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  1. $ sent
  2. Sure $212. I can do that.
  3. I would respectfully offer $200.
  4. If you decide to sell, I would love first dibs on the spare spool. I have the same reel and need a spare spool. That is a fantastic reel.
  5. I can do $225 shipped.
  6. I would respectfully make an offer of $200 shipped on the 4wt. I would add 3% for PayPal fees.
  7. Is the 4wt still available?
  8. I have used LL Bean waders for years and they have always been reliable. This year I replaced them with Orvis Clearwaters that I really like as well. I like the Orvis a little more because they have the pocket in the front. But they also cost more than the Bean waders I had previously.
  9. No one fished this? I had a very small family wedding to attend that weekend so I couldn’t do it. I haven’t seen many people talking about it.
  10. I really like Lamson Waterworks reels for inexpensive but quality reels. You can find them around if you look at discount sites like Sierra Trading Post or Backcountry. I recently purchased a Lamson remix. It has a machined frame but cast spools. So you get the quality where you need it and cost savings where appropriate.
  11. Actually just picked something up. Thanks! I’m all set.
  12. Never mind.
  13. Yeah, that would be cool.
  14. Thanks but not what I’m looking for.
  15. I have a st. Croix legend ultra 10’6” 9 wt. it is the Bob Popovics model. I really like it for keeping the line out of the sand on back casts unless the beach is stupid steep.