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  1. Check out the Harpswell area on VRBO or Homeaway.
  2. Dana at the shop in Portland does rod repairs.
  3. If they are the same as scallops, fried in butter is all you need.
  4. I will miss John dearly. I fished along side him in the Royal for many years. Shared time at many CCA meetings and a few Cape Cod expeditions. He was kind enough to share a photo montage of my father landing his first striper at the Cape upon reading his obituary a few years ago. His funeral is tomorrow at 2pm at First Parish Unitarian Church, 425 Congress St., Portland Maine.
  5. Capt. Dave Pecci Bath ME / Port Charlotte FLA 207-841-1444
  6. West Bath Rod and Gun Club?
  7. Check with Atlantic Hardwoods in Portland Maine for the AYC.
  8. Use a 1 to 2 oz egg sinker rigged carolina style above a swivel. 3 ft of 20lb leader. lower to bottom while drifting with the current and let sinker tick the bottom occasionally.
  9. I saw on my way in while you were pick up herring in front front of the RRBY. I was in the grey Padebco. The wind was too much for my slug go's.
  10. How about during day lite and you see the take!
  11. As a new saltwater fisherman I was frustrated with slow progress at times. Back then there was not a internet forum to openly pose a question. It is a tempting resources to tap in to. I had to live and learn over many years to figure out the fishing pattern and structure that was successful in a area. The problem is when you ask a question and receive an answer or post about your success it brings in the internet lurkers and the area gets flooded with people and boats which makes the fishing experience less fun for everyone. Maybe developing a relationship with the people on the board and communicating via private e-mail would be a solution.
  12. I re-powered my 21.5 ft Padebco with a 2006 E-tec 200 small block due to the weight issue. My boat is stern heavy and takes water through he scuppers. The motor has been great. Maintenance has been limited to the 300/ 3 yr maintenance. Just finished a maintenance cycle and paid $700. Dealer location and competency is key. Only two dealers in Maine but both close by me.
  13. The anti caking agent is inert silica dioxide and is harmless. You may see it in the bottom of the jar when the salt goes into solution.
  14. June fishing is my favorite time for " North of Portland Fishing" Unfortunately I missed most of it due to a family illness in Colorado that I took me there for 3 weeks of the month. We spent the beautiful weekend in South Harpswell and I was pleasantly surprized be a fair amount of the 2011 year class in their usual haunts and hungry. My go to 7inch white sluggo was ignored, but a small Yozuri mag popper was very popular all weekend. I love standing on the fore deck looking into clear water and seeing the take and or the rejection. I have had some success so far in front of my home port as well. Give a wave to Emerald City if I happen to go by. Tight lines.
  15. Crozzbow, are you in a red and white kayak?