window of drier weather today. Still it was in the 40's on the bay. Unbelievable, and we are in the middle of May already. We just came off two days of rain and coldfront we knew conditions were going to be very difficult but we wanted to get the shake down cruise under our belts. We got the season going with Capt Rene and Mel Blake. We had two good fly fishermen and one spin. Couldn't mark a fish or find any bait in the upper bay. Fished most shore structure. Perfect tide. No bird activity either, not a bump. One piece of good news, the boat is running and looking great.
  4. Two of mine more successful flies.
  5. The worm swarms have started in South County, RI
  6. Maybe there was eight of us that showed from Rhody Fly Rodder for a planned club fishing outing. We fished the shore in an undisclosed location in Bristol. This park (shall remain nameless) was packed with summer loving people. We found no bait, only one small striper caught in three hours.
  7. Not sure of the fishing, but the fewer number of tourist in May using the beaches and roads would be a plus.
  8. I'm not sure of the measurements? Maybe 36, 24, 34 inches? Didn't have a ruler.
  9. The bite was a lot slower today. Much more windy and cooler. No visual sights. Couldn't find any bait.
  10. Apparently the push of some stripers has started in the upper bay. Last year we had some very small bass. This year they got a little bigger. Most of the schoolies we caught were in the 18 - 20 inch range, with a few near 26 inches all caught on flies. All toll, 30 stripers were caught in a few hours span from 7:30 to 10:30am all in open water. Some small silverside around, plenty go bird help to find these. They be up and down quickly, move off quickly, but the action was steady.
  11. How bout a fly?
  12. Thanks for posting. Nice catch. How long did you fish? Was it dawn or dusk? Split trip, some shore, some kayak?
  13. Around $700.00 You've got to give your boat a good inspection, see what works for you. It all depends on bulkheads, surfaces, clearances. Does it interfere with anchoring, navigational lighting, etc. Can I do a quick disconnect or bolt in?
  14. I designed it myself, gave the plans to a fabricator, than had it powder coated. It has to be the ideal height to lean again and grab. I installed to vertical rod holders in the bow just for this set-up. The whole rail can be pulled out, need be.