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  1. Watched it last night, really a good movie. Worth watching again.
  2. Would like to find an old FinNor "wedding cake" just to have.
  3. We always had Pork, because supposedly a pig always roots forward. ???? Anyway that and always a big pot of Lentils. Growing up Italian we never ate Sauerkraut, then I married a Scottish girl and she always cooks pork, sauerkraut and Knockwurst. Still trying to figure that out after 43 years.
  4. Guess it would have helped if I used the correct name, DepthFinder lines.
  5. Anybody still using the Airflo Depth Charge lines.? Have a couple and was thinking of using them again. Just wondering with all the new lines out if I should look at something different.
  6. My first buggy was a '73 Ford Bronco I bought used for $3000.00. My wife to this day comments on how see could see the road going by thru the floorboards. We drove that thing all over never worrying when parts fell off, we just kept going. Oh to be young and dumb again!!
  7. OK I may be out of the loop but what do they consider high capacity?
  8. Great post and nice videos. Harker's is on my bucket list. Thanks for posting
  9. Happy to see you out on the water again, and glad to read your always interesting reports. Looking forward to more in the future. Stay strong.
  10. I could definitely "Live in a van down by the river" if I had one of those. You did a awesome job!!
  11. I had to use SeaTow once and when I tried to tip the Captain he said No, that it was part of my membership, I tried several more time but he would not take a tip. He was very professional and he sure could handle a boat.
  12. Thank You !! Great video.
  13. Cortland make a knot able wire, believe it is called Toothy Critter. Almost same as TyGer.
  14. That is just awesome. Very nice interior work.
  15. Where I live in Jersey we really don't have any fly shops close. I deal with Bear's Den also. Great service and a great bunch of guys and gals. Scott has to be one of the nicest guys you can meet, and he has everything you will ever need.