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  1. Plastic. Brass looks good. Thanks for the info.
  2. May be a dumb question, but how long would shotgun shells last. I was given some and really don't know how old they are. Thanks
  3. I also had a rod stuck together, and I also tried everything. Called Scott at Bear' Den and he told me to try BlueCreeper, a penetrating lubricant. He said they had success at the shop using it on a stuck rod. Put the rod upside down, couple drops in the ferrule and let it stand for an hour. Popped right apart, no damage. Now I use it far anything that's stuck. Might want to try it.
  4. Good to know. Was looking at an 8wt. but seems a 6wt. might be better for what I want to use it for.
  5. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Looks like an 8 but it could be a B.
  7. Not sure the exact age but I purchased it the year after St. Croix introduced it. Don't remember when that was. As I stated in the original post it IS the first generation rod, not the newer version that came out not too long ago.
  8. Yes it still is. It seems that shipping is a problem. Most of the pricing I have rec'd has made it not worth shipping since it brings the pricing too high.
  9. Yes it does. Thanks. I was looking just to try something different ,more for my local bass lakes.
  10. Anyone have any experience, opinions, etc. with the Echo Bad Ass Glass rods?
  11. Another nod for the Bear's Den. Great staff, and know their stuff. Awesome selection , fast delivery, and charge actual shipping.
  12. My '73 Bronco. Had so much fun with it but at the time no money to keep it running good. Now I wish I had just put it in the barn and worked on it.