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  1. That is a very nice ride. Only at 69yrs. I do not know if I would be around long enough to pay it off. LOL!! Looks expensive.
  2. I guess I should have stated my questions was geared toward beach driving. Midsize SUV such as the Ford Explorer do make good sized beach buggy's, but it seems that other than the 4 Runner, that was stated previously, and larger SUV; s and trucks most are all going toward AWD.
  3. Do you think car companies will ever go back to making SUVs with true 4wd., not just AWD.?
  4. I still have some of my old Sages, RPLX 9wt., 10wt.,11wt., Maybe I should dust them off.
  5. Thank You for all the comments. Looking at a good used Lense may be the way to go.
  6. So, to start off I am an amateur at photography, so I am asking. for any opinions. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T5i with a EFS 18-135mm Lense. I am going on a trip and would like to take just one Lense with me..So if you were to bring one for general use what would you use? Thanks for any help.
  7. I have had one for several seasons. Nice reel caught some albies with it and it preformed excellent. Drag was good, low start up, and well made. Hope this helps.
  8. Applied on 12/1 @ 2:58am. Got my sticker in the mail yesterday. #1520. My son applied 15 minutes later and got #1660. I remember when you could drive down to the park in March and just get one there and then. Guess those days are over.
  9. I am using a Beulah Opal 10 wt. (original version). Beulah states on their website to use a 9wt. Rio Short which I tried, and it just felt not so good. So, I am going to try a Wulf TT floating 10wt., which I have, and see if it feels better. Also, may try the Cortland Short 10. wt. Experimenting sometimes is fun. Thanks
  10. Mostly throwing on a 9 or 10 wt. Bangers and cupped faced poppers. For some reason I have a harder time with Bangers, maybe due to lighter weight. Don't really know if that makes sense.
  11. Never really fished poppers much due to the fact I had a hard time with them. Starting to try them again and was wondering what action rod guys who fish them a lot prefer. I know it's not the rod but the guy holding it but are you better with a slower action rod. What's the going opinion? Thanks
  12. Thanks for all the responses. Much appreciated and very helpful.
  13. It never really dawned on me that there would be freshwater fishing on the Cape. Good to know, Thank You. Also, whenever I plan any vacation with my wife, not that I go on vacations without her, I always make sure I go someplace she likes also.
  14. OK Thanks
  15. Thanks!