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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on TFO's Tactical Surf rods. I understand they are new but was wondering if someone has any info . Thanks
  2. Thank You You have inspired me to get my butt back to the vise.
  3. Really like that Gurgler. What thickness foam is that, if I may ask.
  4. Thanks Based on that I think I may just go back to stock size. This was the first time I had ever changed tire sizes on any of my vehicles, I am sure it will be fine with the stock sizes.
  5. I was under the impression that as long as you did not change the diameter and aspect ratio it would not affect you odometer. All I really did was increase the width of the tire which I think screwed my mileage Am I incorrect in this? .
  6. That chart is great, really shows how the tire elongates to give a longer footprint when aired down.
  7. Thanks everyone. I always reduce to 15 pounds and have been fine . I was just figuring my mileage must be suffering but it's an SUV so bad mileage is a given. Maybe I will see if the tires I am considering have an in between width.
  8. I have a 2010 Ford Explorer and for the past several years I have been running 265/65R18 on it. Stock size is 235/65R18. Goes great on the beach. Need new tires and thinking of just going back to stock size. Do you think it will make that much difference?
  9. Nice flies Drew C. How do you like that new crank arm. Is it a stationary crank ( locked in position ) or is it a one way ratchet type.
  10. Thanks for the break from looking out at it snowing. Great videos!!
  11. I had a package leave Mass. and go to Georgia before being delivered to me in NJ. Just kind of funny since USPS is really good for package deliveries.
  12. I have been buying from the Bear's Den for years and you cannot go wrong. Scott and his staff are top notch.
  13. Thank You. Hope you have a good season.
  14. What fly do you use to imitate the snot bait.
  15. Great video, Thank You for posting!!