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  1. Really? lol. Do healthy people not get cancer? Strokes? I know healthy people that have. While I agree unhealthy people can have a higher health cost, and do, to say "only" is just plain stupid, because I am sure you are smart enough to know healthy people have major issues come up also.
  2. Not a fan of Obama, but come on, this is borderline childish. He went to a disaster area. What does it matter if it was as bad or not. He went. Blue state...he went. Doesn't matter. Someone got called on their bad info/post, people just need to deal with it. This is EXACTLY why some just read, and don't post much lol. I'll bet people in NJ (Tim) may think it was a bad disaster.
  3. A funeral is not even a comparison lol. Sad you can't see that. You never answered the question in my post, so I am done with this. Can't answer the question, so ask me one instead. Not much of a conversation lol. I'm done with this one.
  4. What a bunch of Liberal B.S. DO you ever do any research? Start with the Paris accord, and see how tilted that was against the US lol. That would be just a good start. Every since Trump got elected, the US towel manufacturing has doubled, because of the need for crying towels lol.
  5. If the crowd was around him and cheering for him at that moment, don't have a problem with it. IF this was the case, what should he have done. held his finger over his lips and made the "shoosh" symbol? I think it's dreadful that someone would even be bothered by this lol. I think I have a bigger issue with him not walking WITH his wife, but she is left behind again.
  6. Really?! You ever heard of a program called "Photo shop"? Back away from the bar, I think you have had more than a few to many,
  7. Yep, just read that. What a clown lol. Good luck with that one. Is he trying to scare them into not doing their job right now? The stupidity of the radicals is really getting out of control.
  8. From the sites I went to, I read on multiple sites this story is not true, He had nothing to do with it. Not sure how true they are, but that is what I read. Not a big fan of his anyway.
  9. No, I watch both, along with others. I have no bias, but an educated, informed decision from watching both. One for laughs, one for some info. You are the one that post like your crap doesn't stink a lot of times, this time, it does. You can post the last reply, I have no need to feel like I won a post debate for an ego boost lol. Can't make a sound decision if you don't watch and know what you are talking about.
  10. If you REALLY think Fox is just as bad as CNN, you are not very informed lol. Some people here really like to sensationalize things.
  11. You make that judgement even after saying you don't watch them? That creates a slight credibility issue on your part. That would be a no research news station (CNN) , and a no research opinion on your part. Irony.
  12. I don't remember what the exact percent was, been many months since all this was pointed out. I don't care if you pay 10 billion a year in taxes, it should go by percent of your earned income.
  13. I said ONE thing he has done that I don't agree with. Give it a rest lol. One thing. And I still stick to my statement. Why would an uber rich person need another 10 million back. That was a fact looked into also on the news. Follow the ball a little better, ONE thing I have a problem with. That was the fact. If I only mention ONE THING, what would make you think I am focused on that only. Maybe some day, there will be a person that I agree with 100% of the time, but I doubt it. I think it is pretty good that this is the only thing I didn't agree with.
  14. He is a childish tweeter, stupid comments, but I overlook that because or results. Only thing I don't like so far is the uber rich big tax relief.