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  1. $35...last offer
  2. OK how about $40
  3. That includes shipping
  4. How bout $45.... thanks for the explanation.
  5. how do I get the thread title to how up as bold print.
  6. I have a lot of seven lures, all are over 20 years old and have been fished. Three are 7 inch bomber long a 's , two look like 7 inch mambo minnows and two are 6 inch bomber's. They are all in very good condition except one small bomber. $50 shipped
  7. sent
  8. Thanks for the offer. Shipping alone is $6. I really can't do that.
  9. This is a lot of 7 used red fins. Probably 30 years old with the barbs flattened for easy release. Two are kind of rough from the hooks but the others are in very good shape (one looks unused). $37 shipped
  10. I have left a lot of pink and yellow thread 9 1oz spools 7 full and 2 over 75% $30 shipped or $20 for pink or $20 for yellow size and type is mixed
  11. Dan....Most yellows were sold....I took out all the yellows and pinks (9 spools) and found another tangerine color... shipping is around $ thats 76 spools plus a dozen trimar...pretty good deal at $175 shipped
  12.'s all there except for 12...I have some other metallic that I'll throw in but it's not that's 84 1oz spools mostly full and twelve trimar (most are not 1oz).....$200 shipped
  13. bad , yes that's correct...$30 with shipping