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  1. John, I ran into the same problem with my 99 Silverado. That beeping drove me nuts. There is a switch that you can by which gives you control of your lights. I installed one a few weeks ago and I haven't had any problems with it. It was pretty easy to install. I picked it up off the web. I can't recall the name off of the top of my head. I'm out of town till the weekend, but if your interested drop me an email and I'll look up the address when I get home. Mike
  2. Bob, When you get a chance shoot me an email at mikes@netreach.net. Wanted to see if you had any feedback at the new toy I gave you at the last ASWFR meeting. Wanted to talk to you about the turner at the next meeting, but I'm going to be stuck in Solomons, MD all of May. Thanks, Mike Shannon
  3. I was wondering what blanks or conventional sticks you guys are using for livelining? I'm thinking about building one. I know the Fishers were pretty popular, but since they are out of business I haven't been able to locate one. Mike
  4. Chris, I'd take a look at videos to get an introduction to the basic tying techniques. They helped me out more than books when I first started tying. You can actually see the techniques performed, versus having to visualize them. I started with an older Lefty Kreh video. I think it was called "Saltwater Fly Tying." It covers most of the basic patterns. Lefty also have two newer videos out with Bob Clouser. Bob Popovics also has a pair of videos out. They have great explanations or how to create epoxy flies. You can probably rent these videos in a local fly shop. Mike
  5. I was going through my flies for this past season and decided I need a better way of storing flies in bulk. I've kept them in the Plano dividable boxes, but they tend to bunch up, deforming them. I was wondering how you guys store your flies when they are not if fly boxes. I was thinking about putting them in the plastic sleeves that stores package them in, but I can't seem to locate a good source for them. Any ideas? Mike