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  1. Sorry Rod was sold to Fishahloic Ivan.
  2. Last time I went by our local Ford dealer they had a new Ranger on the lot, $45,000.00 and next to it a new Rapture that was $75,000.00. Maybe just me but that's getting crazy.
  3. No Unfortunately not.
  4. I have to agree that mishandling fish is the biggest problem. Personally I think the hookup and fight are the best part. Once the fish is near the boat or beach if it gets off so be it. I am not going to keep it so why put it thru all the extra stress. I am really not tying to sound high and mighty but I really hate seeing the glory photos of a large fish being held up by the gill plates and then the angler says he released it and it swam off, OK. And I really hate treble hooks, that is why I stopped using plugs a long time ago, but again that's just me. Leave em in the water, release them quick, and use the right tackle for the job. Sorry to rant.
  5. I have to second the Cooper AT3's. I have them on my Explorer, my son has them on his F150 and both trucks run great on the beach. As far as durability we have them on our work trucks and they held up great.
  6. Yes It is the original , first version. Sure, where in Central Jersey are you?
  7. Well pricise 10 is holding off on the rod and since I offered it to him for $90.00 that will be the new price.
  8. OK $90.00 is fine. How do you want to meet.
  9. OK Let me think it over.
  10. If you can go $100.00 you have a deal. Where by Raritan Bay if you accept.
  11. Lamiglass SuperSurf, original rod series SS91 MHS 9' 15-25 lb. 1-4 oz. Mod/Fast Action Asking $125.00 Since this is a 1 piece rod it would need to be pickup. I am in Central Jersey by Turnpike Exit #8 Hightstown. Thanks for looking.
  12. G Loomis CrossCurrent Pro 1 8'10" 9 weight 1 piece Asking $195.00 Since this is a 1 piece rod shipping would be so expensive that local pick up would be needed. I am in Central Jersey by Turnpike Exit 8 Hightstown. Rod is in excellent condition.
  13. Maybe to boost viewing they could have " javelin catching",
  14. SOLD!! Thanks SOL!